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Marie and Micke cook

Written by Lissie on April 23, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Marie Fredriksson and her husband Micke Bolyos are participating in a cookbook together with 16 other Swedish artists. The book, titled “Kockrock” (“Rock Chefs”), will be available in stores in May.
The book is a compilation of recipes from artists who have, over the past three years, been guest chefs at Solsidan, a restaurant in Torekov, located on the west coast of Skåne (Sweden’s southernmost province).

  Marie and her husband were the first to participate in what became a popular series known as “Kockrock.”

  “It was a magical night. Marie and Micke are ultra-food-freaks and they were very enthusiastic in the kitchen,” says Robert Nilsson who runs Solsidan together with his brother Rikard.

  Since then, many other artists have been guest cooks in the Solsidan kitchen.

  Marie and Micke’s contribution to the book is “Asiatiska oxfilérullader” (Asian beef filet rolls).

  Late last year, Per Gessle had a recipe for bread in “Our Daily Bread…”, a recipe book published by the Swedish Salvation Army.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ve updated this article to more accurately reflect that this book is a collection of recipes from “guest rock chef” events that have been going on for almost three years now. — LEO


Sounds good...

Finally something about Marie! Seems like she was having fun and that’s great!!!


Yea, finally some news about Marie - it made my day without being a real “news”. (-: Thank you!


Is it Marie on that small picture ??

The book will contain 60 color photos. Of what, it doesn’t say.

Hmmmmmmmm....asian food...hmmmmmmm...yummie...sounds nice!!
And even nicer to get sort of a sign of life. *sigh*after cooking comes singing one day, I hope...;D

@tevensso: I think it will contain pics of the meals...

there is a picture of marie in todays metro, big one...

I can’t find it - did you have the direct link ??

äntligen somethin about her!!!

annorlunda, tack for the link...


news about Marie, sounds so sweet

Marie looks great! ;-)

it sounds great!!!
Now i know what cook when Marie’s coming to have a dinner at home!ja,ja,ja!!

Thanks for the link, guys!

I wonder if Marie has even the slightest idea of how happy just something as simple as seeing a picture of her cooking makes us these days (-: Glad she’s having fun! And I do think that’s Marie on the cover of the book!!

@Molli: She’s over 40...

nice great.. yay!! :D

She looks amazing... ;)

News about Marie .... yeah!!!!!!!!!!!
She‘s look so nice ....

can you verify if this is a new photo of Marie?
You can find in Metro, but it’s written in swedish.


The TDR article says that this is something that has been going on for 3 years now... and that Marie and Micke were the first ones to participate. So, that sort of prooves that this picture are from 2001 or so. That is... waaaay before her illness and propably even before the Room Service Tour since it seems to be in the summertime.

It’s an old picture, I’m sure about it. The haircut is EXCATLY same as Ballad Hits promopictures, just less colour. So I think pictures are taken summer 2002.

@Baby-C: Well, NOW TheDailyRoxette says it’s going 3 years! But N-O-T this afternoon!!!

who want,s the piture of marie and the recipe of her cooking send me an email whit the words marie cooking then i know you want the picture and please don,t send other things exept from marie lot,s of love marie isaksson no i,m no family relitive of patrik isaksson mail at [email protected]

I guess with no news in such a long time, it’s hard to know what’s what.
But after looking at the picture this morning... I also believe now, it’s an old picture. Would be nice if it is recent... maybe she likes that hairstyle... certainly suits her!

Hmpf...seems that’s it’s not allowed to feel happy about her again....old pic...:( **gettingbacktoworryabouther**

On the other hand, TDR didn’t say it was last week either...

I totally agree @Anonymous! I’m so sad!

It’s always the same with TDR...

Please tell us what “always the same with TDR” means?

In every TDR article you can find an update - and ALWAYS many hours later!!!

The Daily Roxette regrets that some readers were mislead by the photo that appeared in Metro without a date attached to it. We made a good faith effort to quickly update our article as soon as we realized that some TDR readers thought that the Metro photo [not published here] was a current one.

What’s “always the same with TDR” is that for many years now, our all-volunteer staff of reporters and editors has strived to offer our readers news and features in as timely a manner as possible. Many printed newspapers publish more than one edition, and a new story will often change from one edition to the next, as more information becomes available.

Just like these newspapers, we often continue to work on a story, even after we first publish it (as was the case with this article). It does not make sense for us to “hold” most news stories... given the fact that our staff is scattered around the world, and real-time collaboration is often not possible. Because we do see ourselves as journalists, we like to get things right, and we will indeed often update or make improvements to a news article. This is as it should be, and is a good thing. Ever since Visa Kopu started this newspaper, we’ve taken pride in the fact that TDR is widely seen as being a reliable and timely source of information.

We thank you for your readership, and ALWAYS invite those who think we could do better.. to join our staff. For further comments about TDR... please use click on the Discussions tab above.

I don’t see why LEO & co should apologise, THEY never mentioned the picture as far as I can see, someone else picked up on it! And they certainly didn’t write the metro article... or the book, they just made it known!
As is said... ’Don’t shoot the messenger’.

incredible to blame TDR about a picture that wasn’t even PUBLISHED HERE! Go and complain to Metro about the fact that they don’t put a footnote saying “picture NOT taken in 2004” ;)

Where are my comments ??

A little alien dude munched them all up.

Your comments were not in English...

The comments was especially for Judith!!!

I hate to reply to comments like these in public; Judith is as far as I know NOT TDR’s only reader, and on the front page we speak English, no exceptions. Therefore your, and Judith’s, comments were removed. If you have any further complaints, then PLEASE use the thread LEO started.

yeah.. should have written in English.. sorry ;)

Anyway, I wrote you an email crashi!! :)

kockrock!!! :) wasn’t that 80’s jizzer heavy metal?

to the end some Marie’s news...


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