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Chaos at Ticnet as GT tour tickets go on sale

Written by tevensso on March 12, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - This morning at 9 a.m., Gyllene Tider’s summer tour tickets went on sale. And on sale they went! Reports from several Daily Roxette readers able to access the Ticnet site, indicate that the premier concert in Halmstad sold out within an hour. Both Ticnet’s telephone lines and the Internet booking system have been jammed during most of the day.

  EMA Telstar, the tour promoter, says that 100,000 tickets were sold in less than three hours. The concerts in Halmstad, Helsingborg and Gothenburg are sold out and ticket scalpers such as are already offering tickets at an inflated price.

Update:  The Daily Roxette has learned that additional tour dates are under consideration, including the addition of a second concert in Halmstad.

Lissie and Daniel Alvedahl contributed to this story.

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Yeah, these kind of people who buy tickets and flog on at top whack prices... annoying.. simple answer: takes names of people tickets are for.. so they cannot be re-sold... provide proof at gates... problem solved.

Can only order via phone, not via internet they say!!
And the phone is not accessible!!
Stupid @#%$ Ticnet!!!!

My friend living in Stockholm bought the tickets for Gothenburg for me and my friend about lunch time but she had also big problems to get them. But I am sooooooo happy to know I can book my flight ticket!

the name thingis not so good... If someone gets sick no one else can use his ticket...

EDITOR’S NOTE: Several “comments” relating to the availablity of tickets via, a ticket scalper, were deleted as the original post didn’t make that clear, and we’ve added that piece of information to our news article. Remaining is a post by Ally77 as she had an additional point to make.

Also, we have not reported that the Ticnet system “crashed”... only that the demand was overwhelming and their capacity to handle multiple requests at the same time extremely limited.

About 7 days before the tickets go back.

It took me 1 hour 15 minutes by phone to get my tickets to stadion.

I did not manage to book tickets for Halmstad, even though I was trying for few hours in the morning via both Internet and phone...
I just wonder why not organize an additional concert in Halmstad (and in Stockholm), since everybody knows how huge demand it is. I’m sure GT would fill another stadion!

tevensso, you mean 7 days if you have order by Internet? I ordered by phone and they told me that Monday, 15th, is the last day to pay tickets.

Maybe the date is different when ordering on the Net. :)

Wednesday is the last day to pay for them ih you ordered on internet. So on tuesday and thursday more tickets will be avialable

@ Eliza: Stockholm is still available ...or atleast still says so. If so, and you live outside of Sweden, you can still phone and order them...

Yeah ticnet says tickets still avail for Stockholm, Gothenburg and Halmstad? ermmm HELLO! anyone know what is going on?

I’m desperately searching for two or three tickets for the Halmstad show. If you can help me, please email me; I’m sure we can work out a price (I also have several items to swap which are VERY interesting...) PLEASE HELP ME!!!

ally77, yep, it’ says ther’s but there isn’t :)

Well in that case bad marks to ticnet for not updating there website by now! makes people even more confused!

the “few” (fåtal) tickets that´s left are the children-tickets. :(

So....hows the Malmo tickets selling? can’t afford any just yet so just wanted to know if that was selling fast too.

Seems to be plenty left! according to ticnet...

If so, and you live outside of Sweden, you can still phone and order them...

Good luck!! Today it was impossible to reach them by phone.
@#$% !!

just checking ticnet. it dosent say that any show are sold out... weird not even “only a few tickets left ” sign

I ain’t saying another word I am all GT out today! ;)

good for gyllene!!for the fans who hasn’t tickets yet,it’s a pity!!!

oh well, there are many other concerts to go to :)

(I mean GT)

Wow... this is insane. While I sincerely hope every fan who wants to go gets a ticket, I think it’s awesome for Per that he’s going to be just as popular in 2004 as he was in 2003. Think the Swedish public will be sick of him by the time the next Roxette album comes out? (-:

next time we demand an online ticket for only the people of outside sweden, or what??!!??!?! Gr..’#######

Got my tix 2!!!!

It was funny they had Gyllene Tider music while I was waiting...

See u this summer.

I still cannot understand how is it that there are no tickets left for Halmstad, Göteborg and Helsinborg, but on the website it still says there are few.

OK, some of you said those tickets are for children, but, what’s the point of a nine-year-old boy going alone to a gig because no adult can buy a ticket?

It’s nonsense!! Ticnet must be going crazy!!

By the way, how do you know that there are no more tickets? the only way is the phone? or if I registered and went farther on the web-payment I would be told?

Ticnet has no influence and can not say “lets transfer the kid-tickets to adult ones”.

I think EMA Telstar has to do it.

@taxford: Yhey said previously that when the kidtickets was sold out, they would also have to have adult tix... but now we obviously have a situation where there are no adult tix left... so now they cannot sell the kid tix either... wierd...

well it can always be that an adult with a ticket and let’s say, 2 children, decides to take the children 2 cousins because there are enough tix for children... ;)

@Judith: don’t try to justify it, because if you want to buy some tickets for some children you do it the same time you buy yours, not later just because there are some left...

Ktoto: I know :D solo bromeaba.. :P

But note that the area is for people without tix too.. vip? ;)

@Judith: Anyway, since when are vip tickets counted as tickets for sell? but, hey! one more mistake is possible! well for EMA, ticnet or whoever is responsible ;)

Sorry for being negative, but last year, with Per’s gigs the organisation for buying tickets what not very good, but at least if you checked ticnet’s page it showed the real status of tickets, now it doesn’t. Making things worse than before, that’s a great goal!

And having people re-selling tickets just the day after, trying to make profit of fans doesn’t even help much...

Sorry I don‘t pay 900 SEk for one ticket!!!!!

Not all concerts are sold out allrady you still can buy tickets at a normal price. :)

Does anybody know where the concertin Växjö will be located? I mean is it in the village of Evedal? Or is there a place (or whatever) that is called Evedal?

Thanks for your answers.

@Roxgirl_germany: Evedal is a place in the north of Växjö. I think it is some kind of park or sports place. There’s also a open air bathing place, and a camping...
Are you planning to go to the Växjö-concert?

the Evedal place, as you said, is a location about 10-15 mins by bus from Växjö, the buses go from the city to Evedal every half an hour or so - and back.

It’s mainly a bathing place, I think. I was there to see Eva in 99 and well, they just made some kind of square with high fences and the concert was inside. I could hear her rehearse before and all, well, everybody who was bathing could :) NOt sure how it was with Marie in 2000 and will be with GT this summer..

Anyway, it’s a VERY nice place :) THere’s also a youth hostel in front of the lake and was like 2 mins walk from the concert place, I could actually see inside from the window of the room ;)

Thank you for your answers! I was not sure if this was the place I found on the net (and it is almost too convenient to have a hostel right next to the stage *g*) but now I dare to book the hostel. :) (*keeps fingers crossed to still get 4 beds*)

@Baby-C: Yes, I am going to see this concert together with 3 friends.

@roxgirl_germany: So am I.. togeher with 1 friend.. så perhaps we’ll meet there.. *smile*

Hi C!

Just had a look at your profile and I discovered to see an old friend. Would be great when we could see there! :)

im going to the vaxjo concert. my friend in sweden says she tried ringing all morning but couldnt get thru til 1pm and by then the halmstad tickets were gone... very dissapointing but at least we are going to a concert! :) i missed out on the atertaget tour

I’m posting this here too......

2 tickets for Malmo wanted

Not paying idiot prices, if anyone has spares I’ll pay face value plus shipping to UK.

2 tix .... 1 is no good as theres 2 of us :P

I would like 1 ticket for STOCKHOLM or GOTHENBURG! email me... in the profile!

Why does it now on say that Halmstad - and only Halmstad - is sold out? Does anybody know if they converted the children tickets to adult ones? Or did they sell all children tickets - which I strongly doubt? If they had merely updated their site it would have to say that Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsingborg and Malmö are sold out as well!

and don’t forget Växjo too...

BTW, we tried to get through by phone all day long and it was useless, I wonder if will ever get any ticket :(

Hey guys! To buy tickets right before concert seems to be the easiest way :-)

To buy before the concert and too pay a fortune!I don’t think I would be that stupid!

I am searching three tickets to Gotenburg! Please write me, if you know about something. Thanks, Iva
([email protected])

well... I suppose EMA would know... and ofcourse ticnet...

I’m looking for 2 Gothenburg tickets... Rich

I am so happy!
I could buy a ticket to Halmstad on ticnet 10 minutes ago!

:) :) :)

@ Kattunge:
Did you buy the ticket online? I’m asking because I just called ticnet and they told me, that there didn’t any tickets return into sale yet! I really get the feeling that they’re withholding those tickets from people from abroad ;-(

You’re lying right, Kattunge? ...I also spoke to somebody at ticnet at around 08:00 (London time) this morning and was told that there wasn’t anything and to call later... fekkers! LOL

I am not lying!


I ´ve bought the ticket online at 10 50.
I´ve tried since 8 , but there were no tickets before.
There were only a few tickets I guess, cos I tried again about 2 minutes later, just to see if there are more tickets, but there were no more.

LOL Kattunge ...I’m not calling you a liar - I was just ...nevermind!

Language barriers... *sighs*

I tried calling between 8.05am and 9.00am (UK time) and had no chance of getting through... engaged all the time!

Please e-mail me if you have 2 Gothenburg tickets for sale! Many thanks, Rich


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