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Tracklist for “Finn fem fel” revealed

Written by daniel_alv on April 9, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - EMI Capitol revealed the tracklist for “Finn fem fel” (“Find Five Mistakes”) today, the new Gyllene Tider album scheduled for release on June 9th. The catalog number is 5710922.

  As we earlier reported, the working title for the first single was “En sten vid en sjö i en skog,” and Gyllene Tider has decided to keep that as the final song title. Here are the other song titles…


01: En sten vid en sjö i en skog (“A Stone by a Lake in the Forest”)

02: 72

03: Ande i en flaska (“Genie in a Bottle”)

04: Nere på gatan (“Down on the Street”)

05: Jag borde förstås vetat bättre (“Of Course I Should Have Known Better”)

06: Varje gång det regnar (“Every Time it Rains”)

07: Tuffa tider (Tough Times)

08: Choklad, vanilj, jordgubb (“Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry”)

09: Solsken (“Sunshine”)

10: Ta mej, nu är jag din (“Take Me I’m Yours”)

11: Hjärta utan hem (“Heart Without A Home”)

12: Ordinärt mirakel (“Ordinary Miracle”)

13: Du måste skämta (“You Must Be Joking”)

14: Speciell (“Special”)

15: Har du någonsin sett en dröm gå förbi (“Have You Ever Seen a Dream Pass By?”)

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Well, at least the titles sound quite GT-ish!

Except for number 5, the title sounds like a song I’ve heard before... HKAK!

So it will be released on 9th or 2nd of june?

I’m sooo excited!!!

It sounds interesting...

I actually had to look twice then... Gylenne?? Hmmmm!
I wonder how many people are gonna come on here once it’s released, listing mistakes. :D
Find five mistakes... :D:D
Jordgubb... EHEHEHE! My new favourite swedish word!
*Little things please little minds* ;)

Cool, very cool!

Can it be, a song about rain?

yeah, we got a song about rain, again.. is there anyone who has a list of rainsongs?

Woohoo! 15 things to look forward to this summer!

I’m glad there are so many songs on the new album... they went from “a single, or maybe an EP” to “longest album in our career.” Works for me!

@ Mands: Trust you to mention and comment on the mistakes ;) ...was gonna, but knew you would :P

Why is the Swedish word for strawberry a new fave for you, btw? LOL

“Choklad Vanilj Jordgubb” ...ehehehe sooo Per! :D

and why not call the album “Tuffa Tider”?


WOW great titles!!
Varje gång det regnar (“Every Time it Rains”)
Du måste skämta (“You Must Be Joking”)
Har du någonsin sett en dröm gå förbi (“Have You Ever Seen a Dream Passing By?”) they sounds really good!I want the whole album right now in my hands!I can’t wait for!

I want this cd now!!!!!!!!!

Or, now that I´m thin I think a lot about the food I miss. ;)

So good... something to look forward to... cannot wait to own my own copy.... ;)

Aaaaah, how cool!!!

Why can’t it be June already...

(And they have opted for 9 June now as a release date??)


can’t wait!

“As we earlier reported, the working title for the first single was “En sten vid en sjö i en skog,”” No they did not, TDR said the working title was Sitter på en sten vid en sjö i en skog. A song about rain was really a surpise! =) The song I most want to hear is 72, the left-over from Mazarin.

*LOL* I wish it was already summer - I guess the titles promise lots of summer songs...

(I hate this moody April weather)

Oh yeah!! I can’t wait to have this one!!!

@Fliss, you know how tickled I was at the swedish word for Chicken? Well, Jordgubb has tickled me now! :D

Am I gonna get this album? Uuuh, Yush. :D

japp... sounds really good... how comes I’m getting hungry now?? ;-)

yes and of course no album without rain... =))

@pelu: How did you know that “72” is a “Mazarin” left over?

Per said so in an interview somwhere, it didn´t fit on Mazarin, the sound was to much Gyllene Tider. Or someting =)

Nice titles, hope they sound as cool as their titles, but no doubt bout it I guess, at least it’s GT, it rulz

cheers :-)

great titles!!!

9th of June? Wow, my birthday! Great present. I just wish I was 25 that day :P

this is really really great!, it feels some strange an Gt´s album completely new with new 15 songs! :D I gotta tell that all those songs tittles sounds really cool! I love all of them! :D


woo woo, this is so coooll! :D *happy moose*

yeah, this year is gonna be great...

Yeah! No chance for me to go to a concert this summer, but the news that there is this new stuff makes my heart jump again.

Only 57 days left...

I’m renaming track three to “Vodka In A Bottle”

Great titles!!! Why aren’t these songs in English! :-(

Yesssssss, now we only need a little bit of sun... And summer 04 is going to be one of the best ever!!! :-)

But “Roxlander” what a question? G.T. songs has to be in Swedish. If you don’t understand just learn it, OK! ;-)

sunsue, it wasn’t a question, it was an expression. Maybe I’ll start learning Swedish when you learn to find the difference between questions and expressions, don’t you think?

Although, giving it a second thought, no, I don’t want to learn Swedish, I just want GT to sing in English, is that a crime?

@ Roxlander: hihi, nope, no crime, but they won’t sing in English... and I think it’s better like it is... They wouldn’t be the same in English... Why should they do that??? Swedish is a fine language, their mother tongue and playing with word’s like Per does is always easier and the result is always better in your own mother tongue where you know each little nuance in the meaning of every word...

That’s my opinion... Nothing agaist you wishing they would sing in English, but I prefer Swedish... “The Heartland Café” isn’t their best album I think... I don’t like it as much as the others... it doesn’t feel as “real”... =)

and btw @ Anonymous: rain belongs to swedish summer as well... ;-)

did somebody miss the ;-) from SunSue? :P

Yeah keep with the Swedish! ;)

What about an extra track called:

En mås på en båt i en sjö vid en skog norr om staden......


hope my swedish was sort of correct if not forgive me.....

singular and entertaining tracks, though some of them are obvious and typical of them ... jejeje...


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