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“Här kommer alla känslorna” back on radio chart

Written by daniel_alv on April 23, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - After being out from the official Swedish radio chart for ten weeks, Per’s summer hit “Här kommer alla känslorna” came back at #49 this week. It’s the 48th week on the list for this song which spent 13 weeks at #1 this past summer.

  Also, another single release by Per, “Tycker om när du tar på mej” re-enters the Top Ten, climbing this week from #11 to #9.


YAY First comment!

This, I think, is also an effect of the GT hysteria. GT and Gessle are very very very popular right now, and people who have not yet bought the Mazarin stuff might do so now when they are reminded of Gessles talent. *smile* Or something like that....

CDON also have had small adds in Metro many times lately with a pictur of mazarin that sais it only costs 99 SEK....

Way to go Per!
I also think it has something to do with the popularity of GT.

Keep it up Per. We’re right behind you!

I wonder why På Promenad Genom Stan did so poorly compared to these two...The latest single is still on the sales charts, too, I think.

Because PPGS is more boring than the other two. He just sings a few sha-la-la, på promenad genom stan..., you know. :P

“PPGS” is my favourite song from “Mazarin” as well and I really thought it would do better as a single than “Tycker Om...” which to me is just sort of a typical ballad, nothing too special. “PPGS” on the other hand creates this amazing mood... maybe the lyrics are nothing special, but as someone who knows only a handful of Swedish anyway, that’s not important to me at all. And I guess in the end it’s helpful to remember that “PPGS” got to #2 on the radio chart and stayed on the chart forever... so not exactly a huge flop (-:

På Promenad Genom Stan: yawn

... It was obvious... :-)


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