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Chancelor of Justice closes Marie’s case

Written by tevensso on December 5, 2003 to .

STOCKHOLM - There will be no trial for Marie Fredriksson vs. Karolinska Sjukhuset. Justitiekanslern (JK) - the Chancelor of Justice, dropped Marie Fredriksson’s preliminary investigation on Friday afternoon.

  “Judging by the interrogations with the doctor in charge it seems unlikely that someone in charge of or someone with access to information regarding [Fredriksson’s] case will have given out said information. Nothing speaks for a breach of the professional privacy standard.” JK writes in his decision.



Where is justice when you need it... *no more comment*

a misunderstading in the text is that the trial against expressen is cancelled, but that doesn’t the aftonbladet article say...

I don’t understand?

Basically from what I can gather they have no evidence to take expressen to court as it was just a rumour started by anyone!!

I accidentally deleted a post that wasn’t meant to be deleted, it got in the way of the 15 comments from the same anonymous person. Sorry about that.

i can´t understand how justice works.....

justice...what’s that?

sorry, I am just pissed... to say the least. :(

Hmm..I’m confused too but if I get it right it only means that the “information” Expressed used was not from Karolinska sjukhuset. question still is: What was true about all the stuff they wrote and who was the source?

And why the hell does this whole court-thing take so long?

Still confused—Does this mean that the suit against Expressen is still on, but there was no evidence found that the hospital gave them the information so the hospital’s liability in the suit is dismissed?

Or is the whole suit done?

it’s only the hospital....

the trial against expressen will be someday

For what it seems, this article is about Marie-hospital issue, and not Marie-Expressen
Both are unrelated at Some points.
’cos wether the hospital is to blame or not about the possible leaking of info, Expressen published it without “official” consent.

My take on this is that Marie and her lawyers believe that somebody made up the information about her condition - either a source at the hospital misinformed Expressen, or someone at Expressen simply fabricated the information. The verdict here seems to be that there is not sufficient reason to believe that information was leaked by the hospital (probably meaning that what was printed in Expressen doesn’t match the hospital’s records and is therefore false), so the most likely explanation is that someone at Expressen simply made the story up.

Can anyone tell me what the Swedish words “Dagens Nyheter” means?

Sorry for the off-topic question.


BjornAelvoet: Dagens Nyheter means Daily News.

roxtex: That was along the lines of what I assumed was the situation. Thanks for making it clearer.

And it would seem that it strengthens the case against Expressen.

@MiracleMan: I agree... that would strengthen the case against Expressen (and decrease the probability that there’s any truth whatsoever in what they wrote, which I like!).

I think this means good news because if the roumers did not come from the hospital it must mean that they are not try like marie have claimed and that means there is no more cancer that must be good, and the case against expressen is not the same as the one against expressen if I have understood the situation right

How come? Where is justice? They just can´t close Marie´s case against that thing I can´t write the name. It´s terrible does anybody know what we´re getting for next after this bullshit?

Hej då, love u all.


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