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“Tycker om när du tar på mej” reaches #1

Written by daniel_alv on March 5, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - This week, “Tycker om när du tar på mej” climbed to #1 on the official Swedish radiochart (Music Control) after being #2 for three weeks in a row.

  “Här kommer alla känslorna,” the first single from “Mazarin,” also reached #1 on the chart while “På promenad genom stan” managed to climb to #2.

  Tomorrow, the popular Swedish radiochart show Svensktoppen is aired. Per is at #5 this week with “Här kommer alla känslorna” and has stayed around that position for several weeks now, while “Tycker om när du tar på mej” is at #2. That means that “Här kommer alla känslorna” has been on the charts for 39 weeks on Sunday, which gives Per a spot on the record list for Svensktoppen. He will enter the list of “longest runs on Svensktoppen” at #10 together with the Swedish singer Per Myberg’s hit “Trettifyran” (“This Ol’ House”) from 1964.

  If he stays on the list next week, he will share the #9 spot with the Brandsta City Släckers’ song “Kom och ta mej” (“Come and Take Me”), and the week after that he will have the #8 spot all by himself.


It’s officially official.

to all non swedes: NO one under the age of 60 listening to Svensktoppen.

Exactly... Svensktoppen is the lowest of the low here.

@pelu: you have both right and wrong: a few years ago there wasnt many people under 60 who listened but since they changed the presentator of the list and changed the list. few years ago it was just “dansbandsmusik” and now its like trackslistan ( more pop and rock music even artists who sing in english)

my parents listened to svensktoppen when i was a kid... and they were not 60 then...

svensktoppen still is one of the biggest and most importent list in sweden.... old people does count to....

it´s not at all an important list. Tracks(weekly list with 20 songs, all swedes can vote) is the only important radio-list in sweden, and maybe also Rix top 6 (daily list on the most popular radiostation in sweden)

Great that TONDTPM has reached #1! It is one of the most beautiful and touching songs on ’Mazarin’!

I agree, Svensktoppen is an important list, but not as important as the cell phone ring signal list!

All lists that can indicate what people think are important lists.... And Svensktoppen is a list where the voters is selected so you can see what people think... Rix FM is more important in one age group... and Svensktoppen in another other... All markets have to be segmented... And in one age segment Rix FM is more importent and in one Svensktopen is more important... Also, Svensktoppen is published in Sweden’s biggest morning paper every Monday and Rix Top 6 is not... You think the newspaper chooses the one that is less important?

About the mobile phone list: it’s an indication of what songs people download and also what people like because they would not download the songs they dislike...

To see a song’s impact, you need to look at all the charts as a big chart, not at one chart... Discography albums/Mazarin/ English lyrics (at the bottom).

yea, the jury is 16-79, but does that make the listeners 16-79?

I don’t think that Sveriges Radio would keep a show that had listeners only above the age pf 65... that would not make economical sence...

No, that´s why melodikrysset is every sunday =)

yeah yeah, belive what ever you want, but to be the best you have to do good on every list, not only tracks....

yeah, it’s really great!


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