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Written by tevensso on December 13, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) - Marie Fredriksson is the “Queen of the Rock Bear” (Rockbjörnen - Aftonbladet’s annual reader’s choice award). She has received no less than 11 Bears (five solo and six Roxette) over the years. Aftonbladet published an exclusive interview today with Marie in which she reveals to the public that she’s working on her new solo album (regular readers of TDR have known about this project some time now). Marie is slowly recovering from her illness, and is in seclusion with her closest family.

  Aftonbladet asked Marie how it feels to be “the Queen.”

  “It feels very good. I didn’t think it was that many, and I’m incredibly proud and happy,” Marie states. She also says that she, in a slow pace, is putting a new album together.

  When asked if she has a certain project she wants to do, like a musical or such, she replies “My next work that I really look forward to is recording a solo album in English.”

EDITOR’S NOTE (Dec. 16 Update): While this “next work” comment was initially confusing, TDR’s reporter spoke with Ronny Olofsson, the reporter at Aftonbladet, who feels that “Marie was talking about her present material.” Additionally, manager Marie Dimberg also says that the album “probably will be in English.”

  Sundance Kid contributed to this article.


It’s like sunshine lit up my soul.... marie, you’re absolutely amazing!!!! You saved my day, good luck, I’m with you :)Kramar i massor! :o)

That´s wonderful news!!!!!!

The album is just going to be fantastic either it´s in english or swedish.

Marie: you will always be the queen of our hearts.


’The World According to Fredriksson’

Marie as someone already’s said, you are the Queen Of Our Hearts!

Feels great to have news from you again, seems you’re getting better and better - And that’s the most important thing. And what more can we ask? The news is about you recording your music!, swedish, english, who cares! It’s your music and that’s more than enough, (but an english album, YAY!!!!!) - that’s more than enough.

I think this is the news most of us in here were hoping to read. Good to have you back!!!

Hey lil’ pop stars, be careful... she is back!


Awwww Marie that cheered me up!!

Marie: All of us will be anxiously waiting for your album. It’ll be really interesting to have a soloalbum in English from you. Wish you a Merry Xmas and a happy 2004! You’re the best!

Last year around this time I read only sad things...and didn’t want to celebrate my birthday...TODAY I have a double reason to paaartyyyyyy.......Thanx for this sign of life and these good news!! TACK SÅ HEMSKT MYCKET

F A N T A S T I C!!!!!!!!!! we miss You so Much

I told you all it will be in english lol :-P , Now marie gets to step out of pers writing shadow for once YES. thats the best news iv heard alllllll year.
Always seems abit hard to belt out a swedish word if you know what i mean. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE.

It won’t be in English. This time.


whatever we get this time, english or swedish, I am sure we will just love it, the songs will just kick ass!! :D

And the idea of getting now an album in Swedish and soon one in English (prolly her long-time dream jazz-soul album) sounds just perfect!

Better than anything.


PS. Does anyone of you remember my idea for the “contest for the best song written by a fan” (i.e. fans write their own songs especially for Roxette or Marie or Per and M. or R. chose the best one and record it on the next LP as the ultimate award for the best fan-songwriter/composer) ?
Wonder would Marie sing such a song on Her new LP? (I’m daydreaming here but hey “anyone who wants a dream to come true knows how I’m feeling ;-)

Anyway - The most important thing is MARIE IS BACK. What a great great great great (have I already mentioned it’s great?) news.

so, the very next album will be in Swedish and the following one in English? or the other way round?

it’s a little confusing both the dailyroxette report and the aftonbladet’s one. In the interview you tend to think the English one is the next compare to the one that’s now in process, but they write on the top of the article: hon laddar för comeback. Med en soloplatta på engelska!

something like, she’s loading (preparing?) for her comeback. With a solo album in English

so, do they misunderstood the answer or was that the exact meaning?

i’m confused, i don’t know what to believe

Anyway, great news ;)

Wow!!!!!!!! I knew it would happen!!!!!!!! “The world accodring to Fredriksson” - FREDRIKSSON RULES THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

That’s the best news of the past 2 years!!! If Marie release her solo CD in English I will want it much more than Per’s DVD!!!!!!!!!!

Go go go!!!!! Marie!!!! You’re great!!!!!
Ilia, St:Petersburg, RUS :)

Well, It’s a good sign that she REALLY works for a new album. Hopefully she get well very very soon.
I wish her the best there is...


Thank you Marie!!!!!It’s the best news.
She’s really the queen.I love her so much!!!!!!!!!

in english? GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh God! we have news terribly great! I love it! I don´t know why but I feel inside my heart that marie will come back and everything will be full success to her! yes! I can image a new marie´s single sounding all over the world!
we all love you marie!

Äntligen Marie!!!!The best new of the year!!!!

I would like to kiss her!!!!

this picture is from 2000, one of the ’äntligen’-era.

I´m so happy!!!! Our queen is coming back!! It´s all that matters!!
Marie: in english or swedish, I´m sure I´ll love this album!! You´re the best!!! :D


i l o v e y o u, MARIE

Yours Peter

Well, I got exactly what I wanted for Christmas... Marie herself telling us that she’s coming back. I knew I would be happy when Marie chose to focus on her career again because she would only do that if she were feeling well enough to make it a priority. And she does. Long live the Queen!

Woohoo, this is so great! I do really long for her comeback. And as I understand the article it’s really this very next album to be in english!

Marie in sauna, I´m surprised theres such a pic!

I‘m so happy to hear this news, Marie will be back soon and all of us are waiting for her!

Again: no, as far as TDR is concerned, this next album is in Swedish, and her dream is that her NEXT album will be in English...

Heyyyyyyy!!! Finally, we got news about Marie!!! And GREAT news!!! I’m soooooo happy!!!! :D Marie, you are, and will always be, the Queen of our hearts. WE LOVE YOUUUUUUU!!!!

WOW!!!!Marie you‘re amazing!!!I love you.
C’mon,do it!!

Brilliant news!!! Wonderful!!!!!!!

Really hope the English album is the next one to come out. Why not forfill this dream right now?

Yes... Brazil loves you, and we’re happy she’s fine... Now we’re waiting for the album in English

i’m so happy she’s ok.I can’t wait for the albums! especially for the one in English

Marie, I am really happy to learn you are coming back! I have been praying for you! You are the Queen, you are the Sun of our hearts, you are the Greatest Singer Ever! You are bringing me down to my knees! It is the happiest news we could ever get! Thank you! WE LOVE YOU, YOU ARE OUR ANGEL, YOU ARE OUR QUEEN!!!!!!!!! :-)) THANK YOU, OUR DEAR MARIE!!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE LIGHT, YOU ARE THE BREATH, YOU ARE THE MOST WONDERFUL WOMAN ON EARTH!!!!! WE LOVE YOU... I AM CRYING OF IMMENSE HAPPINESS!!!!!!

oh, WOW MARIE!!!!!!! FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!





Today is one of the best days in my life.
My dear Marie Fredriksson is coming back and preparing her new solo album.
I hope it is in English and I want it here in Brazil.
Best wishes to you, Marie, I love you.

Fabulous news! So glad to hear good news from Marie. Marie’s health is the most important matter, but I am thrilled to hear about a new album. I cannot wait for an English album!!!!

Best wishes to Marie and family during this holiday season.

*sniff, cries happy tears*

Finally we hear something about Marie and I can’t help but it sounds so positive... I’m so glad, a rock fell from my heart...

BTW: That’s NOT a recent picture of Marie!!!

to: Anonymous 12/14/2003 13:08

only because has been mentioned here... i am deeply concerned that the articles section on that site only consists of German tabloid articles which all state that the cancer is completely out of control, new lumps everywhere etc... as a marie fan I find that very irritating and disrespectful... i’m sure the same people who put that up complain here about expressen. :/ martin


I guess you’re right! Otherwise the articles are just to give a close look on articles about Marie that have been released all over the world and of course not only concerning her illness OF COURSE - since now we just haven’t got enough articles to put online - sorry! And you shouldn’t compare a daily tabloid writing crap about Marie with a fan homepage that just collects articles.

About Maries comeback: I am so happy that we finally got some GOOD NEWS! Merry Christmas to everyone!

Thank u Marie, all i really want to know is u’ll OK. I don’t need your album, all a want is that u’re OK.
in this forum, i think, the only thing we need is your health. WE love U... and... “remember” you are the soundtrack of our life

Great news!

More so that Marie is well enough to even be thinking of an English album :) Either way I don’t care I’d just love to hear new stuff from Marie and know that she is better.

Best wishes Marie you are our angel :)

That’s good Xmas news! Lots of love for our favourite girl on the moon!

Fantastic new. This summer was Summer of Swedish King, next summer will be surely Summer of Swedish Queen. And there is new album of Gyllene Tider also. And maybe new tours.
It looks that the first term of start Rox recording is fall 04, or spring 05. It´s a long, long journey to releasing new Rox album. Fall 05 or spring 06. So we must wait, and with new albums MF and GT this waiting will be shorter.
Keep on roxing. Marie is back.
PS The World According To Fredriksson is god joke.

I´m sure if “Queen Marie” release a ballad in english, it become a worlwide SINGLE-HIT...

FANTASTIC news I have been waiting so long to hear this kind of news about Marie!!

She most sertainly is the QUUEN!!

can’t wait to buy the album, in swedish or in english it does not matter to me, just to have her back!!

OK, I’ve talked to Aftonbladet and Marie’s manager and they both say that the album probably will be in English. So I surrender. :)

I don t understand why many confusions about the new Marie album, becouse in the interview in Aftonbladet says clearly that Marie works in an album in English...

She never mentioned nothing about news songs in Swedish...

...and Per also answered this question during the chat session, saying that it will be in English :)

ahahaha what does Tev know, eh? ;)

Actually, it was me who asked it in my crappy-begun-to-learn Swedish :P

i hadn’t read the updated news, now i have. so i feel now that my question was a little useless :P

anyway, i got an answer from Per, and it was the shortest one! LOL

and i must say that aftonbladet’s piece of news was rather muddling, or just the question or/and the answer, because when reading the interview you understand what tevensso did.

yeah, i was only messing :)

*loves Tev really* ;)

In Tev’s defense, the comments in the article seemed to imply that the next album would be in English, so I assumed the album she is currently working on is in Swedish.

Either way - I cannot wait for the new album.

In my opinion, this news should be on the top again (I saw it was updated - with the sentence “after looking into this, TDR believes Marie means this present album” - but I think there´s a lot of people who didn´t notice it).

I think so, too! Change “The daily Gessle” to “The daily Roxette” again.. :-P

@Kiwein1 : or time for “the daily Marie” now??? ;)))) *I vote for it!!* :PP

maybe you are better in swedish than me, i have not learned that language at all, but i undestood very well phrases like:

Marie: Mitt nästa arbete som jag ser mycket fram emot är att spela in en egen platta på engelska....

But anyway I did not attack Tevensso, I think he has done a good job, and is very kind of him to call to Aftonbladet and Marie´s manager...

Jordi .-

@Judith: I go for that, too, but I think Tev won’t support us (-:

thinking of a way of “buying” Tev *nanana*


He he, I will be in, but I don’t know nearly enough about MF to be any of use to you... :)

Great news for the new year!!
I´m so happy, how long without hearing about Marie!
I´m looking forward the album and to see Marie come back!
I wish her and you all a good new year 2004!!!

Would be great if Marie sings with an international artist, like Eros Ramazzoti, or Dido... ot the lead vocals in REM i don t know his name...

My day was sooooo horrible!
And now, first day for some weeks that i can have a glimpse on this side and there is such a wonderful message like THIS!!!!!!
thanx heavens she is on her way back!

btw: is everybody allright?

is great to see how the roxer loves Marie...



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