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Gyllene Tider concert at Ullevi sold out

Written by Lissie on March 31, 2004 to .

GOTHENBURG (UPDATED) - According to an article published on Göteborgs-Posten’s web site the tickets to Gyllene Tider’s Gothenburg concert at Ullevi Stadium are already sold out. EMA will release some more tickets but with blocked sight.

  GP also writes that “Gyllene Tider’s web site” claims that the tickets were sold out in less than 40 minutes, but The Daily Roxette has not been able to verify that information, as there is no info at either GylleneTider25 or EMA Telstar’s sites. At any rate, this is a new Swedish record. The total amount of tickets sold are now 50,000. Ullevi’s limit is 53,000.

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yes! one more gig in Stockholm please!

So how many tickets were sold for Ullevi?

but wait... my brother sais that ullevi takes 45000 at a football game... how can they only release 25000 tickets then? 20000 seats can’t be behind the stage....

yeah, that would be great!

daniel_alv: There are also blocked areas at the opposite side of the stage. Here´s the map for this specific concert:

A bit strange if it´s limited to 53 000 if Springsteen had 58 000 twice last summer.

But...of course it´s great anyway!

I can’t believe that!!!

it’s true that Ullevi takes 45 000 for football matches, but for concerts we must count also pitch, so it’s sth around 60 000.

yeah, it takes 60000, why did they release 25000 tickets then? that’s only a total of 50000

btw: I’m sure they will release some more tickets...

because they must beat Springsteen’s record :)

Of course(-;

They will win!!!

they never released ståplats today... they only released seats today...

He he, this is incredible..
But, there is always a but...
Anyone who wants to visit the opening concert in Halmstad (standings) or the concert in Stockholm?
I have some tickets left, and no fantasy prices...

Please, feel free to add or mail me at: [email protected]

See ya this summer!

do you have many tickets to sthlm? standing?

I would like a seat for Stockholm... A SEAT.. not STANDING! if anyone can help email me (in the profile!)

daniel_alv > Yes, I have. So please, contact me if you´re interested!
[email protected]

Wow! That’s pretty amazing! :D

But there’s still plenty of space in Sunne, Sundsvall, Skövde, Skellefteå and Örebro.

And how could Bruce Springsteen gather 64,312 people on “The Boss” at Ullevi?
50000 is not a record then ?

TICNET in 4 words:


After 45 minutes I managed to get through and then there were no “Ståplats”-tix available!!!

THANX again - I’m REALLY PISSED!!!!!!!!!

big-little-girl >>> They never released any ståplats tickets to ullevi... the text at ticnet sais so...

and as far as i know 50000 is a swedish recrd, for swedish artists... i don’t think any swede has made a bigger concert then that (in sweden)....

yeah, that is really strange... but roxette toured the world 91 for 1,5 million, right?


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