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Gyllene Tider records new album?

Written by tevensso on December 9, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - In today’s edition of Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet a person “close to Per” reveals that Gyllene Tider has recorded more than half of a new album for their 25th anniversary next year. The album is to be released late spring 2004, according to the source. “Per Gessle wants to release the bomb himself,” the source tells Aftonbladet.

  This is not confirmed by Michael Ilbert - the supposed producer, Capitol or d&d management.

  “We’re discussing the best way of celebrating the anniversary. I cannot confirm, nor deny a possible album,” manager Marie Dimberg says to Aftonbladet.

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Oh such good news.. but wonder when Per will confirm it... I am guessing in the New Year!!

Am I the only one dying for the confirmation of a gyllene tider tour?

Instead of it we get more rumours, which actually sound really good, but please, I can’t wait any longer, will there be a tour next year?

so please, emi, capitol, Per, Marie D, whatever, whoever, confirm it :)

And an official confirmation of the new album would be welcome as well ;)

Great news! I do want a new Gyllene Tider album!
How cool! Gyllene Tider för Rock ’n’ Roll!!

woo woo wooooO!!!!! :O

About “Halmstads Pärlor” it says there: “plattan abonnerade på försäljningslistans förstaplats i 13 veckor”. This means the album has been nr.1 on the Swedish sales chart for 13 weeks (consecutive?), right?...


Hopefully it’s true... *jumps* (((-;

i’m dying for it....

my whole 2004 depends on it...

i want the cd to be namned Jubileums Tider and the tour Jubileums Tåget

sweepi >> yes it does...

@ daniel_alv: thank you! :) (Only still wondering if it were 13 consecutive? weeks...)

Hmmm, sounds like I should start planning a Summer flight to Sweden!! Good news, even if they are just rumors so far– Great news about the album!

San Francisco, USA

well, we all (GT´s fans) want a new album “completly new”:) no more compilations, Ok? so I really hope we all will get a new album soon!
best always

I´ve always hoped for a new GT album and this could be the first sign of it (even if a a bit sceptic in general about these “person close to” scources. Hopefully Mazarin gave Per the confidence to write a whole album in swedish again. And hopefully it will be followed by a tour although I´m not sure it will be a big “Återtåget 2”. Here´s an idea - a soldout Ullevi in Göteborg and a premiere at Örjansvall in Halmstad. Well, one can daydream in this warm rainy shitty december can´t one.

yeah, that WILL be a bomb! First the Cd and then some headbanging in the summer on tour :) I keep my fingers crossed then :) Go Gessle, go!


any chance it will be in English??

In English? I hope not!!! GT is a swedish band with lyrics in swedish. The last (hopefully latest not last) album Heartland cafe was not really GT. An english GT-album now would sound “too Roxette-ish” to me. Leave GT in swedish!!!

English?! Muahahahahahaha!!!

a GT album in english would be the stupidest thing they could do... avery newspaper would give them a 1, and if it’s in swedish they’ll get 5’s in every paper....

Perhaps they should run for the Eurovision Song Contest. How’s that for promotion huh?


urgh.. GT and English.. feels like a non-go.. no thank you ;)

Nope, I sure hope Per and Co won´t be part of Melodifestivalen (Eurovision grand prix). Here in sweden it´s only unknown wannabies, members from fame factory (docusoap) and artist on the way down in their carieer who´s involved in this. And I don´t include GT in those areas. I think it would hurt GTs credibility to take place there.

Just reed at that the list of competing artist in the swedish Eurovision song contest are complete. Thankfully no GT included! The old 70s disco group Baccara will however be included. That´s what I meant with “artist on the way down in their career”. I didn´t even realize the were around anymore and even less who wants to hear something new from them! Not the kind of artist I want GT to be associated with.

new album in english? Yuk! (and i don’t know any swedish)
The last time they tried it resulted in the disaster known as ’Heartland Cafe,’ an insipid album, and the worst Per has ever been involved in.

I want more stuff like harplinge and igen gar i ringen! :D

Cool! A Gyllene DVD will be out in the Christmas of 2004 of the live performance they’ll be doing during the summer tour of 2004!

They’ll be some bonus footage from backstage as well! Pre-order your copy now!

Hej alla! A new GT album is great and they are working fast! :-) Almost half an album ready! I agree it must be in Swedish, it is their genuine language.
I wish I could learn the same about ROXETTE!!! I do hope for a new Marie’s solo album next year as well! I love her very much!

Hey hey hey - The best news this year, I think?!

It‘s amazing & I can‘t wait to hear the new sounds!

damn, Per looks butch ;)

good, Per solo and with GT shows/records that he’s been saving his talent for this these years. :D

>When is the photo dated from??

It was published in an Aftonbladet article on 23.6.2000 (I found the article on my harddrive, but unfortunately not online), but as it says “Bilden är ett montage” the answer should rather be something like: it’s a mix between a picture from 96 and one from 99 ;-)

I think the picture of Per belongs to the Fame studios press photo or sth, could it be?? that one with Maja, Bjorn, Ledin...?

Would be great to have a new GT-CD and tour!
I received 5 previous CD’s last week.
GT is great! (Just discovered them).


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