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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

Gyllene Tider tour to begin in Halmstad on July 14th

Written by japeke on March 4, 2004 to .

HALMSTAD - For some time now, it’s been widely reported that the upcoming Gyllene Tider 25th Anniversary tour would kick off some time in the mid-July. In addition to that, a person familiar with the negotiations with Örjans Vall, a soccer stadium that will serve as the opening venue, was quoted as saying it would be about a week before a scheduled soccer/football match there. That narrowed the potential opening concert date down to about a 4-day window of possibility. But what will the exact date be?

  Today, this TDR reporter called Örjans Vall to ask when Gyllene Tider would play there.

  The man on the other side of the phone line didn’t have any problem answering the question, and said that the date would be July 14th.

  Obviously, this is not an official announcement. The Daily Roxette expects there will be a press conference to announce the tour dates within the next week or so, with tickets possibly going on sale as early as March 12th.

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Coolio’s!!!!! :-D

GREAT!! Now I can plan the summer of my life! :)

I don’t think it’s July 14th. Let’s hope we get the announcements soon!

Oh my, I’m getting really curious about the schedule... I wanna start planning too! ((-;

sheeesh!!!! Japeke did you phone them?! LOL excellent! i cant wait..... this is gonna be the best summer ever!!!

Just because this info isn’t official yet, it does not mean that it is wrong... I mean why would the people at Örjans Vall lie about this?? They sure want people to come to the concert... so giving out a false date would just be stupid. Right?

yeah i agree.... i’m sure they wouldnt lie to someone. i cant wait to see the whole tour plan and start getting things ready!!!



Örjans Vall is a football stadium...
I’m no sure but I think they have places ot around 20.000 people. But to make place for the stage they going to take down a grandstand, but I don’t think thats going to change to audicens places, because I know that Per whants to breake the record of audience... it’s around 20.381...

Oh! Why it´s not on weekend??!!!! :_-( People have to work and Halmstad is not just turning the corner for the most of us.
What a pity, well, i hope everybody will enjoy it, get fun and loud!!! I want to hear you from here :-)

@Kiwein1: What makes you think it is not so?
Do you have other information that makes you think different?
If you have more info, please let us know.

@roxave: I hate to break it to you, but about 19,500 of the ones that will be there are from around Halmstad... :)

well the concert is targeted to Swedish audience (who do you think will be the > 20.000 ;)), and those can go to the concert anywhen - they live :O surprise, in Halmstad or max 1-2 hours from Halmstad? :P

I want Rox live in summer open air shows, no in halls. Like solo shows Per, Marie and GT.

There will be plenty of other concerts between this opening concert and the final concert. Fans from “around the world who need to plan in advance” (as written above) are now able to do so. Come to Sweden any weekend in the month following this opening concert, and you’ll find GT playing somewhere in the country. Everyone need not come to the premiere concert. There should be something special about each and every one of them.

A good newspaper does not print a fact without checking it first, so even though this opening date has not been officially announced... or the one in Göteborg... we stand behind our reporting.

Well, Gyllene Tider might have a non-Swedish audience as well but I think the percentage of these people at the concerts will still be quite tiny.

I don’t think Per is doing this tour for his non-Swedish fans. He might think it’s funny if there are some “Roxette fans” there as well but all in all, I am more than sure that he doesn’t really care if there are 19,800 Swedes and 200 Germans or just 20,000 Swedes...

I don’t get why people are complaining so much about that they don’t have time to plan! Last year the chance of planning was not really big for the Mazarin tour, but there was apparently still a lot of non-swedes going there.

Besides that I’m of the opinion that they should release the tickets in Halmstad first. This so the people there get a chance to see them in their home town. If there then are anything left for the rest of the world... fine! The true GT fans are after all those who were fans back in the early 80’s and they should maybe get the chance first.

yeah.. how many non-swedes will be at the tour.. 500? (and they are always the same anyway :P), this is about a 3% out of 15.000 ;)

Don’t think the tour is thought for this 3%, is it? :D

@ per_mson.... THAT IS JUST PETTY! it’s like saying football tickets for Manchester United should go to people in Manchester first for every match...

first come first served... simple as that!

note that Per was not even a fan in the 80ies ;)

But actually I think (not sure though, some Sweden confirm?) that the rush for buying tickets for such summer concerts (Marie, Per etc) comes from outside/abroad.

Swedes (again, for my little experience) don’t buy a ticket for a summer concert (which is many times related to having a nice evening in a pic-nic way and alcohol alcohol and alcohol ;)) 3 - 4 months in advance, I would even risk to say that many wait until the week before or even a couple of days before to see the weather forecast... (and even rain won’t stop them :D)

I don’t know if this is just the way it is really (or it was before the invasion :D), at least i have experienced this with at least 5 artists...

@Ally: We don’t wantcha there... ;)

LOL tevensso.... we’re gonna be there... oooh yeh we will :P

@ Thomas... I won’t be going... sadly I’ve got a doggy to look after! ;)

Hihi, I knew people would flame me for saying that! Isn’t it nice with a comment to spice things up a bit sometimes?! ;-)
Don’t take it so hard ally!! It was not my meaning! :-)

“LOL tevensso.... we’re gonna be there... oooh yeh we will :P”

>> didn’t expect less :D

@ per_mson ............. I didn’t take it hard... I found it sad..... perhaps it should be one concert PER fan!! ;)

heheheh! you know it Judith :D

@ally: Yeah, why not!! Then there will be concerts for the coming 55 years (counting on 20.000 people). Hmm, I feel a bit sad for the last ones though.. listening to a 100 year old Gessle!! ;-)

lol! yeah Per 100 years old coming onto stage with him zimmer frame! ;)

A dog before GT?!? My oh my! Get it into suspended animation then? Ha ha!

a dog??

I do... no there is more to it than just a “dog”. I knew when I took on the resonsibilty of my friend that holidays abroad would be few and far between. Sadly the GT tour won’t be happening for several reasons for me, the DOG being one. Also the fact my mum is sick as is about to go onto Kidney Dialysis again after her Kidney transplant is failing after a hard but successful 4 years. GT are good but WILL never take priority over my family... oh and lack of funds might have something to do with it as well....

ah now I get the part with the dog!!!!

If we didn’t have anybody to take care of our Maxi (18 year old cat!!) we wouldn’t think of holidays either... but we take care of our neighbours cats.. and she takes care of ours :)

Anyway, money is still a problem, we spent our holiday money to see Buddaboys last year - so no Summer 03 in Sweden.. We will see about Summer 04 :) I miss the Stockholm Pride, a friend is getting married in Norrköping and we gotta be there.. *saving saving saving*

It’s always the case.... when you save up you always need the money for something else! sadly my neighbours are old so no doggy sitting for them!

@Judith: Most swedes do like that and wait untill some week before yes, but there are people here too that REALLY wanna plan and book this tour NOW, but preferably last week... so.

Now I can plan the summer!!
Halmstad here I come!

Never sit! :)

Have asked myself the same question actually. Sitting sucks, yes, but how can you survive in the crowd in Stockholm Stadium? I imagine this to be veeery crowded and not the most comfortable place to watch a (GT) concert...


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