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Written by sleepingSingle on April 12, 2004 to .

COLOGNE - German TV-channel RTL will broadcast a show about the most successful musical duos ever on Thursday, April 15th. Along with Roxette, some of the other acts to be mentioned include Sonny & Cher, the Pet Shop Boys, Modern Talking, and Andrea Bocelli with Sarah Brightman.

  Advertisements for the show have included a photo of Roxette.


finally sth worth to see at RTL, even if it’s only 1 min ;)

Modern Talking :D :D :D :D :D ROFL!

Don’t be so sceptical!! Roxette is very popular in Germany!

Strange that they mention such one-song duos as Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman along with Roxette! Neverthelesss, good that they make such a program. Interesdting, what they will say about Roxette. Hope, that not ’a bubble gum band’...


You’re right. The dutch were kind of jealous about how many shows there where in Germany during the RoomService tour. Holland none...

tatti, the infotext says that there were duos like Roxette who worked together over a long period and duos just for one song like Brightman & Bocelli.

Roxette has very good chances to climb the top spot of this chart because they are #2 (?) of the acts with most Top 40 hits and something like #6 (?) with most Top 10 hits of the 90s in Germany!

Thanx for the info, Sascha :)

tell us if they won or not....

If I had to name one place where Roxette is still successful besides Sweden it would have to be Germany! They’ll be in the top-5: if not, I’d be pretty worried...

I think Modern Talking will the first,because they are from Germany
3. Wham

Sorry, but Pet Shop Boys will undoubtedly beat Roxette on that chart. I mean, they are huge in that country - - they can still break into the Top-20 Singles!

Wildecker Herzbuben....!!!!

My opinion with special concentration on Roxette songs:

Bocelli, Andrea + Sarah Brightman Time To Say Goodbye (“Con te partiro”) 25 1996

Travolta, John + Olivia Newton-John You’re The One That I Want (aus “Grease”) 19 1978

Roxette Joyride 15 1991

Mouth + MacNeal Hello-A 17 1972

Pet Shop Boys Go West 15 1993

Modern Talking You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul 15 1985

Roxette The Look 14 1989

Milli Vanilli Girl I’m Gonna Miss You 16 1989

Witt + Heppner Die Flut 18 1998

Roxette How Do You Do 13

Zlatko + Jürgen Großer Bruder 9 2000

Roxette It Must Have Been Love (aus “Pretty Woman”) 12 1990

Eurythmics Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) 11 1983

yeah=) Pet shop boys is a great band! I gona bye I album from them=) but Roxette is better..=)

Yea, PSB are fantastic! Their song “Heart” is my favourite song for the moment. But off course, noone beats Marie& Per!:)

the show isn’t finished yet, but:

16 Roxette The Look
42 Roxette How do you do
71 Roxette It Must Have Been Love 1990
91 Roxette Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave) 1991
149 Roxette Listen To Your Heart 1989
186 Roxette Dangerous 1990
196 Roxette Spending My Time 1991

final result TOP 50:

HDYD #42
The Look #16
Joyride # 7

They mentioned Marie’s illness, showed some pictures from the WMA 2000, some scenes from the TL Video (first version). That was it. Some wanna-be-celebs added mainly positive comments.

with Joyride they showed cute old images of Per and Marie :) Hej, it was more than 1 minute for Rox, nicht schlecht eh? :P

1 Bocelli, Andrea + Sarah Brightman - Time To Say Goodbye 1996
2 Simon + Garfunkel - El Condor Pasa 1970
3 Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Maid Of Orleans (The Waltz Joan Of Arc) 1982
4 Travolta, John + Olivia Newton - John You’re The One That I Want 1978
5 Baccara - Yes Sir, I Can Boogie 1977
6 Oliver Onions - Santa Maria 1980
7 Roxette Joyride - 1991
8 Mouth + MacNeal - Hello-A 1972
9 Del Rio - Los Macarena 1996
10 Oliver Onions - Orzowei 1977

i think it was sth about 5 minutes, but who cares :D

7th - in my opinion it is really good place!

#7 is excellent, especially since that makes it #2 for the ’90s!

I really enjoyed the show even though I always thought that RTL is not a good channel...I haven’t seen that much roxette on TV since ages and I felt like in the good old times...

...and one more thing: what did they say about roxette? I barely understand 10 German words and when they talked about roxette I didn’t really understand a single word!

they showed an interview with the question:


PER: no drugs, just sex.
MARIE: sex and beer ;)

@Max-Tob, the comments about Roxette were quite positive. Except what Nina Hagen said (the woman with the black hair who looks (and is ;-)) a bit crazy and Erkan & Steffan (the two ideots (in my opinion) of which one had a towel around his neck). For Nina Roxettesongs don’t have a message, bla bla bla, and according to Erkan and Steffan only people far away from civilization listen to Roxette. But the rest was really postive. One of them workes for MTV (I think), she said: ROxette forever. And she said she loved/loves Roxette and was shivering when she interviewed Per and Marie for the first time. Jeanette Biedermann (the one who more or less covers Roxettesongs ;-) (Rock my life for example) likes them as well. Well, she hast to, otherwise that would mean she doesn‘t like her onw songs ;-) And for example Thomas Stein who worked for BMG (i guess) (the gey-haired old man ;-)) also said something like Roxette is something speacial, they make great music, they belong to the the big ones in this business, successfull all over the world,...
So nothing really bad about Roxette!

Hey, ROXETTE are real deal in Germany!!!

Rox On!!!

it was very fun to watch the show

well Roxette’s songs/lyrics aren’t the most “compromised” songs out there, so if you like to listen to songs about racism, against war etc.. well no, Rox is not the band. Therefore there are other artists that fit in that category, I guess Nina herself (have no clue what she sings! :P).

Well, I like Pet Shop Boys And Eurythmics very much, but of course I prefer Roxette!!!
Did they stayed at the 7th? Well, better than nothing!!!!! But I think they should stayed at the 3th!!!!! (or 1st!!!!)

it is well ... they deserve to be between the most famous duoes ...


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