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Gyllene Tider tries to break Springsteen’s record

Written by roxeteer on March 27, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - “We want to do something nobody else has done,” says Per Gessle on Expressen. Per and his pals in Gyllene Tider want to break the record number of attendees in Ullevi Stadium, Gothenburg. The record was set by Bruce Springsteen on June 8, 1985 when 64,312 people saw “The Boss” perform there. “We want to draw the bow now that we have the chance,” says Per.

  In Göteborgs-Posten Per tells that even though it’s still months before the tour starts, he’s already working with it all day long. “But first we have to get the album done. It must be ready in the beginning of May. In June we’ll have the rehearsals, but I can already say it will sound great,” Per promises.

  Expressen also reveals that a Gyllene Tider documentary - probably the one that was shown to the press on Wednesday - will be shown to the fans before each concert during their summer tour.

  The fans who bought tickets to Slottsskogsvallen will automatically get a field ticket to Ullevi concert. The extra tickets - 25,000 of them - will go on sale on Wednesday.

  (Editor’s note: Our reader Christel Johansson noted that with the additional 25,000 tickets the attendance reaches 50,000 which is still a long way from the record. It wouldn’t be the first time Expressen misquotes people, but here at TDR we still hope there will be a need for another set of extra tickets so that Gyllene Tider would actually break the record.)

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This is great and all, but I do think it will be hard for them to break Springsteens record.

According to the info we have gotten so far, there will be another 25.000 tickets released on wednesday, but Springsteens record are 64.000 or so. Now, I’m not totally sure about how many tickets were sold to Skogsvallen, but lets say it was around 25.000... that makes a total of 50.000 tickets released to Ullevi. Which automatically means that they lack 14.000+ tickets in order to break Springsteens record.

So, if they don’t release even more tickets to Ullevi, they will not be able to break Springsteens record.

Edit: Yay!! First comment! That’s a first!

Perhaps they start with 25.000 and see how fast they are sold. Then maybe they release some more... That’s my guess anyway.

*jumps around*


i think they can beat 64000 if they want to....

It can be quite hard because Ullevi can not take in so many persons. Since Bruce played there 85 Ullevi have been renovated. Now there are only seatingplaces, then there were standing also. They re-build Ullevi in 1995.

as far as i know they have standing places at ullevi at concerts.... but maybe they take less people now because of the safety....

why not move the sthlms concert? or make two... stadion is sold out to...

Don’t forget the 15,000 under-10-year-olds who will help them to break the record! ;-)

If I’ve understood correctly, children must also buy a ticket, although it costs only the service fee for them.

Is there someone here that don’t believe it?

No I don’t believe it.
Mainly because everyone I’ve talked to says that they don’t take in that much people anymore. But there are the possibility that it is the record set AFTER the renovation of the arena they are referring to... it’s just a guess though.

I’ve just read at pages (hopefully they are actual), there is capacity of 60.000 places for music events (while 25.000 places are expected for standing).
But where to place some other thousands of people required to break the record? Maybe, children won’t take so much space... :-)

The older records (Springsteen and Bowie) are from the mid-eighties. Since then the arena has been altered so nowadays it doesnt have the same capacity. Not what I know of anyway.

You are right probably, because in mid 80 there weren’t plastic seats(chairs- don’t know how to call it;) ) on the stadium so the maximum capacity was bigger.

It’s already sold out. What’s wrong with the world?


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