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Gyllene Tider to release new album in June

Written by tevensso on March 24, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - As reported earlier today, Gyllene Tider is celebrating the release of “GT25 - Samtliga Hits” album today. The big news is that they are actually celebrating the release of two albums: June 2 they will release their brand new album with brand new songs, titled “Finn fem fel” (“Find Five Errors”). The album is being recorded in Christoffer Lundquist’s studio in Vollsjö, Skåne, the same studio that baked “Mazarin”.

  The first single out of this album has the working title “Sitter på en sten vid en sjö i en skog” (“Sitting on a Rock by a Lake in a Forest”). The sound of the new album is close to the debut album’s sound, or as Anders Herrlin - bass guitar, puts it “It sounds like how we wanted to sound in 1980…” Anders also adds that most of the songs (“16 so far”, Per interjects) were recorded in less than half an hour. “We also decided that no other instruments were to be used than our own. The synthesizer sounds are actually all made by the Farfisa, for instance.”

  Also, the documentary “Återtåget ’96” will be released on DVD this summer. Details are at this point unknown.

  All the Gyllene boys are very happy with the celebration of their anniversary. Micke “Syd” - drummer: “This is so big that we cannot comprehend what’s going on. We are truly overwhelmed.”

  It was also revealed that the opening acts during the GT25 Summer Tour will be Pugh Rogefeldt (the man who introduces Gyllene Tider on the EP “Swing & Sweet”) and rap group The Latin Kings. The Gothenburg gig will be moved to Ullevi Stadium, instead of adding another concert. Ticket sales at the moment are up to 225,000, compared to the 301,256 tickets Återtåget generated in total.

  The press conference opened with manager Marie Dimberg giving out the good news, after that Kjell Andersson and Lasse Lindbom talked about their memories of Gyllene Tider, and finally a short film was shown, showing Gyllene Tider during their career. “Weird that we even had a career looking like that!” Micke “Syd” Andersson said afterwards.

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yay!!!!! new album!!! *nanananana*

Latin Kings!!!!!! Why in the name of the lord them?? The most lousy hip-hop band Sweden ever produced!! I wonder how many people that likes GT also likes them?!
Well, bring ear plugs people!! ;-))

LOL Per!!!

Well at least Pugh is somewhat a name :P

I think the opening acts will be a lot better than
Mats Ronander anyway.

@Mattias: Mats Ronander is a god compares to Dogge Doggelitos babyvoice!!

Yeah, really good news!!

*Let’s start complaining again, as we always do!*

Hehe, well.. who care’s about the opening act
anyway? I do think Dogge will kick ass, compared
to Ronander!

Great News!
Thank you Boys! I look forward to it.

“Sitting on a stone by a lake in a forest”... Nyhahahaha. Loving that title. Cheesy, but just how I like it. :D

title is totally GT-ish :D

kind of gå och fiska hihi

*looking forward to it +album!!*

Great title, just wish I understood Swedish, All the same I’m sure to love the whole project. What fantastic news!!!!!

Göteborg moved to Ullevi! Cooooool!


New album with the ’1980-sound’ can’t wait!

Who can? Jeeeez!
:D :D :D :D :D :D

gr8 news!!!!
we’ll even survive latin kings and pugh as we survived ronander... =))
it’s GT that counts...



First Mazarin came out of nothing, then Per’s summertour, and then this!!!!!!!! It’ll be a GREAT summer!

For those who wanna listen to Pugh, tune in
“Finns det lite stolthet kvar”. Rocks!

That’s so great!

Yay Yay Yay :D

Yaaaaay! this is awesome! definately gonna be the BEST SUMMER EVERRRRRR!

Great news - i just can´t wait to the fifth of june. I wonder if the guys will include “Parkliv” and maybe a whole concert from 96 on the DVD. It feels like the record company is trying to get as much money out of the situation as possible. Who would buy a “new” collection of best of with the same tracks as the last edition of “Halmstads pärlor” or just the same stuff on DVD as everybody already have on VHS. No thank God for the good sense of the band to release an album with NEW stuff!

Ahhh helt underbart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Sofia :D

I can’t wait!!!!!

I’d rather have a DVD from the upcoming tour then an Atertaget concert ;)

Really great new website!

“Weird that we even had a career looking like that!” Micke “Syd” Andersson said afterwards.

>> totally agree :DD
The only that has looked kind of acceptable since the beginning is Anders :P

Great News!!!


Just saw TV-commercial for GT 25 Samtliga Hits at Swedish TV4

Good news.. looking forward to hearing the new album, also can’t wait for the DVD! ;)

Finn fem fel??

Bara fem? ;))

Det blir en Gyllene Sommar!! VI SES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonder if FFF will outsell Mazarin... You know, it’s back in the top-5 in Sweden after 39 weeks on the chart.

Wow, a whole new album? I can’t believe it!



well it’s a bit weird that they have such crap music as opening act when there are many many many good Swedish bands out there...

A bit wierd, perhaps. But really, who cares? I don’t
think anyone is going to the concerts because of the
opening acts, then why would you NOT go to the
concerts because of them?
Sounds like pure madness to me.

well I already thought that IF we go to one show, we wouldn’t show up until concert time because it will be madness there to get in front row etc... now this is another reason to wait until the opening acts are over :D

i hate hip hop to so I’ll just skip listening to the opening act....

I also hate hip-hop and ’music’ like that. So, now we’ll have more time to see something of the surroundings and take our time to get to the venue :-) No need to stand in the crowd that’s fighting for dancing in the front row (who ’couldn’t get it right in the disco’ ;-))
CU this summer!

Can’t wait to hear the new songs!!!
I also wonder if MF was there during (a part of) the party.

And Per has recently said that he does not check the billboard anymore because it’s filled up with too much hip hop...

What’s the point then?

Whose fault is it?

EMI? They are always the ones to blame LOL

But... hasn’t Per got any control on his work? I don’t find it likely...

Funny... everytime I check this piece of news it has something new in it... without any sign saying it has been updated.

Wouldn’t be great to have it specified? I think that’s the only thing that’s better in, the updates are expressed, but here you never now... sometimes it’s said, sometimes it isn’t...

Just a constructive critic. (Don’t know if it will work, because it’s not the first time I point out this).

YAY!!! NEW ALBUM!!!!! *jumps up and down like a.... a... something!*

But the title... anybody think they actually have put in five errors somewhere? Or they just wanna have us all look like crazy for errors that are not there? *thinking of the game “find five errors” that we have here in sweden anyway*

visit >> nyheter to see a video (realaudio needed) of today’s party :)

yippie new album ” jumps up and down singing sommartider”

This article has been written and added to all afternoon, it would be kind of annoying to have 15 different “updates” in it. I know what you mean, but this is special circumstances.

I meant: just to write when the last update has been done (that is, when another one as when done, edit the day/hour too)... for pictures it’s quite obvious, but if it is added text in between it’s really hard to know or realise.

but you will have to read the whole article anyway, to find where the added text is ;)

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!!! Yesterday, a new job... today a new GT album... what news will I get tomorrow?! This is SO AWESOME!! Gyllene Tider for Rock’n’Roll!!!

at least I’d know when should I read it, instead of reading it every 30 minutes, most of the time without any result ;)

Great news!!! Can’t wait!

BTW, how good GT’s songs titles sound in English.

this is gonna piss off alot of people but it nauseates me that roxette doesnt’ get as much attention as gt does

GT has always been bigger than Roxette in Sweden. Swedes just love artiskts singing in Swedish. *smile* And most of us have some kind of memorie to some of the GT songs or the group. Some experienced GT though their kinds that were young back in 1980, and the kinds born around that time has heard about GT ever since they were born. AND, it’s those kinds that are also around 25-30 years old this year... perhaps some of us have kinds of their own, which were born around 1996... and we all know that that year also was very GOLDEN. So... we have 3 or maybe 4 generations of people coming to these concerts... no wonder the tickets went off that fast!

Finn fem fel... Well, there are five members of the group, right? ;-D

By the way, I HATE Latin Kings... *deep sigh* I’ll just have to stand there looking bored - like I did at Ronander... :-)

Well maybe the purpose of these opening acts is to make us appreciate the main act even more?!

does anyone know when there are more tickets available for the gothenburg concert in the ullevi?

Of course they must sell more tickets to Gothenburg when they move the concert to Ullevi... Otherwise, why move it in the first place? :-)

i asked WHEN not IF there would be more tickets, that there will be more tickets looks pretty obvious to me, too ;-)

i can answer the question myself now. the answer is right now, just booked 4 tickets for gothenburg :-)

Of course, the record companies want to sell as much albums, DVDs,... as possible. Who wouldn’t?
But sometimes it’s too much, I agree!

So let’s buy the new stuff :-)! And it’ll surely sound better than you ever might think.

@anonymous: i guess i had only luck. there was this sign saying some limited availability or something, i entered 4 (tickets) and it just worked. first i thought it was because the concert is moved to the ullevi, but now it looks like i had only luck. i tried the same with halmstad many times, and had no luck there. but i guess all of you have some good chances since there should be around 10 000 more tickets...

maybe somebody didn’t pick up his/her booked tickets... and they were then free.. :)

Well since it still only “ståplats” or stands its just some remaining tickets to the “old” concert. If, or when, the release tickets to Ullevi it should be lots of seated tickets too.

GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@anonymous: He’s getting old.. that what’s happening to his face. He’s getting old, and keep trying to look young. And loosing weight... well.. maybe he is. If that’s the case, then I reeeeeeally think he should think about that. One can look good being thin, but one can also look terrible being TOO thin...

The pictures are kinda bad, he looks like a ghost. As far as I can recall, he did not look like a ghost last summer :D

He looks like normal, when these pictures were taken he had approximately 30 flashes in his face. Mine was just one of them... :)

Here is also an article on Swedish: –>kultur Ooh, a gig in Finland would be dream! Well, I don’t think there will be gig outside of Sweden.

I think Per looks gr8 in the pix, although I agree that he’s lost more weight.

Mari; I can’t find it! :-(

Pity that I didn´t get a piece of that looks great.

The cake was HUGE, so even a normal piece would look small on a plate. :)

This is what I´ve been waiting for since “the Heartland café”... It´s like a wedding with the one you love, once in a lifetime moment!

People abroad (and in sweden of course)!
If you want tickets to the opening concert in Halmstad at july 14th (standings and sit) or the Helsingborg or the Stockholm concert, please add or mail me at [email protected], I´ve Paypal!
No fantasy prices, i have a few left over!

It‘s cool!It‘s great!!!!!
I really couldn‘t believe in this at first!!!!!!

@Anonymous 3/26/2004 16:13
“I´ts confirms..ULLEVI!!! Tickets are released on wednesday!!! YEEEHAAAAA!!!”

“The Gothenburg gig will be moved to Ullevi Stadium, instead of adding another concert.”

Taken from this TDR article.. it WAS already official :)

@Anonymous 3/26/2004 22:17:
Regarding talking Swedish: The “official” language of this site is English, therefore all messages should be in English for respect to everybody - since it’s not only “svenskar” visiting this site.

There’s an International section in the SmallTalk were you are welcome to speak any language you want :)

Thanks :)

PS: has also a forum in Swedish.

The title sounds a little ironic in my ears... “Finn Fem Fel”... 5 members in the band... hmmm .. Coincidence??? ;-)))

Can you imagine the cover for Finn Fem Fel? Will it be a Finn Fem Fel with two pictures of GT? *lol*

Per actually said that in an interview on the radio yesterday. He thought the idea was “fun”.

this article (Hufvudstadsbladet Helsinki):
says that the title of the album refers to the fact that this is the 5th GT-album... they say that Per himself said this.

annorlunda; Tackar! :-)


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