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Per wants to start Gyllene Tider tour at his favorite soccer stadium

Written by roxeteer on December 23, 2003 to .

HALMSTAD - If Per Gessle gets what he wants, the Gyllene Tider tour planned for next summer will start at Örjans Vall, the home stadium of his favorite soccer team Halmia. Örjans Vall is located in Halmstad, Per’s home town in southern Sweden. Gyllene Tider tried to get the permission to perform there during their 1996 “Återtåget” tour, but they were rejected. “It’s all politics,” Per said in a Radio Halland interview yesterday. Per said he doesn’t want to discuss the details, because he “doesn’t want to interfere in other people’s business.”

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Because we have readers from all over the world, I decided to use the word “soccer” in this news. I prefer the word “football”, though. Heck, they don’t even touch the ball with feet in American football (except occasionally)...

How many people can this stadium accommodate?

Nope, Halmia and Halmstad FC are two different clubs.

WHOOPEE... good for Per I hope he gets what he wants... speaking of football my team “Bolton Wanderers” has a player from Halmstad!

Seems like it´s possible that Per could get what he wants.

Oi, again in Halmstad... Hopefully I’m there...


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