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The Daily Roxette closes its discussions forum

Written by roxeteer on February 9, 2009 to .

(Updated) - We have unfortunately been forced to close down our Discussions forum. The Daily Roxette had its own forum, originally called SmallTalk, for a decade, but now we decided to call it quits.

We tried our best to maintain the forum as a place that people would enjoy visiting to talk about their favorite band; but it seemed to also attract people who didn't know how to behave on a public forum and were ruining everybody else's experience. It's unfortunate to the well-behaving majority that our decision affects them as well.

It's likely that we won't open the forum again. We want to put our limited time and energy in writing news instead of babysitting badly-behaving people.

Update: Many of you have asked if we could open the forum as an archive so that you could still read the old messages but not post new ones. We will investigate if that's possible.

Update 2: The forum is now available as a read-only archive.

Visa Kopu (aka "Roxeteer")
The Daily Roxette Editor-in-Chief


well why not just ban the people who have been abusing the service?

We hope people continue to visit this site for the news articles!! That part hasn’t changed!

Banning only works to a certain limit. Users can endlessly create new accounts with new email addresses, anyway.

Also, banning is a manual process. We only have a few moderators and running the site is the day job for none of us. We don’t monitor the site 24/7 and we wouldn’t even want to.

It seems that the people who want to behave badly have much more time and energy for their mission than we do for keeping them out.

but apart from that theres not much point of it anymore to be honest.

it would make more sense to ban anyone who has abused it or make people sign up seperately to use the forums. no point in letting a few idiots get what they want and spoil it for everyone...especially with the Gessle concerts coming up.

if the forums shut for good then the idiots have won. we shouldnt let them.

@Visa - I was trying to write something along these lines!!

Yesterday morning there was a comment on a vast majority of recent threads which needed deleteing. It took over an hour to get them deleted. Personally, I didn’t have time to do it, but I stuck with it.

More effort and time will now go into bringing you news stories..... the whole reason of TDR anyway! :-)

but its like ....GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

well after a while they will have moved on and forgot about it


I understand your frustration David, I really do. I wonder if they consider it a “win” after all...

I think moderators were fed up with their work - moderating.
Well, it is their decision.
But you may open the forum as the archives for instance.
I think it will help other people a lot get necessary info instead of shutting the whole thing up...

@Perekopsky: No, moderating is not our work. The site is our hobby and you really don’t want a hobby that makes you angry and depressed.

it has tinges of; it’s sad. Though I can understand why the editorial team have taken the decision...guess Roxette’s management should look to their own official website now to help supplement the loss. I guess it’s a catch 22 - without the traffic of people coming on to the site, then there will be little point for it - especially as the news seems to be so thin on the ground nowadays...sad.

Well I think this is a stupid move, as no one asked anyone to babysit anyone, A forum is there to freely say what is on ones mind
and closing this forum certainly does not keep anyone from still doing it somewhere else.

If one of the reasons was the fact that people asks for songs, how many users did dailyroxette have? I am sure its is not anywhere near the actually billions of people that listens to music.

This is like giving candy to a baby and then taking it away cause it is becoming a hassle to brush the babies teeth. Comon!

I feel this was a very immature move and will most certainly rather read news on one of the MANY other web sites that provide the same service.

Its because you guys want have control over everything that it has become such a big issue for you. “please don’t paste a link of a song here because the 100 die hard fans on this site might download it and that would mean the end of Per”. It is actually Pathetic

Remove my account as I am not returning

@Green: In short: you are wrong. And personally I’m very happy to see your back when you’re leaving.

I understand your decision partly, and I didn’t read the comments which caused this, but those people can write comments here to the news section also. Then will you close every opportunity to write any comment?

And why do you think that there is a need of moderating at all?
Freedom of speech?
By the way the forums in foreign languages weren’t moderated, why did you close them, too?

It’s just closed. Live with it. Sorry. And for the umpteenth time; there is no damn freedom of speech on the Internet...

I, too, am very sad about this, but I think the decision is a good one and sends a clear message.

As with more things in life, a small group of people spoils things for the rest.

I did modify the Dutch forum topics, but unfortunately I do not speak Russian or Spanish...

I can totally understand what has happened, and the need for closing down the forum. It’s sad that some people that are for a lack of better word jealous, have too spoil the fun for the rest of us.
personally i’ve gotten soooo much out of this site that’s not even Roxette related, i’ve learned som polish and i know some spanish and i have sooooo many new friends cuz of this site and when i was going to Paris, this is where i went too get info, from the fans!

i hope that those who made this happen can understand what they did wrong, so that the tdr-team can re-open the site...

don’t know for the rest of you, but i sure will miss the small talk forum.

@stormen: Commenting won’t be closed from the news section.

Please, don’t mix freedom of speech to this. This site, just like any other site, is using its right to monitor comments and remove them if necessary.

It’s unfortunate that innocent users have to suffer, but we have made our decision. There are other Roxette sites that are still willing to take the burden of maintaining a discussions forum.

in a way it‘s a shame that the forum has been closed but it‘s about time something was done about the ‘badly behaved people‘. some of the comments (especially towards marie, for some reason) were horrid and hurtful and i personally think there should have been some kind of action taken before it got so out of hand.

I´m also sad that the forum is closed now! I mean sometimes we had some nice discussions too. And the Soap & Marie forum is really cheap beside the board we had! I hope you will change your mind!


First of all I would like to say that I will never leave TDR just because there is no forum anymore. TDR is the best place to get news about Roxette, and I’ll stay here to get it.

I think it’s sad that you closed the forum, but I understand why you did it. But you didn’t think of the possibility to ban IP-adresses?

And about this “freedom of speeach” discussion. Everyone has a freedom of speeche, but that right is used between the government and the people. The government can’t stop people from saying what they want (but there is some crimes that limit your freedom of speeche). But since TDR is not the government they are free to delete all the post that they want to delete. Anyway, it is a crime to post copyright protected files on the internet, and the moderaters has to delete all attempts to do that!

Keep the good work with the news section up!

We banned tons of IP-addresses, but for some reason that didn’t work.

I’ve been around for about 10 years (not active since 2003) and what has happened in this site is really sad. It has become a place of aggression, where everybody seemed ready to attack everybody for no reason! I’m really sorry to say that, but in the past few months I noticed that some moderators were equally aggressive. Really, this is not TDR that I remember and this is not TDR that I want to remember!

Wow, this is a shame. I’ve been reading the site for years and years and years, but only registered a few weeks ago because I was so excited with the news of Per’s tour. It’s a shame the forums have to close just at this moment! I’ll miss them...

Very sad news, but understandable!

I think the reason for TDR being the main spot for flames and fake users is the fame/popularity of TDR (mentioned in the album liner notes, top spot in Google). As the official forums are somewhat focussed to solo activities maybe TDR should highlight the cooperation with Run To Roxette as it’s the biggest international Roxette forum. Or add a page with links to popular rox sites – to keep the rox world united.

I enjoy TDR since 1997 (long before smalltalk was born I think) and wanna thank the team for all the work. Hope you’ll keep the news going! And maybe this is an opportunity for a design-relaunch..?

All the best! Sascha

@tevensso I have a forum of my own. I know what I am talking about. You don’t have to moderate anything, but you want to feel important and that you have
power over some things so that is why you do it. In my forum people can say what they want, you call it freedom of expression and speech. Just a shame
some people always have to feel that they must show that they are in charge...

@daniel_alv What you are talking about is semantics. If people want to post files, let them, it is up to them if they want to or don’t want to.
Like I said it is not like the economy of music is resting on the shoulders of the dailyroxette.

this is nothing more than a power issue, otherwise it would not have been a problem. Just look at the moderators names, they even have a tag that say they are a moderator, why? to feel important. please I have a forum of my own and there is NO problems because people can say what is on their minds and others can react accordingly. They don’t even know that I am the moderator and why should they.

It is a shame that people act like children and cant handle the pressure

Whats your forum about D_G? Any links to it?

I thought you left?

Just want to share my feelings and thoughts about the whole thing:

- this was not a decision taken fast due to the events yesterday. We discussed this MANY times before, and it got more and more often in the last 3 years. This weekend was just the last straw. We simply had enough.

- There are some rules in the forum, but some people seemed to ignore them or not be able to read them or whatever, but kept on posting stuff against the rules. Sometimes was it links to mp3s, others starting flames and insulting other users. Some rules are common sense and apply in normal life too, so I don’t think this was asking for too much. There is no such freedom of speech in a private homepage. It’s like when you go to a pub and you start insulting everyone there. You’ll be kicked out.
Some people seemed to feel “stronger” hidden behind a nickname and write non-sense, react violent, insult others. We warned these people, reminded them about the rules and most of the times the only thing we got back were personal insults. In the forum or privately per email. I once even got a death threat (!!!!!) just because I deleted a post. All these times we discussed over MSN, we got angry, annoyed, sad, disappointed, we wanted to quit. “Doesn’t make sense,” “what for” but after a while we just said, OK, news editing is still fun, so let’s keep it like this for a while and then we’ll see.

- I personally joined TDR team to write news. That’s what I have fun with and could call one of my hobbies. Searching for information and sharing it. Moderation just came with the package by then, it was also fine and fun by then. I also had much more time and energy in the beginning to just cope with it and used to post much more in the forums than I do now. Nowadays, due to work, family and health I spend in general much less time surfing internet and I want to use it with things I like and enjoy: in the case of this site -> writing news. It should be fun, and not depressing.

- The forum isn’t what it used to be. In the last, say 3 years, the amount of “violence” and “negative” feeling increased. Many people (frequent visitors) we liked to have around slowly left the forum or reduced their participation in it because of that. When you ask them why, they all will tell you the same thing: atmosphere in the forum sucks. One cannot discuss anything in peace, there will always be 2-3 users who will spoil the fun and create flames out of nothing. I had this feeling myself too, in the end I got so tired of the forum I even didn’t want to visit TDR and get sad about it. ***

- What happened last week and specially Saturday and Sunday was just too much. I spent together with Thomas half of my Sunday morning trying to get rid of a user. The person was warned and then banned 8 times with 8 different users (!!). To me that sounds kind of sick. Another user kind of “resurected” out of the nothing just to post some crap. That was just the last straw.
All the past discussions came back, we really wondered: why the hell do we have to waste our (weekend free time) time with these weirdos and stand these insults? It is simply NOT what we are here for.

- Banning IPs and users is time consuming as well, and as Visa explained, people can create new users with new email addresses. Regarding IPs: some people have dynamic IPs, which change constantly, so in order to make sure these people don’t come back anymore we’d have to ban such a huge IP range, that would mean many people would be banned for no reason. Besides that, there is software out there which you can use to “fake” your IP, so well, when you compare the efford behind this banning-administration and the effect/results.. it’s like not worth wasting the time with it.

- What is still a mystery to me is WHY. You read R2R and people are (mostly) friendly. There is even almost no need to moderate anything there, people don’t even start flames. The official Gessle forum has even more strict rules than this one, the moderators there are partly the same as here, and people ACCEPT the rules and behave. They know filesharing is not allowed, they know insulting is not allowed and they just don’t do it (and when: it’s deleted and user is banned faster than here). Nobody seems to have a problem with it. In the German forum it’s most of the times also peaceful. So why this is the weirdo-reunion place is a mystery. I am even a regular visitor of Melissa and Pink forums and I never saw something like this here. And there are moderators there too (it has nothing to do with power but making the place a comfortable one to be in where one feels welcome and fine).

- So what now?
It is surely sad for some who enjoyed these forums, but there are other forums out there, in most of them you’ll find the same people.
And regarding news: we’ll just make our best and concentrate our effords in bringing you news. That is what TDR is about. So we are back to the origins :)

-> *** This caused another negative effect: most of these people who left used to mean a lot to TDR and be a huge help for TDR, since they used to post many news articles. Since they left/reduced their participation in TDR, the amount of submitted news also decreased.

So we’d like to invite you all to using the contact/Submit article function more often :)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

i have been a user for years now and i wanna know why do these forums need controlling anyway? if its not really really harsh words wots the problem? is it for the kids? i mean who knows anyone under the age of 25 that listens to roxette? cmon we are all adults. i mean i probably pissed a few people off over the years but hey i did not go over the line.... no racial beefs no religon beefs ect. a kid can look up anal gangbang on google and get streaming video links to it straight out! so who cares about a few f-words ive only read a couple of comments over the years tha were too harsh and befor this shit closes i just wanna know.....

who the hell is tevesso????? (im not being a smart ass)
this dude gets emails straight from per, probably hangs with him, has his cell numbe,r all acsess pass to info and songs alot of people would ejaculate over.
i mean i have spent thousands of dollars on rox and rox related cds over the years and has this dude ever payed for a cd or does per send em for free too?????

i mean it sounds like this dude has it made and wotever u doin is working for you so keep doin it but how the hell did you get the hookup??????????????????????????

brad australia

Thank you for proving our point Brad!

Sad news...TDR has always been the best Roxette site and im afraid TDR willloose a lot of readers now..maybe even myself. Ive seen a lot of stupid ppl behave badly in the forums...and then comming back with new nicks..its like they think they can do and say what they want just because its over the net. So I can partly understand the decision. However...sometimes SOME moderators have overreacted and taken their job/hobby a little toooo serious...and instead of making the flamming end...they have made it even worse by behaving badly as well. So in my mind, they are partly to blame too, Thats my opinion.....

I’m (still) under 25 and listen to Roxette :(

@ tevesso - you still didnt answwer my question thomas! the question about you wasnt suppost to be smart ass ive used this site for nearlly a decade and were always wondering how you know per and how u got the hookup and were asking b4 it was too late. i were also just a bit upset that some people f***ed it up for the users that do the right thing. i wrote the last comment b4 i read the novel that judith wrote and i must be here at the wrong times because i wasnt aware that all this even happened i mean cmon, do you think im one of the offender that crosses the line all that much????? ive visited for news like 3 times a day for years even gave you palpal donations when the was clossed down bought every cd and single from the beginning, travelled to sweden 6 times for shows u know wot that makes me???? LOYAL and surly i can be pissed off for the forums closing, sure i might of upset a few beople along the way but i never got an email warning me i was gonna get booted coz i always knew where the line was.... unlike someone like say.... 7twenty7 for example

Sorry if I misread your post filled with hatred towards me as a person. And I didn’t see a question in there. Now I really don’t feel like answering it anyways.

It’s a sad decision but understandable (is that a word!?, guess it is)

Was good while it lasted.

like magic and love lots of forgotten words

oh nooooo ;-((( everything has a beginning and everything has an end ... unfortunately....

I am under 25 to, 24 to be exact.

What are you talking about Default_Green? Semantics? In Sweden it is a crime to have a forum and not delete copyright protected material! And since this is a law that EU gave us I assume that it is a crime in the entire European union (And TDR is runned from Finland, right?). So you can not really blame the crew for having this rule!

Personally, I think that TDR should have shut down its Forum long time ago as long as moderators, many times insolently, were acting irrational in censoring abusively the comments.

Why do we have the Forums for? So that everyone can FEEL FREE to express his/her opinions.

We all, live in a free world based values, and did not take a speedboat to Cuba to have it the other way around, didn’t we? Like someone said that freedom of speech is not free on the internet. If it’s not totally free why did you bothered creating it and let in live and grow by others?

By totally free, I mean, free of expression, but in a moral, not offending, cursing way or behaviour towards others. Protecting also the values of copyright and the fundamental right to own even if we all know that Per won’t end up in bankruptcy due to that.

I think there should be a room also for skit type of comments ’cos we’re not at the age of being that sensitive.

Both sides (if there’s such term) should rethink and take out the white flags, forget and forgive and act like normal, mature people.

I really hope to seeing the Forum back on again someday.

@tevesso Sorry if I misread your post filled with hatred towards me as a person????? wot the hell is that. i was just wondering how u pulled it off it wasnt ment to be taken like that!!!! it seems you must just be too sensitive. and for the record, i have seen moderators abuse ther power quite a bit in the past as well. ive seen people ask legit questions and moderators reply with a very smart ass undertone.

This is very sad!
TDR was my second home! :(
But than why won’t PG or MF site international forum section?
Many roxers don’t speak english or swedish!


Well, I don’t know what happened for you TDR people to take this decision, but I’m sure is the best for everybody. I don’t write or read the forum since long, because things that happened in the past and became a waste of time and energy for me. But TDR is my all time favourite Rox site, and I came to read news every week and sometimes I make a little comment. I’ve been a member of this site for many years, and I hope I’ll be for many more. You guys make a wonderful job, thanks for everything!!

And let me introduce myself: I am Robbie from Romania.

@ konstpaus: I see you have changed your post, but sure:

I am the link between you and Per. That’s who I am. I’ve given this site pearls of news for years, news no one would have had hadn’t it been for me. We are a team, given, but it happens so I have contacts with Per that work out better. Judith on the other hand has contacts with Marie’s camp. Personally I thought that would be a good thing? And I also have hundreds of records, of which 99 % I’ve paid dearly for. Not that this is of any interest to anyone.

And regarding abusive moderators: you try to moderate a forum as hostile as TDR’s and see if you can be politically correct all the time. Things said in this forum are of the kind you wouldn’t tell someone to their face. Consider that...

Thank you Conte, and goodbye. Again.

These comments make me more and more sure we made the right decision...

I will just liketo tell again THANXS to TDR team for all the effort and the work you have done, and you still do, and that i hope that you will still do in the future, to make this site be the best place to find out whats going on the rox world. Without your work most of us would have never know that Per is going out on tour this spring, or that Party Crasher exists..... and thousends of other things, so thanxs again.

Closing the smalltalk its a really sad thing but It’s sad to read some of the post that people are leaving here latetly.After reading some of the comments here I really understand why the moderators had to make this decission.

@Thomas - I can’t believe it.... really!?!?!?!?!

Hej. I’ve not logged in for a year or two but I’ve been enjoying reading the news and discussions as well as listening to Per’s latest album. I just want to thank Visa, Thomas and co. for the fun that Small Talk has given me and others over the years. I understand (as much as I can at a distance) why you’ve chosen to make this decision and I support it: TDR will always be the best news site for Roxette-related matters so it’s fair enough to let the idiots go ahead and fight each other somewhere else. I can definitely imagine that it’ll make the website a more fun place to check out even if it’s on a weekly instead of daily basis. I for one will continue to read TDR and of course enjoy the music. I wish you the best for the future. Cheers, Rich-UK ;-)

I think that a moderator who says something like “are you on drugs?” to a regular member is not capable to moderate anything. Nobody is 100% innocent or 100% guilty here. The “mods” have their share in turning this forum into a mess too.

All this started because “Robbie” (or whatever he’s called) posted that Silly Really was #1 in some radio chart. And Tevensso and gang started to question the relevance of such a radio station, in a clear attemp to make a fool of this guy. So, Tev, do not play the victim here.

It’s very sad that the forum is closed. For the stupidity of some we all pay!!! The same thing happened with the Dutch FC which wasn’t perfect but still gave us something but of course moaning comes first!

Ha ha, I see Raelian aka 7Twenty7 aka faezdel aka 50 other user names is back...

Well, if that’s how you see it, then that’s the truth...

Dear Tevensso!
I understand yours problem,I’m a moderator the biggest hungarian footballsite and I know this sometimes a very hard job!
Many “sick” user with criminal intent and attack against site and moderators!
But I think here(and there) are several good and gentle user for they worthy working!
So don’t this a good accomplishment!!
Sorry my poor english!

Well I only have a couple of things to say... It’s sad to see the end of the TDR discussions. Thanks to all the staff behind it that have kept it going for so long... :)

As for the idiot who single handily ruined TDR may he get run down with a BUS!

I’m not posting that much, although I’m (just like rich-uk for example) following this site & forum since 1998.

Now I also feel the need to express my sympathy with the whole TDR team. You have done a really outstanding great job and I hope you will continue with that in bringing the best news first.

I also hope you keep on using the exclusive contacts some of you have, that’s just what makes this site the best and most exclusive one.

I read someone complaining about that Tev was getting things for free (of which he later said he didn’t): Well, the whole TDR team deserves it to get their whole collection for free if I read some of the disgusting comments here.

Keep up the perfect work!

I’m very sad to read that the forums have closed. I’m not quite sure what happenned over the past few days - but I’m sure I could take a good guess !! Over the last few years some of the comments people have made about this website, its users, and its moderators have been absolutely astounding !! Although I’m sad about the forums’ closure I hardly feel as if I have a “right” to complain as I have never had to give up my time to moderate, or deal with anything on here. Like most users all I have ever done is visit this site - run by other people who give up their time to moderate, and publish news and articles. I actually want to take this time to thank the moderators and news contributers on here for that. Being in the UK we don’t hear of Per/Marie or Roxette in any of the media and this has been my greatest link to the band for the past few years - and despite the forums’ closure I don’t think that is going to change ! Chris. =)

It was a comprehensible decision – and to be true, the closing of the board happend later than expected/needed. Finally TDR intensifies to it’s main competence: credible news. Thanks for the work so far.

@thomas i see you reconize that 7twenty7 was a problem too?

@japeke i didnt say tev got his collection for free i was using it as an example sure if i was per id give a few promos like cd singles ect. out to people that work on a website in their own time too. i didnt accuse him, and i didnt got back on wot i said, i think some people, including tev misunderstood wat i was saying. i have great respect for thomas i mean i wrote some things in forums over a couple of days last year and i got replys directly from per through thomas so if it wernt for tev that wouldnt of happened.

I am disappointed as this is the only rox forum i really visit....maybe I should try out R2R again? But actually after thinking about it, the forum wasnt really active towards the end anyway, and I think the purpose of a site like this is to discuss Rox news anyway, so as long as we can discuss and comment on the news like i am doing now I think thats all thats needed. The forum itself hasnt really been particularly interesting over the past couple of years anyway

Hey - this all sounds like an old married couple arguing...

I should go and do the dishes instead of reading this string.

I think there will be no happy ending to this string...

Copenhagen, Vega, 20.04.2009 - be there! ;)

first I was shocked having the forum closed.

but now I read those comments, especially of such ’nice’ guys as KONSTPAUS- and now I can understand why. I won’t have time und fun answering such stupid comments,too.

thanks for all, TDR team!

Daniel, Germany

thanks for your support words. And also feedback, negative and positive :)

Sure, we are no saints, but as Thomas wrote, try to moderate such a violent negative forum for such a long time (years), I guess you just get something of it in your bones as well. And on the other hand, some people just understand the (insulting) language they themselves speak. We were anyway moderated by LEO when we got too harsh, just if nobody realised ;)

Freedom? There is no so called freedom on privately owned websites. The only person who could post WHATEVER in this website is Visa, he is the owner. And still, if it was too offensive, or illegal, the site would get trouble. Actually, there is no freedom anywhere, at least not where I come from or where I live. You could speak of different degrees of freedom, but still, no 100% freedom. Not even in your home. Your freedom ends where your neighbours’/people around you freedom is in question.

PS: And sorry for the novel ;) It’s however just a summary :P
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

I have only been a member of this forum for the last 3 or so years and have not really contributed much. But it has brought be joy on off days. I enjoyed surfing over to the forum in tea and lunch breaks.

I’m sad to see the forum go, but I totally get where the moderators are coming from. I have seen/read some of the uncalled-for crude comments posted on Sunday morning and I therefore understand completely why the forum is being shut down. Comments such as those should not be tolerated ANYWHERE.

Looking forward to many more years of news on the front page, though. :)

That’s a great shame... Although the ongoing flaming put me off posting here regularly I have nevertheless surfed onto the forum to check some interesting stuff. Now it is gone, hopefully not for ever, maybe you will relaunch the forum once better people come around to use it?

Anyways, THANX tev and co for the great work you have been doing for us, fans!

Gessle: Det spelar ingen roll vad som skrivs, bara bilden är bra :D

I haven’t visited TDR for some while. I haven’t posted for even longer.

The reasons? I didn’t like the manner in which the forums were being moderated. (I exclude Lars from this feedback as he’s always exhibited the epithomy of professionalism).

My personal preference for an enjoyable and lively forum has been for the moderators to be 100% professional and neutral.

If you are going to feature moderators that sometimes respond in a rude manner or who assert their own opinions then I’m not surprised that you have experienced such problems.

This feedback isn’t indeed as a dig at you guys. Far from it. My opinion is that you are too closely associated with Roxette-dom and have an understandable tendency to over-zealously protect Roxette from negativity and criticism. I also think you enjoy posting as fans rather than moderators, which is never going to work.

You’ve agreed that you don’t want to moderate the forum any more, so, rather than close the forum why not hand it over to volunteers than can moderate it in a fair, professional and neutral manner.

You’ve got nothing to lose.

I really dont understand what is it all about? Moderators of this site are control freaks. This site did not have too many abusive comments compare to any other forums. This site starting to be more about moderators than about ROXETTE and that’s no good. I do agree with roxette-atic that some moderators (peaple like tev.... )are adding to abusive side of discussion simply by being too full of themselves. Comments of sort: Im happy to see your back when youre leaving are a bit childish cos we all are here for roxette, not for moderators.

@Mr D. who are you to single me out mr 2 years and 3 weeks. i didnt even read the comments on sunday morning let alone post any. i do understand why it is getting shut down and from wot fellow members told me on msn and face book, wot some members wrote on sunday was an absolute discrace. and i never posted none of them, so dont try to make me look like an asshole!

@piotrek: Yes that’s how it is, really. Glad you pointed it out to us.

@ Raëlian > Accually I think Tevensso only said that it would be newsworthy if someone could confirm the importance of that radiostation. He didn’t say that it was a bad station, he just wanted to know how big it was.

Konstpaus, I didn’t read the comments on sunday either.

But the way you speak to me is of a kind you can’t do. I didn’t say that you posted one of them sunday morning- but hey, I do not understand why people are as agressive, as fundamental as you...

Do you speak in such a way to your employer? or you mum?

I don’t think so...

Therefore, I fully understand the TDR-team...

And yes, I am member for 2 years, perhaps. And now? What do you want to say?

Kind regards,
Daniel, from Germany, member for 2 years...and 3 weaks...

It was this sort of behaviour that shut the forums, if this carries on still, surely the next step is to close the site completely! Come on people!! What is wrong with some of you?!?!?!

Okay, so people are angry or annoyed that the forums have gone, but comments like some of the ones posted against this story are only going to cement that and the forums will stay closed forever.

Just be thankful that you can still post comments on news items....... For how long, no doubt depends on you.

I don’t get it.

What’s the point to close popular forum and talk in ,and try to protect other who is hardly known?
Almost the same tired to moderate moderators on

The best you can achieve is the same “members”??? to go there and do the same mess.

TDR moderators contend last years that the reason for “new” , not “wonderful (!) ” desigh of TDR forum was the easier way to control it !!!!!!!!

And now you suddenly think that is more secure??

Per advertise himself in Europe as the the man from ROXETTE .
Roxette is the best of his work ,although some people don’t like this fact.
I’m not sure that he will be very pleased of closing exactly in the moment he try to sell more tickets to Roxette fans in Europe.

Where all the harsh people disappear after you closing TDR forum?
What was their goal?
To advertise rumanian radiostation so some swedish poeple start listening rumanian news????

Why they don’t write here?
And what will stop them to write here?


Moderators-Cool down and think again.

The forum was the heart of TDR and brought together millon of ROXETTE fans .

No reason to shout down such holy for Roxette fans forum.

TDR without forum is like The look vinyl without vinyl .
Nice cover –but nothing worth inside.

@ The Big D.... so you can write comments like:

but now I read those comments, especially of such ’nice’ guys as KONSTPAUS- and now I can understand why. I won’t have time und fun answering such stupid comments,too.

but i cant stick up for myself? then you write “the way u spak to me you canot?? who the hell are you? single me out then act all high and mighty and for the record, i am my own boss - im the executive chef of a large restaurant and my mothers her soul

Although I’ve only been a member of TDR for a few months, I’ve been visiting it regularly for much longer - and found it’s definitely the best source of Rox-related news you can find on the internet.

And that’s thanks to people like Thomas and Judith - and to their relations to Per and Marie. How many fanpages are there where the members of the acts, themselves, post comments in the forum? C’mon... We’ve been lucky having the TDR forum and it’s a shame it had to be closed now because of some people who’d better get a life soon. Personally, I’ve often hoped for Per not to read the pointless and despicable comments some so-called “Roxette fans” came up with.

Anyway, I’ll keep checking the site - and hope the editors will keep doing their excellent work! Thanks, guys.

Keep the radio on ’cos this is the perfect song

What happen after all.
It seems all started because of one moderator doubts about the popularity of 1 radiostation.

Someone made 10 identical topics in return .

Do you think that other members visited all these identical topics?

So what was the big harm?

ahhh so thats wot happened on sunday? so wot made “one wish # 1 on logo channel” newsworthy?

Hmm... I have a bad feeling that the whole site is going to get closed...

Still one thing comes to my mind. What if there wouldn’t be possibility to create an account? You would have to write a mail to moderators to get an account and if there would be misuse, then the account would be deleted. Drupal gives these possibilities - what about using them? Would that solve the problem? At least a bit from it? Have you thought about it?

Hopefully the site is not going down. This is _still_ the number one news source for me :)

The fanclub died and now TDR dies... Maybe its time for something new...NEW pppl with internet-skills could open a new Roxette-homepage:P??

Emil: I know my first post is long, but I would recommend you read it, else you really sound like you don’t know what you are talking about :))

It didn’t start with the silly really posts, it started years ago. What happened this weekend was just the last straw. If we wouldn’t have closed it on Sunday, we would have closed it down in 2 weeks, or 4, or 8. But the forum future was black, black, black.

Per? I doubt he cares, I even think he would support the decision. The forum wasn’t the most popular/loved in the Rox-vip-world either.

Have a nice evening. Good night :)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

It would be good mods to be people who love Roxette.

I think it’s clear the the mods love Roxette. Do you really think we’d put up with this if we didn’t?

Bizarre discussion.

For myself, it was NOT my intention to critise any other users.

I really like this site, I read the forums in the morning (instead of reading the newspaper) and in the evening. i enjoyed it.
but the way some of the users wrote their postings was just unacceptable. and still is.

tev, pwb, judith and the rest of the team: great job nevertheless.

Topics must be seen at least as archives.

We discussed Per tour.
How to buy tickets , where to met other fans,where to sleep.

Now it’s all gone.

I can’t guess more untimely closing of the forum !!!

I think that everyone got the message.
Now it’s time to return to normal before Per’s tour.

That’s definitely the end of an era. I’ve been at TDR for 10 years at least, and though I did not post to forums often, I read them willingly. I can understand that maintaining and moderating those forums was a hard job, and I am very thankful to the people who have been doing it over these years. It’s incredible how much patience, time and strength have been invested into it.

But at the same time I am very sorry that the forums have gone. Like someone said, there were many enthusiastic, positive and tactful users too, and they are still worthy of having a forum. I do hope that after a while the moderators will consider re-opening the board, once the general negativity subsides (and, again, I totally understand where it comes from). I just don’t think that all these misbehaving people deserve to be given so much attention. I may be wrong, but - as Judith wonders why they keep showing up here - they probably see that moderators are sometimes provoked by their angry and rude comments and start reacting (and, well, at times overreacting), and nothing makes such people more glad than to see that they have upset somebody. That’s why they come for more. So maybe it would be helpful to just give it some time - perhaps half a year or longer - and then have another look at the issue. Maybe Visa and the moderators will feel differently, or maybe some new folks will volunteer for the job in the meantime, so that the forum can be re-launched. Or maybe not. Maybe it will become clear that there’re no resources and need for it, and that everyone accepts that there are no forums anymore. But please don’t burn the bridges just yet. I loved your forums, and I bet a lot of people did, too. We would be glad if one day they are back :)

But thank you anyway for this huge effort and tribute to Roxette and their fans!

Dear TDR team: I am happy you can have more free-time for you and yours. It is a sad decission, but a good decission indeed. Congratulations! No fan has payed you for moderating, no fan has payed you for writing news.

Reading Judith’s or Thomas’ words, the difference is clear: moderating is not fun anymore and writing news can make you feel fine again. Just LIVE your lifes, recover your strength and if you have time .... look for news, write and enjoy it, please! You know many people will be here reading. Don’t let this marvelous site die. Don’t hesitate to tell us how can I / we help you.

Thanks a lot!,


PS: Dear TDR users: that’s enough complaining! Let’s contribute this site to keep alive.

Wow. I am really stumped by this decision, but reading some of the comments on this news shows exactly why this decision was taken. I had no idea things had degraded to this level.

To Tev, Judith, Colin and all the other people who have (and still are!) giving so much of their free time to bring us the latest news and inside stories: thanks so much for all your work; hope to continue seeing some fresh articles from you in the future!

Is it in any way possible to just open up an archive of the old discussions, without being able to post new comments?
I would love to have access to some articles (old stories, chords), as I haven’t copied the interesting ones to my own files.

I think it’s time for us to stop talking and confess our sins.
Want to say thanks a lot to all of TDR moderators for making the forum the place to salvation’s square.
Good job!
Thomas, take care!
The last sorry, the last goodbye!

Again: Tevensso didn’t say that it was not newsworthy. He just asked about the stations popularity so that he could think about if it was newsworthy or not.

Moderating is not fun anymore, but Tevensso used to have loads of fun making a fool of some members, and patronizing them in the worst way. It’s time for you to make a ’mea culpa’, Thomas. A moderator is supposed to cool the things down, not to stir the things up even more. You failed at that. In other forums, like R2R, the moderators hardly made their input in the discussions except when it gets really out of control. It does not happen very often, though.

And I am saying Tevensso... The other mods never behave that way. I don’t put them all into the same bag.

A brave decision, which has surprised me! Not a lot more I can say on that - I’m afraid I won’t miss the forums!

My following thought is by no means an excuse or explanation as to why the forums went downhill, but now seems like an opportune moment to say that I feel the decline in the quality of the forum topics/replies became increasingly obvious after the website unveiled its updated but very dull appearance. The site looks completely uninspired: Grey + 1 photo.

I would love to see a fresh, modern website launched in order to compensate for the loss of the forums! :)

This will be my last input in this pointless discussion:

Raelian, you are the user that’s stirred up other users the most, plain and simple. You are 7Twenty7 and MANY users have asked for your banning...

I’m glad the forum is gone. Good riddance.

The kind people that volunteer their time and resources to run TDR don’t need to be babysitting people that abuse their privildges. This site is a blessing to any Roxette, Per and Marie fan, and it’s at NO cost to anyone to join and participate.

Anyone here use Facebook? They will ban and regulate any “nasty comments” or any questionable material. The rules are no different here.

I’ve met and know personally some of the people that run this site and I have also interviewed Per and I’ve met Marie Dimberg, Roxette’s manager. Marie has even mentioned to me personally about the “nasty” comments that they’ve read on this site.

It’s unfortunately a select few have abused it that drastic changes have to be made, but live with it. It’s not the end of the world! Be thankfull you get to be a part of this website and Roxette’s sucess for free!

Ian in Canada.

The moderators are not obliged to tolerate anybody, they might make take it personal, but I guess they do not have time to babysit children over here. if you want the freedom of speech, they have the right the freedom of decision. Some people write in this forum without thinking first, they take it so personal. It is a community forum, do not sulk. The editors and moderators are not paid to tolerate insults and you guys whoever insults know how importnat is to have spare time to do a hobby is a privilige when you are busy

Actually, it is management’s responsibility to promote what they manage. should have been the site, and TDR keep the community alive unconditionally. Respect is important

I may sound harsh or very sharp, but plz people learn to live with it. There are many forums out there.

Dear Moderators,

I have to tell that I feel that this sudden closing was quite unfair with us. You should have announced your decision before closing.
But for the first time you should IGNORE those people who wrote rude comments. If noone answers those people, they will stop writing their comments.

I’m really sorry because you closed the forum just becase you took offence at some opinions. It’s about personal feelings only. Of course you can do what you want, we don’t have any choice, we have to accept it.

But this site gave place to the biggest forum about Roxette (besides R2R) where fans of Per and Marie could “meet” and share their thoughts and feelings. It brought and hold us together. But after that the forum is over, maybe this togetherness will split up bit by bit...
And it also means that Per will sell less Cds and concert tickets.

There were several opinions which I didn’t agreed with, but we are not the same. I didn’t feel hate or anger because others had different opinions.WE CAN HAVE DIFFERENT OPINIONS BUT THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS THAT WE ALL LOVE ROXETTE.
I was very happy that I could be the part of it and that this forum existed for so long even if that Roxette has become less successful and inactive.

This forum helped to keep alive Roxette and didn’t let it to be faded into oblivion. Coud you give any other examples for so alive forums of an inactive band?

But of course you can do what you want...

Everything started when this awful desigh was made.

The white,one picture,unfunctioanal desigh,full with ADDs was justify with “better security” reason.

In the same time got new look and more function.

The same moderators are there but there no problems with security or members.

It’s strange and no good.
Even if someones are glad that dailyROXETTE forums are down.

I don’t believe that any Roxette fan may be glad for such news.

No need to argue on your choice Moderators. It’s your place, you rule.

But let me tell you that some of you, even if linked with our beloved Per and Marie, are not able to deal with people at all, and this is the best reason to close the forum (any reference to Thomas aka Tevensso is absolutely intentional).

Well I know i will just be visiting other sites for news now. It was community which it isnt no more. simple. Nice reading some of your stuff. Catch you around XX

Maybe you should lock this topic before anything is said... ;)

I’m saddened, but I support the mods decisions.

For the longest time ever, I just logged in today just to post my view on the topic. And I am no stranger, having been a member for 7 years and 3 weeks - as the profile says.

The reason why I didn’t comment on anything for a long time was because I am fed-up with... guess what: the moderating. Admit it mods: sometimes you can get a bit carried away. My last post was on the design on the site (on which I am still resentful about) and that experience really cemented my view on the mods.


I dunno about other people, but don’t you think that THE DAILY ROXETTE is a site for all of us Roxette fans. Not just a site by possession, owned by the people who maintained it and moderate it. Finding news and stuff. I mean, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all the good work. It takes time and dedication doing all this especially when this is not your day job. REALLY, THANK YOU!!!

I think it is our right, as an act of courtesy to those maintaining the site to at least seek some opinion from the readers or visitors (to the site) of any changes to it. First you change the design (which is awful - I am sorry I still can’t get over this) and now you decided to close the forums? Worse: for the actions of the few, of which all people suffer (yup - we suffer, at least me - even if I don’t visit the place anymore). If you have problem with a certain people, either ban them, lock up the thread or best of all - ignore. Many, many years back things like these did happened in the forums and stuff get forgotten and all back to normal. Why can’t it be the same now?

I remember many times back when I posted something rather unprofessional and childish. Of which after that Lars sent me an email. But they way he does that was firm, yet subtle. It was a lesson to remember and also a reminder of how cool he as one of the mods did things. I’m not asking you to be him. Just try to reevaluate the way you handle people. Not all people who came here are all saints. So why punish all for the sins of a few devils? Then again, devils need to be redefined as well.

How can TDR be a TDR without a forum? Not like what I remember years back. Topics and discussions were many and productive then. And somehow it goes down the hill. It’s not like Per or Marie is silent without any work. Maybe Roxette, but not the two. Surely there should be lots of things to discuss. My guess : some people left because they don’t feel like this is the same place anymore. And I am sure more will be after this recent decision. A decision so great that I think we as fellow roxette fan, most importantly TDR readers should have a say. But I guess we just have to agree to what you guys say or what or else right? Sad people.


Try not to blame other people all the time without thinking if you might as well be a part of it. Most of it I hear it’s readers this, readers that. People making comments, bla, bla, bla.... hardly anything that might as well said if some of the blame might slightly be... on your part as well. I dunno... maybe sometimes you guys can be pretty defensive. Just admit it.

Sorry for this wall of text. I must say what’s in my mind. I love TDR and I am sad it has to go this way. I hope things will return to the way it was.

Thank you
Fabian from Malaysia.

Do you think that people coming to this site just to read some news would keep it still on top?
Aren’t the forums the best part of the site?
People come here mostly to talk.
It’s like the whole site is being shut down.
Good luck!

Fabian: thanks for your post.
I don’t know how the others in TDR-team think about this, but I would have never ever come to the idea of asking anybody besides Visa & Co about such decision or any other decision around TDR. Actually, I don’t even expect Visa (the owner) to ask ME about any decision taken about TDR. Be it design, adding/deleting sections or even closing TDR :S Of course he does talk to us, but if you think of it, he doesn’t really have to.
It’s like if in the bank I work in we would ask the customers each time we want to decrease the interests if it’s fine with them. Or it’s like you’d demand Per to ask all of us whenever he wants to release an album “should I release it as SOAP, GT or solo?”. Or our board members would come and ask all of us employees if we want to don’t know, get 10% less monthly. Don’t see how this could work in such a big round :S We are not a government :S
Not saying the idea is bad, I just don’t see how it should work. And no, a poll is no option -> can be tricked ;)

And now, thinking of it, the result would have been the same. Just most of the comments here (and those which are hidden) confirm we took the right decision. Imagine we would have 2 or 3 fronts, pro, contra and na. It would have ended up with a major flame. And the forum closed ;)

Anyway, I explained in my other posts about being too harsh and why people left. That is my opinion and what I could gather in other forums and talking privately (chat) with other fans.
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Very well said fabian !!!

I was threaten by mods just for saying that the new desigh is awful and unfuctional.
I know lots of fans from different counties and nobody liked and still -don’t like this new design.
Many good people and fans stop writing here.

Time passed and we see that new design didn’t make things better.
These days “the security-reason” for new design looks even more ridiculous.

The only result of change was big decrease of people who write here.
Was this the goal?

In the same time and got modern design.
The still aren’t so popular cos they they cover very small part of Roxette brand.
But they helps us to see that bad design not always mean –more secure site.

In modern forums people can write pesonal message and everything offensive stay hide.
In modern forums people can edit their message after they calm down or understand that they were wrong.

The discussion about new desigh is just one of the problems but it show that the mods must be more patient.
It’s not so hard , no need to comment or control everything.
For example -the fact that someone made 10 identical topics is not so hurtful cos nobody read them all.
No need to panic .

It’s better to have forum with few bad topics than no topics at all in the time when everyone wanan extra info about Per’s tour.

All mods must be calm ,not offensive people who are capable to ingnore their personal partialities , who are capable of constructive disscuss and who love Roxette as a whole.

I’m partly sad about this and on the other Side I think the decision was right!

Too bad the forum is closed. Especially now that there’s international success for Per on its way. I understand the decision. However, sometimes no reaction to a topic takes away the ’fun’, which will silence them. Freaks will always find their way to annoy other people. I see how easy it is to start a new discussion reacting on a news article. Everybody can add a comment that could upset somebody. You simply shouldn’t react to a comment as moderators, because it will mean the end of the site. This is not a forum.
I like TDR very much and it’s THE place to get the latest news about our fav duo. I will keep on visiting the site, like I did the last 7,5 years. I have been a member of the roxreviews in the 90’s, but this is much better; always the latest news. Keep up the good work.

To all the moderators. I think your decision is the right one. You provide a fabulous online newspaper, all in your own time. I think you do a brilliant job. I’ve been a regular user of your site and will continue to do so. The main reason for the site is to bring us news afterall, not a chat room.

TDR without forum,like the Dallas without Bobby! :)))

Whats the point of continuing without a forum. Why not just get other people that are prepared/able to give the time needed.

That news are really sad. TDR is nothing without it´s forum. Yeah the news are good, but people want to discuss about the news. Not in the “comments”, they want their own threads. So they switch to an other board with forum and the same news...thats a knockdown for TDR :(

But it all started with the white design. It looks very “old” and at this point this forum wasn´t so active as with the older better yellow-design.

What design? I don’t see any... ;-p

News on other sites? Let’s face it: International fans (and other sites) wouldn’t get much/up-to-date news without TDR.

So sad, I just found out. I’ve been using SmallTalk for like...forever. *sniff’*

I’m really angry. That’s the most stupid decision. Without its forum, Dailyroxette sucks. And If someone writes “we want put”, they should learn something about the english grammar.


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