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Marie Fredriksson performed at QX Gaygala last Sunday

Written by Jud on February 7, 2009 to and .

Marie Fredriksson at QX GaygalaLast Sunday the yearly QX Gaygala, an event organised by the gay magazine QX, took place in Cirkus, Stockholm. During the gala, different celebrities are awarded with prizes such as "Homo of the year", "Hetero of the year", "Artist of the year" to name a few, combined with music entertainment.

This year Marie Fredriksson joined the gala and performed a beautiful version of "Tro", together with her husband Mikael Bolyos, who played the piano. According to Aftonbladet, Marie received standing ovations and had a big smile on her face throughout the performance.

This time around the Gaygala was not broadcast on TV, but some fans have managed to find short snippets of the performance on and on Aftonbladet.


Thank you very much, Judith!
I wish I were there...

Did she win the hetero of the year prize?

no, you can find the winners on QX site :)

And in this topic in R2R fans have posted pictures from the event:
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Wow, fantastic!!!!! )))) does she support GLBT or was she just invited?
Great to see her live again, she’s amazing!!! ))

well I’d say she does support GLBT, always did, she also performed at the Europride in 98, and (at least) two friends of her are gay, E+E, I think she attended their wedding too :)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Wow, thanks for your reply!!!)))) She’s the Woman!)))
And who are E+E whom she’s friend with? Are they somehow famous in Sweden?
And Europride took place in....? Sweden?

Europride 98 took place in Stockholm
E+E = Efva Attling and Eva Dahlgren
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Marie looks sooo good, healthy and strong, thanks God! :)

I didn’t know Marie supported this kind of activities. I’m proud of her!!! There’s always new reason to love this woman ;-)

Ahhhh Europride 98... the memories!

Thank you Marie! I love you!!!


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