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Gyllene Tider decides they WILL tour next summer!

Written by tevensso on December 16, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - As widely expected, The Daily Roxette learned today that Gyllene Tider has indeed decided to tour Sweden next summer to celebrate their 25th Anniversary. Members of the group met over the weekend to make the final decision.

  “After all, 25 years are really quite a lot, and that has to be celebrated,” Per Gessle says. “It’ll be cool to bring Gyllene into the 21st century, and I hope the Summer Swedes would like to join us in our celebration,” he continues.

  There are, of course, no specific tour details available yet. The tour itself will be planned early next year, with the premiere date probably in July. The reunion is not permanent. “One summer is enough for god’s sake! Gyllene Tider doesn’t exist anymore, we only put it together again for this project,” Per laughs. “We live under enormous expectations, but I think we can live up to them,” Gessle explains to Aftonbladet.

  It is expected that the tour will be preceded by some new material, perhaps an entire new album. Per and MP Persson will start recording demos after Christmas. Some are already done, Per says in Aftonbladet.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Photo at right, courtesy EMA Telstar, is of pass from ’96 reunion tour.

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YEEEEEES! Finally!

I think we kinda knew it would happen... just give us the dates...

the best news today!

Sweden, get prepared for a rox-fans flood next summer! at least on behalf of the Spanish ones :)

The Summer Russians will join celebration too! :)

wohooo!! these news was really the best christmas gift I could get!

GESSLE will chat at aftonbladet tomorrow

Great great GREAT!!!! I’m so happy now!

I am getting tired of all the swedish products from Per & friends!!
I want Roxette!

great great great.. GT, Marie.. Eva.. oj oj what a future!!

TDR rules.

cooooooool! I want to go to Sweden next summer!!!!!!!!! :-)

GR8 news, it’s almost more we could ask for! i hope the success of Mazarin will be repeated :) Gessle penned songs are all i ever wanted!

But damn I am away tomorrow at the chatting time :( :(

Gessle, Gyllene!! I Love You!! se you at this sumer=)

If I am in time with ordering tickets’ I’ll certainly go!!


Sweden, I’m coming again... (((-;

St:Petersburg, RUSSIA will join too!!!!!!!!

God, bless Gessle!!!!!!!!
God, bless Sweden!!!!!!!!!!

WOW, what a great year!!!

Per & Co: if you are planning a totally *new* album, GREAT :)

If you are thinking of a 4-new-tracks + greatest hits.. here’s a suggestion: why not re-record these hits again now? Some kind of what Bon Jovi has done with their “this left feels right”, which rocks!

Thanks ;)


GTiG totally agrees with sofiab.

Thank you Gyllene Tider! It will be a fantastic summer of 2004!

Sweden rox! First Marie, now Gyllene... För hela året har jag väntat på...

oh great...
if someones gets to talk to Per, tell him it would be nice to see GT playing songs like Teena, Sölens Vän or Det är blommor som har fångat dig and Ingen går i ringen!! :P

GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! but I really hope we all can get an album completely new :)

Hela året ska vi vänta på Juni, Juli, Augusti.

I’m soo happy.
Life suddenly feels a bit better even without my lost love :D

YES, I’m sooo HAPPY

Great news - I can´t wait for the tourdates: premiere at Tylöhus and final concert at Örjans vall in Halmstad. Somewhere before that a sold out nya Ullevi in Gothenburg (In my dreams and hopes anyway). The summer 2004 are gonna be as much Gessle as 2003 was. And to you Ronney: “I am getting tired of all the swedish products from Per & friends!! I want Roxette!” Gessle is all about the “swedish-products” and without his history of such product there would be no Roxette. If I had to choose I´ld take Gessle solo and in Gyllene tider over Roxette ANYDAY. Go Pelle G and Co Go!!!

Oh, great. I hope I can come to Sweden.

i really hope they get to Jököping like he did last summer...that night was awsome!!! gyllene tider rules!!!


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