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“Parkliv” to be released on DVD

Written by tevensso on April 4, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - Micke “Syd” Andersson, Gyllene Tider’s drummer, was interviewed on the show “Kalas” broadcast on Swedish Radio’s P3 channel last Friday. During the interview, Micke revealed that in addition to “Återtaget,” the legendary “Parkliv” filmed by Lasse Hallström in 1980 and released in 1981 will be also released on DVD.

  Micke also told the reporter that they will surely record “a third Parkliv” – a documentary of the coming summer tour in order to have recorded concerts from three decades.

  “Kalas” asked Micke to write a tour diary and he answered he would start writing on the tour premiere, even though he has “never written a diary,” but he will have some months to practice before the show.

Jicko, Anna Hedqvist and Daniel Alvedahl contributed to this article.

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Parkliv on DVD!!!
What I’ve allways wanted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really hope they put parkliv an återtåget on the same DVD... I don’ want to buy three DVD’s this year....

@Daniel_alv: No way, they are gonna take every opportunity to make money out of the old stuff! It would be better for us, but worse for the wallet of the publisher, so I don’t think they will make 1...

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy way to go!

yay!!! this is fantastic!!!

*looks at the bank balance going down... down... down...* hahah, who cares, this isnt gonna happen again! may as well make the most of it while its here! :D

woo woooooo!

or put them on the same DVD with bonus and call it “Gyllene Tider Live I 2 Decennier” (GT Live in 2 decades) or something like that

What does Roxette have to do with this?

Every major label signed artist, every release, either Dvd or cd, its all about making money.

yea and Per and Marie may tell us they are not in it for money as much as they want. It is propably true in a way, but I don’t think that the record companies and publishing companies would agree. They all want money, and therefor “it’s all ’bout the money” as swedish singer Meja once sang.

yeah ofcourse... Per and Marie does it because it’s fun, EMI and EMA does this for Money...

I do too, but I’m thinking maybe this will be a better DVD??

Yes !!!!
Here we go again ... great move to get it back out on DVD ... does anyone know if it’s available on VHS still ? ... or if that’s gonna happen as a re-release now ? Anyway my copy is getting rather nackered now. GT25 will be great.

Hmmm well I am curious if the quality of the video will be good, it would be a shame when the quality still remains that shabby as the old stuff

They shall remaster it and put together on same DVD as Återtaget, if not it is another proof that EMI sux

No one is forcing you too buy it....

I hope the quality is bad, cos then it looks old.

I ripped so many videos for Roxbytes (and am doing it currently at this moment as well) and well yeah I looked Parkliv today as well and being honest there is no fascination at it when it’s looking old, so thatz why I wish remastered good quality stuff

cheers Jens ;-)

I LOVE THIS IDEA... My dream it’s really now.
Thanks Gyllene, Per. Please I Want the DVD Release in ARGENTINA Please... For ALL FANS HERE... PLEASE STOP EUROPEISMO... STOP

Europeismo?? that sounds rather stupid you know.

Anyway, Marie solo CDs were released in Argentina... it’s about that something from Per or GT gets released here too.

Well I live in Italy and we only see Roxette goodies here... no GT or Marie stuff.... I mean you can find (if you’re very lucky) some imports but not local releases.

@roxlad: Oh really ? Hmmm well then such stuff could be really interesting for you yep

Contact me, I maybe have sth for you and you maybe could help me as well

Parkliv was originally filmed 16:9 and with great sound I guess, so it may be just a matter of your recording (or a copy, yeah?) that makes you feel so unhappy about the quality.

@Jens: check out some pix at your mail, roxbytes ripper :D

I want Parkliv on DVD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@ Ferdan : what are you talking about????????


What I mean is that you can’t find any GT, Per or Marie stuff in the shops but I always buy things from the Internet appart from Roxette stuff which I buy at my local shop.

What would you like to exchange?

I really need a Recording of the NRJ 2004 Awards if anybody has it on video.

@roxlad: As I told you please contact me (my mail you can see I guess)

NRJ 2004 ? I must look around, maybe I am lucky with that too

@AntiMario: Yep will do so as soon I re-find my pass :-[ *gg*

Specify another one and I will send there :P

@AntiMario: Wow impressive looks very cool, what can I say ? I wished I would be little bit better in such things and could filter my old videos as well *sigh*


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