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Yet one more concert moves to a larger venue

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on March 28, 2004 to .

VÄXJÖ (UPDATED) - For those who appreciate nature, Evedal would have been a beautiful setting, situated as it is in a pine forest just outside this city. But… it just wasn’t big enough. The July 30th concert is moving instead to Värendsvallen, the local soccer stadium. Last Thursday, 7,000 additional tickets were released – and have since sold out.

  During the past few weeks, the local organizers of the concert in Växjö (Hovshaga AIF, an athletic organization) discussed the possibility of moving the concert in Växjö with EMA Telstar, the tour operator.

  With approximately 24,000 tickets sold, this concert easily beats Gyllene Tider’s own record achieved in ’96. Many believed this record would tumble, but nobody expected it to be by so much.

  “So many tickets have been sold… the response has been incredibly high. We have to try that as many as possible get a chance to see Gyllene Tider,” said Hovshaga AIF spokesman Roland Östberg to Smålandsposten last week.

  “With so many people, a place like Evedal can create safety concerns. Värendsvallen is a much better alternative,” he added.

Judith Seuma contributed to this article.

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Good to hear.
Not that this is any NEW news...

This news are two weeks old, the gig on Värendsvallen was sold out many days ago.

Our readers are always invited to become TDR reporters as well...

I was asking about a while ago at SmallTalk but even then no one bothered to answer...

I could have written a story about it, but since I seem to have read it in many places the last couple of days I just asumed that you already had written about it here to. Although I can’t find anything else about it now when I looked...

Örebro take about 22,000. At least half of the tickets have been sold.


If anyone of you needs a Växjö-tic, mail me:

[email protected]

I’d like to have 42,00 € (385 SEK) plus “shipping”!!!

I sell also one tic to Skövde and Örebro for the same price!


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