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Swedish soul duo covers Marie song

Written by roxeteer on March 3, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - The Fre brothers, a Swedish duo performing soul music, are going to record their version of Marie Fredriksson’s 1996 hit ballad “Tro.”

 “We’re making an album of older Swedish songs that we like and which we perform our own way. Sort of like our own interpretations,” says Henok Fre. “Our version sounds very good. We’ve given it our own touch; our voices, our own choir arrangements and an unbelievable grand background with strings and all. Although it’s natural for a soul production.”

 Other artists whose songs are on the yet untitled album are Mauro Scocco, Peter LeMarc and Bo Kaspers Orkester. Bo Kasper and his company are even performing on the album. “It would’ve been so nice if all the artists were singing with us, but we haven’t had time to organize it. We would’ve loved to sing with Marie Fredriksson, but we didn’t want to ask out of respect for her now that she’s been so ill.”

 Marie isn’t the only Roxette member the brothers admire. “Per Gessle is cool and I really like ’Tycker om när du tar på mig’, but it’s probably too new to make a cover song.”


Oh no! Covers again! :-( Music buisness really sux!
Is this mean that this cover will be soul - style?? If it’s soul than it’s the worst thing that would happen, too bad that not hip hop... :-((

Ufff... Just can’t imagine these men singing MARIE’S song, just CAN’T!

see it from the bright side, it’s Publicity for Marie...

Fre suck too. :P

funny enough, they participate in the Melodifestivalen with a song called “Äntligen” :P

crap, crap crap....what is this world up to? :((

... this sucks... :o(

What do they think they are?

Hey, I kind of like the idea. A good song can be nice sung in a different way. Do you guys remember Marie singing Help! by the Beatles? I really like that cover, could like the soul-version of Tro aswell... I’ll have to hear it first.

yeah but Marie is Marie, and her covers are great, not only Help!, the ones in the Unplugged rock!!

I don’t know this band/duo at all, but anyway... “Tro” is “Tro” and I don’t think I would like to listen to this song sung by somebody else..

And anyway, this is still nice that they want to cover Marie :)

I think it’s very flattering... it’s not like they’re covering a massive hit like “Nar Vi Tva Blir En” or “Sommartider,” where they can kind of ride on the wave of the original version’s popularity. That said, I hope they don’t kill Marie’s beautiful song!

Probably it could be good, but they can never compare with Marie in any way, she is UNIQUE, and to sing her song is a challenge! ’Tro’ is Marie’s song, I mean, she makes it sound like it does. Nobody can repeat it.

“she’s been”

If they like the song, then why cover it??
It will by no means become better than the original.

“Our version sounds very good”
Thats YOUR opinion, Not Mine!!!!

I wish artists would make songs themselves instead of covering all the time.

Is it not so that they didn’t ask Marie to sing on this version, because they might know the answer in advance??

Or moreover, did they ask permission to cover this song? Or is it not neccesary (anymore) to ask permission?

Anyway, I would love to see a cover-free world.
will stay an illussion, I’m afraid.

To all “so called artists”:

@Daniel-alv: Marie doesn’t need this kind of actions to get publicity.
She can take care of her self.

@roxtexanet: That would be no more than sacrilege, to cover Sommartider !!
And it WILL kill Marie’s song, that’s not a question, but a fact!

have you heard the song?

I guess you two are mistaken. It is not racism of any kind, it is just the opinion that no one can sing their songs better than Marie and Per themselves. It is selfishness of devoted fans - nothing more! No need to insult the Swedes or anybody...

@ both Anonymous: Instead of wining, make your self known and don’t be a coward giving critics on other people by using an “anonymous” or otherwise: GET LOST!!
You are crying yourself!

And for me it does not matter at all if people are black, white, green or purple!
But everybody nowadays seems to think that covering is a nice way of making music and it usually is not.
It is a lack of originality!!
Make a song yourself, instead of using the easy way, which covers are.
Or if you insist on making a cover, first ask the artists who have made the original and most important, don’t rape the original song (99% of the covers do that!!, the covers by Per and Marie are the other 1%)

That’s the reason covers are horrible, and not because this time it happened to be some black guys.
Who cares!! They may be purple, white, pink, grey, black, orange, if their music is fine (and not a horrible cover)!!!


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