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“GT25!” climbs

Written by tevensso on April 9, 2004 to .

STOCKHOLM - Gyllene Tider’s latest greatest hits album, “GT 25!,” climbs to #2 this week. The top spot is held by Anastacia’s new album.

  Meanwhile, “Mazarin” falls to #30.

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Anastacia ?? Oh noo...

is this the end of the mazarin era?

it has to get 6 platinum!

Hopefully NOT...

Umm, what do you expect?? “Tycker” is the last single - - there is no one (or nothing) promoting the album any more! Down it goes...

I must ask how many of Roxette’s albums have sold over 300,000 copies in Sweden?

i think only joyride and look sharp has done that...

on the DVD they say that LS sold 250 000 in 2 months or something like that....

atleast hand and rs didn’t sell 300000 ex...

but mazarin has to be closer to 360000 then 300000

I think Per has done pretty well, and Mazarin has held out for so long on the charts!!! GT now are in the Limelight, and so they should be!!1 hehehehe 25 years on!!!

Tell me, Dear Daily Roxette, what is happening with

*going bright red* that should read Marie’s Soloalbum!* hehehehehehehehe

the news about Marie’s album and Marie herself will come out when she feels ready for it, and of course, it will be reported here as soon as it happens :)

Hej Judith!!!

Thanks for your comment....actually, I realise that fully.....forgive me for being excited about it okej???
My prayers are with her always.....wishing her the stregnth and determination to pull off this very exciting project!!! God Bless you, Marie, I admire you for your immense courage after all that you have been through! xxxxxxx Ciao!!


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