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Gyllene Tider tour dates revealed

Written by mattias on March 10, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - Sixteen tour dates were announced today as the schedule for this summer’s Gyllene Tider 25th Anniversary Tour were finally made public:

Jul 14 Halmstad, Örjans Vall - Sold out

Jul 15 Halmstad, Örjans Vall - Sold out

Jul 17 Lysekil, Pinneviken - Sold out

Jul 18 Helsingborg, Sofiero Castle - Sold out

Jul 20 Norrköping, Idrottsparken

Jul 21 Sunne, Rottneros Park

Jul 23 Stockholm, Stockholm Stadium - Sold out

Jul 25 Falun, Lugnet

Jul 28 Skövde, Karstorps Fritidsområde

Jul 30 Växjö, Värendsvallen

Jul 31 Malmö, Mölleplatsen - Sold out

Aug 4 Örebro, Eyravallen

Aug 6 Jönköping, Elmia

Aug 7 Gothenburg, Ullevi Stadium - Sold out

Aug 11 Eskilstuna, Sundbyholm Castle

Aug 13 Sundsvall, Park Arena

Aug 14 Skellefteå, Torget

  The tickets will go on sale on Friday, March 12, at 9 a.m. CET. The price will be 325 kronor (about €36) plus a service charge of 25 kronor. Children under 10 need only pay a service charge of 10 kronor.

  Gyllene Tider’s comment: “This will be a great adventure! We feel younger and better than ever before!”

  The celebration of Gyllene Tider’s 25th anniversary will continue all through 2004, and “officially” starts March 24th with the remastered releases of Gyllene Tider’s first three albums, and a new greatest hits album.

  Please note that even if a show is “sold out”, tickets still may be available later on.

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(Oh, it’s getting an expensive summer *gg*)



Gyllene summer days are waiting!!! Finally!

I going to Lysekil!! so greate, yest 5 min with the boat!!!!!!!!

Is it easy to order from outside Sweden?

How much is p&p?


See you in Halmstad!!! =)))

Greeeaaaaaaaattt! This is saving my day and all the next weeks, too :-)!

God bless PG, the other Gyllene guys, EMA, EMI och vem som helst!

@taxford: Last year, the p&p for sending the tickets abroad was 150SEK (approx. 15Euros) by registered mail (not in a golden envelope, however *g*).

The tickets to Halmstad is not avialable on the net!??

Ticnet didn’t learn from last year’s chaos and still doesn’t allow people from abroad to order via internet and/or by credit card. So the Swedish phone lines will be collapsing on Friday when everybody calls to get their tickets... ;)


well I guess it’s not worth for Ticnet to implement an international system because there’s not a lot of people from abroad buying tickets there.. except when there are Per/Marie/GT concerts... compared to the many tix they sell for sport events and other tours.. that’s a little part :D

Anyway, cool pictures!! Anders lovely as always :)

What a gang,hehe :p
No,really,they say men get sexier when they get older,well,this is the perfect example... Great Pic :p

@Judith: Actually, you can buy tickets at Ticnet from abroad, just not for the GT tour (or the Mazarin tour with the exception of Sundsvall)! They even write in their FAQ that paying by credit card is the only option to people outside Sweden...

This is what I call Short-term-notice. Tickets on sale next friday! That’s QUICK!

@starrox: yeah but as far as I know, you have to phone - you can’t order them online? Anyway, you/we will find a way :D

I already bought tickets from BiljettDirekt (aka ticnet) in 99 without problems :D

ANother option would be for one of you (roxetteforum people) to go to Sweden (car?) and pick like 50 tickets out :P

i’m so excited! *jumps around!!!*

@Judith: Oops, I somehow managed to delete an important word in my comment - it should have been “you can buy tickets ONLINE...” *hidesway*
(That’s why I mentioned Sundsvall, it did work for that concert last year!)

Need someone to get me 2 tickets for Malmo ...... possibly ....... and possibly Jonköping ;)

@starrox: ok :)

I haven’t bought tix from them since Marie and then I did the same as in 99, sent a money order or something to their “postal account”.

I want to come to the concert so bad!! This is an incredibly cheap price!! In the USA, it is quite regular to pay $100- $200 for a good concert. Gyllene Tider is $44. WOW!! I flew to Germany for the last Rox concert - well worth it too!

Would anyone like to host an American female - I’m 28 yrs. and an avid GT, ROX, PG, MF fan! You can email me privately at [email protected] (I’ll pay for your ticket too)

Cheers for SWEDEN! Great News!

San Francisco

What is MICKE doing to Anders in that picture?? LOL!

Finally we’ve got the dates!
See you all on tour!

heheheh, mats is a hairy bugger muahahahh!

Somartider hej, hej! !!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I think they will add a show in halmstad at the 15th...

RUSSIA will join the tour as well!!!!!!!!!!!!
Be ready, GTs, we’re going!!!!!!! ;o))))

Which month? To be the second or last show?!
Best wishes, Rich

Sweden, here we come!
I wish it was already so far.

Being from Sweden I don’t have that problem, but yes, as far as I understand the FAQ, you can get tix via your credit card. I believe they add some extra for shipping though.

I just registered with Ticnet and it seems that you can book with your credit card.
But it says that tickets cannot be shipped abroad so you must collect the tickets at the venue.

@tevensso: Well, you usually can buy tickets online from abroad, but it seems like the GT tour is an exception! At least that’s what someone from Ticnet wrote (Thanks Rainqueen!)...

You must order tickets by phone, you can?t order online and pay by credit-card

Best Regards
BiljettDirekt Ticnet


the greatest news that we ever got!!!! :D GT25 is the best. Sundsvall and a last concert in Skelleftea? I think it´s terribly cool touring besides on the sweden´s north!

Cooooooool! It will take a long long time before the concerts will start. I’m sure it’s worth the waiting!
BTW, do they all wear the same kind of shoes on the picture?? Funny!

Can anyone pick me up a ticket for Gothenburg on the 7th August.... I will cover there expenses such as mailing ticket to me registered post! Paypal would be best to pay for this! anyone!!! email me if you can help.... Thanx in advance!

The best way for people outside Sweden to book tickets... is to pay with credit card by phone, you get a booking reference which you keep and collect your tickets when you arrive quoting the reference and showing the credit card you paid with. These agents are all over Sweden most tobbacco shops [ATG] etc.. you look for a sign with a blue horse... (I think it’s a horse!). The only down side to this is you don’t officially hold the ticket until you get to Sweden so most people like to get someone else to get the ticket and ship it to them!

Like me with the Mazarin tour last summer.. I was kinda crazy till I had my ticket in my hand.... dumped my bags at the hotel and asked the staff where the nearest agent was... it was around the corner from the hotel and I had my ticket in my hand 10 mins later.... and all was fine!

**UPDATE** Just had email from TICNET, ticket for people from outside Sweden can be bought over the phone, paid for with credit card/debit card and they will mail the tickets at a cost of 200 SEK!

i meant the 15th july... i mean there is a whole in the schedule for 3 days after h-stad....

they wouldn’t take credit card details last year, i had to transfer all the money through the bank...

AS ABOVE... outside well to the UK...
call the number
order tickets
pay with credit card
pay extra 200 sek for postal delivery

Now it ain’t that hard!

Fredag kl 9.00 släpps biljetterna till Gyllene Tider - GT25. Vi räknar med hög belastning av under biljettsläppet. Vi kommer då inte kunna serva alla besökare. För att alla skall ha samma chans att boka biljetter loggas alla kunder ut kl 8.45. Detta innebär att det inte är någon fördel att logga in sig i förväg.

This means, in short, that TicNet will bounce all logged on users at 8:45, to give everyone a fair chance to get tickets.

Nice one Ted! I have no intention of trying tomorrow to get my ticket.. I only want one so will leave it till next week! I am in no hurry... I either get one or I don’t! although I am determined to get one! ;)

Great news... I got my flight ticket yesterday for August 1 to Arlanda....hehehe!!! This gonna be the greatest summer of my life! Cheers!

From Chile... punxnotdead

go buy buy buy!!! ;)

Have fun, buy a lot of tickets and good luck with the (taken) lines :P

The concert in Halmstad seems to be sold out already - not bad, it only took about 30 minutes! I wish I had been able to get through and order tickets before this, tough... :-(

colinvdbel can’t reach ticnet by phone.... someone else got those problems? Is halmstad REALLY sold out already??????

@japeke: can’t get through either. Not by telephone nor by internet. When I was at the point of selecting my ticket i was kicked out of the system. Keep on trying, Holland needs to be there!


I can’t get through, either! I think I’m gonna go mad if I have to hear this annoying tone much longer, I’ve been trying to reach Ticnet for an hour now...

Yesss! I get through and bought tickets!!! Just be patient...

I got through by phone.

For all people outside of Sweden:
I could access but for foreigners (like me) it’s impossible to book through internet, just by phone!

OK enough is enough. After 3 hours - still not through on the phone. Looks like the summer trip to Stockholm is off after all :((((((

For the people outside Sweden (m-cvk?): could you pay by credit card or is it the same hassle as last year?

I’m outside of Sweden. Same thing as last year. Swift-code etc.

I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be also another gig on Halmstad.

Just came through: Halmstad and Göteborg is sold out.

Oh well perhaps my trip to Gothenburg is not happening!

aaaah well *sigh*

Hello! Anyone else who epeak Swedish???


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