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New gig added in Halmstad

Written by tevensso on March 19, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD - As anticipated, The Daily Roxette has learned that EMA has indeed decided to add a second night in Halmstad to the Gyllene Tider tour schedule.

  The tour begins in Halmstad on Wednesday, July 14th, and when tickets were first released, this premiere concert sold out quickly. Örjans Vall had originally been reserved with an optional second night, and “due to the extremely high demand for tickets,” the Thursday night concert (July 15th) has now been added.

  “Fun!” said a spokesperson for the group.

  Tickets will go on sale tomorrow (Friday).

  Update March 19: This concert is now sold out, and was sold out almost faster than the first.

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Yippeee yippeee yeah! Now it seems like all of us who haven’t got tickets to Halmstad can go after all!

Hmm...Ticnet and agents deny it....

Only one?? I would have thought that having such a great demand they would be adding several more!

Always good to hear.... but how about putting some on hold for people outside Sweden that can’t EVER get through to ticnet! or are ticket touts going to snap them up again and sell on at stupid prices!

Wish you all good luck buying your ticket at!
Don’t think that they’ll add more than one or two concerts...

Great to hear!! Hope all those people on the “black market” will get problems getting rid of their expensive tickets now! ;-)

Which is “tomorrow”. :)

Per: hahaha :D same thought here!! *great minds...* :D

personally I think they will add another concert in Gothemburg on the next august 8 :)

Unbelievable, but it looks like the additional concert’s already sold out, too! And I managed to get through after all tickets are gone, of course... :-((

@ Starrox

It was the same disappointing experience for me: I just got through and they told me that there are already no tickets left! I can’t believe this! I’m so sad now ;-(

Really? What time did you call up?

Lucky me, I could get through at 9:05, and bought 9 tickets. Sorry, none for resale ;), I don’t think it’s fair.

Maybe there’s another chance when some people doesn’t pick up/pay the tickets...

BTW, anyone wanting to sell one or more tickets for the 14th (but at a resonable price, because I already have one for the 15th ;))

PS: I have edited the message above, I’m looking for tickets, I haven’t got any ticket for the 14th, I want them, I was so excited that my english got damaged...

It’s stupid.. some should have been put aside for people outside of Sweden... do people never learn!

Well, I didn’t get through until 9.30 and the tickets were sold out within 10 minutes! So I never even had a chance to get some... :-(

It’s sold out?! ...luckily this time I got through (although have managed to get through before) and got us tickets ...still gonna try for the 14th n’all though :)

to Gessle fan from Poland: you can buy your cds at “Mega” Sergelstorg in the city centre (close to the Sweden house)...

I was also hoping to pick up tickets today. Is there anybody with Gothenburg tickets for sale? Please e-mail me if you can help me! Thanks, Rich

I got tickets!!!!! I AM going to Halmstad!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

How did you manage that? At what time did you get through?

I bought my tickets 9:09, some seconds later i tried to buy one more ticket, but it was sold out.

@shirley: i didnt get through last week, so i asked a friend in sweden to buy the tickets :)

Ooops, it was me who posted the last comment - forgot to log in!

I got through about 08:04 (London time) and got 5 tickets! WOOHOO! :D

Yaaaaaaaay for Fliss!!! *we’re off to HALMSTADDDDDDDD!!!!!*

@ xarrrr: but we were goin, anyway! :D

I am pleased for those that are going! ;)

I don’t get this.. you say that there was no tickets left at approximately 9.10... right? Bur I got in at and booked one ticket for my friend at 9.25... and that went well after some strange “unexpected error has occured” messages...

I ´ve bought a ticket to Halmstad 15/7 for sek 550 on tradera.
It´s a fair price. The auction started at sek 450 and I ´ve bought the ticket with ” buy now” - you can buy the ticket at once, without auction if there is a buy now price.

Check it out.
There are both crazy and fair prices .
Some sells 2 Halmstad tickets for 1200 ( with “buy now” ) and some sells one ticket for 1000.

The most persons accept internationel buyers.

“was almost sold out faster than the first”

exactly what does that mean??? almost faster... *puzzled* >;)

I don’t understand. It is a tour in SWEDEN, with SWEDISH artists... Why should they sell tickets abroad then? Okey... Gyllene Tider may have some forreign fans because of Roxette... but most of these people have ways to get hold of tickets somehow.
I live in Sweden... but I just had to put my hopes to ticnet just like everybody else. Why? Because I doon’t live in a city where they have a concert, so the local deelers here had hardley heard of the tour! And did most sertainly NOT have any possibillity to sell me a ticket. So... there was only friends and ticnet left. Just like you guys in great brittain or germany or whatever.


@ Baby-C... I think the point a lot of people are trying to make is the fact how hard it is too get tickets.... for such a great country as Sweden they don’t have the best way of selling tickets to people outside the country... take a look at Ticketmaster or other European ticket agents they are so much better!

But like you say most people find one way or another to get tickets!

@ Kattunge

Whom did you buy your ticket from? I’m also considering to get one through tradera, but I’m not sure, which sellers are trustworthy! A deal is so risky, if you don’t use Paysongaranti. But none of the ticketsellers offers this option :-( What shall I do? I don’t want to transfer the money but then never receive the goods in return!

I don´t know .I didn´t get the ticket yet.

I mean I don´t know if I can trust in the person.

I have to get the ticket first.

Perhaps you can tell us/me, how it went out. I’d really like to know ’cause I’m feeling very uncertain at the moment.

Tusen tack!

The person sells one more ticket,but only inside Sweden .
Unfortunately the most people sells 2 tickets or only in Sweden or both.


Then I guess I know who it is! I’ve already sent him an e-mail in order to persuade him to sell me the ticket in spite of the fact that I’m from germany. Yet I have to wait for an answer...

@ Kattunge

Sorry for being impatient, but did you receive the ticket yet? I still don’t know whom to trust in...

Hi everyone out there (outside Sweden)!
I have some tickets for the second Halmstad concert and for Helsingborg and Lysekil left. I have sold to Germany and the UK last week and it went absolutely smoothly. So I have no problem selling outside Sweden, if someone still is interested.
Swedes are welcome to email me as well, of course....

[email protected]

I have two booking numbers for sitting places in Halmstad 15th which I probably won’t need (friends not coming...). Write me if interested: [email protected]

Hello everybody!
If some of you have problems with getting tickets for the opening concert in Halmstad contact me, I have a few left. I also have som tickets for the Stockholm and Heslingborg gig too.
No overkill-prises, I promise, because this is the happening of the year..
I´m going to see at least four conserts, 2 in Halmstad (where I live) and in Helsingborg and Stockholm!
Contact me if you want, MSN or mail: [email protected]
See ya this summer!

I didn ´t get the ticket yet. But it takes some days.

I got my ticket in the post today! ;)


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