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Marie Fredriksson to perform live in Stockholm

Written by roxeteer on February 27, 2009 to and .

Marie Fredriksson Online reports that Marie will perform live on stage in Café Opera, Stockholm in an event called "Still rocking in the free world."

The event is organized by Lasse Lindbom who is remembered as the producer of Marie's early solo albums. According to the event information in Facebook, the event, taking place on March 12, is dedicated especially to the people "who used Café Opera as their living room in the 80s." The tickets (450 SEK) are only available via Swedish bank giro, so it may be difficult to obtain tickets abroad.

Other artists in the event will be Mats Ronander, Anne-Lie Rydé, Niklas Strömstedt and Lasse Lindbom. They are performing together with the musicians Pelle Alsing, Mats "Gaffa" Karlsson, Patrik Lundström, Hasse Olsson and Mikael Bolyos.

Lasse Lindbom told Marie Fredriksson Online that Marie will perform 4-5 songs, one of them being "Jealous guy" by John Lennon.

Mats “MP” Persson turns 50

Written by roxeteer on February 27, 2009 to .

Mats "MP" Persson, the guitarist of Gyllene Tider and co-writer of "Listen To Your Heart," celebrated his 50th birthday on Thursday. Mats Arne Persson was born on February 26, 1959 in Harplinge, near Halmstad. Nowadays "MP" also runs the famous Tits & Ass Studio where Per has recorded many of his demos.

Five years ago, The Daily Roxette published a translation of 25 questions to Mats "MP" Persson.

“Party Crasher” release dates

Written by tevensso on February 21, 2009 to , and .

STOCKHOLM (Updated) - Per's latest album "Party Crasher," or "Party Crash" as he himself calls it, has gotten quite a few release dates confirmed from EMI offices around the world:

Indonesia - February
Japan - February 9
Ukraine - February 9
Czech Republic - March 2
Russia - March 2
Hungary – March 4
Spain - March 3
Poland - March 9
Canada - March 24
South Africa - March
Portugal - End of March
Germany - First week of April
Austria - First week of April
Switzerland - First week of April
Brazil - April
Belgium - April

Swedish electronic poptrio Zeigeist releases “Neverending Love” EP

Written by tomos85 on February 10, 2009 to .

Taken from

"During the past years, we have put more and more love into Zeigeist, fed her like the Queen she have been. At the end of the day, she has demanded all love within us. We have our personal reasons to kill her.

The release of our next single/EP, "Neverending Love," a cover of Roxette's first single, our first cover, will be moved to tomorrow (5th Feb). The EP also contains "Chasing your shadow all around the world" and a remix of "Humanitarianism" by the Twelves. With this EP, we call it a day. This is the end of Zeigeist. The Queen is dead.

So we raise our glasses, make a toast, a toast in your honor, and tell you this: The search continues. We're going to find out about the Never. Ending. Love.

With thanks to all our fans


The tracklist: 

1. Neverending Love
2. Chasing Your Shadows All Around the World
3. Humanitarianism (The Twelves Remix)

The Daily Roxette closes its discussions forum

Written by roxeteer on February 9, 2009 to .

(Updated) - We have unfortunately been forced to close down our Discussions forum. The Daily Roxette had its own forum, originally called SmallTalk, for a decade, but now we decided to call it quits.

We tried our best to maintain the forum as a place that people would enjoy visiting to talk about their favorite band; but it seemed to also attract people who didn't know how to behave on a public forum and were ruining everybody else's experience. It's unfortunate to the well-behaving majority that our decision affects them as well.

It's likely that we won't open the forum again. We want to put our limited time and energy in writing news instead of babysitting badly-behaving people.

Update: Many of you have asked if we could open the forum as an archive so that you could still read the old messages but not post new ones. We will investigate if that's possible.

Update 2: The forum is now available as a read-only archive.

Visa Kopu (aka "Roxeteer")
The Daily Roxette Editor-in-Chief

“The Look” - it was 20 years ago!

Written by DanJKroll on February 8, 2009 to .

It was 20 years ago this week that Roxette made their debut on the U.S. pop charts. The duo’s “The Look” debuted on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart during the week of February 11, 1989. “The Look” was the highest debuting single of the week.
Two months later, “The Look” would top the Hot 100 for one week. The single remained on the chart for 19 weeks.

Marie Fredriksson performed at QX Gaygala last Sunday

Written by Jud on February 7, 2009 to and .

Marie Fredriksson at QX GaygalaLast Sunday the yearly QX Gaygala, an event organised by the gay magazine QX, took place in Cirkus, Stockholm. During the gala, different celebrities are awarded with prizes such as "Homo of the year", "Hetero of the year", "Artist of the year" to name a few, combined with music entertainment.

This year Marie Fredriksson joined the gala and performed a beautiful version of "Tro", together with her husband Mikael Bolyos, who played the piano. According to Aftonbladet, Marie received standing ovations and had a big smile on her face throughout the performance.

This time around the Gaygala was not broadcast on TV, but some fans have managed to find short snippets of the performance on and on Aftonbladet.


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