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“The Look” - it was 20 years ago!

Written by DanJKroll on February 8, 2009 to .

It was 20 years ago this week that Roxette made their debut on the U.S. pop charts. The duo’s “The Look” debuted on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart during the week of February 11, 1989. “The Look” was the highest debuting single of the week.
Two months later, “The Look” would top the Hot 100 for one week. The single remained on the chart for 19 weeks.


I just realised.. (once again) time flies and.. I’m getting old!!! 20 years (ok, 19 and some months, I think The look didn’t come to Spain until May or so) listening to Roxette :O
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

And the journey begins....
like magic and love lots of forgotten words

Jeez!! 20 years! It feels like yesterday. Compare this to The Beatles’ “She Loves You,” which was 20 years in 1983... :S

I really think it’s time for another number 1 :D SILLY REALLY!

The Look was number one on Tracks this week 20 years ago

I’ll never forget the first time I heard “The Look,” listening to the American Top 40 on CKSO radio in Sudbury, Canada. I thought Shadoe Stevens said the band was “Rock Z” (“rock zed”) from Sweden and I remember saying aloud, “Poor Sweden!” Then, of course, I heard the song - and everything changed. Twenty years! Other than my family, Roxette is the only thing in my life that is the same now as it was then... who would have thought that?!

Oh yes..everything started with The Look....It took some time and brainwashrotation until it hit me...I can’t remember the exact time but I think it was around October 1989 after “Dressed for success” and “Listen to your heart” when I put my first Roxette-poster on the wall and felt very lucky afterwards. :)
“The Look” is still my alltime fave from Roxette and it doesn’t get dusty at all!

I remember being in turky (of all places!) the first time I heard Roxette...
My mum bought be the cassette, saying they are theeeee coolest band, everyone is listening to them, you should too. Which now I think after like 15+ years she now regrets telling me.

The Look is and will be my favorite Roxette song. And still sounds like a hit !!

Link to the #1 at The Billboard Hot 100


Djeez! Twenty years! Wouldn’t it be nice to hear this pop classic live once again this year? Walking like a man, hittin’ MC Hammer.....: )

I heard MC Hammer is renting out videos in Miami lately!

The Look!
20 years... time flies in Concorde speed. And the Concorde is past already.

I remember when my classmates went crazy about the song and I wondered what it was. They said it was from a band called Roxette.
I said my fave part was the break with silence in the middle (it really is!!!) and I got booed at, cos they misunderstood it, lol
1 week later a classmate made a copy of his Look Sharp! cassette, and I listened to it all day loudly when I had the house for myself.... will never forget this afternoon.
This cassette, this day changed my life. Things will never be the same.

With a bit wet eyes while typing this,
now a 20 years older Booho who still thinks that Roxette is the galactic best band ever.

“now a 20 years older Booho who still thinks that Roxette is the galactic best band ever.”

Booho is right (-:

Wauv - 20 years!

Thank God the song is so timeless :)
Just like “Listen To your Heart” and “Joyride”

I kinda like it like that!

20 years already? Wow. I was only 7 years old when the song debuted on the Hot 100. I can’t say that I remember hearing it for the first time, however. I just grew up with hearing the song on the radio over the years. I heard it a lot, too!

I think it’s time for a remastered and expanded edition of the ’Look Sharp’ album, don’t you? After all, 1989 (20 years ago) was the year that the album took off everywhere. I can dream, right? :)

I have to admit I wasn’t a fan of this song when I first heard it and I can remember my brother who loved it used to say “Oh yeah it’s #1 again!!!” and I’d be like “Oh God not that lady with the blonde hair again” LOL. I didn’t take much notice until IMHBL after that I fell in love with that ’lady with the blonde hair’ ;) I don’t think I realised it was the same lady at first lol of course as the pieces came together I came to love “The Look” and nowadays I think it’s one of their best ever :) :)

Congrats on the 20 years guys :) :)

i always liked Roxette songs like It Must Have Been Love, Fading Like A Flower, Run To You, Almost Unreal and How Do You Do! they got alot of play on my favourite radio station Atlantic 252(sadly now gone) but i never knew that they were by the same band(apart from RTY & IMHBL) until i bought Dont Bore Us Get To The Chorus in 2000 after i fell in love with Wish I Could Fly IN 1999. then i bought all the albums drove(and still do) my mates mental with constant Roxette and never looked back.

Twenty years made much more enjoyable for me due to the fact that I became a fan/admirer of this group. Thanks Dan for the article! – LEO

Sorry, but I have to write in Hungarian,,, Because of the forum.



Bezárták, határozatlan időre, lehet hogy végleg, mert a moderátorok szerint sok támadás érte őket az utóbbi napokban....(??)

Roxstar blogján is nyílt egy fórum, de még nincs élet. Valahogy, valahol fel kéne vennünk a kapcsolatot egymással, márcsak a koncert miatt is!

Can we stick to English please...

Paul, the first guy just asks what happened to the discussion boards but perhaps his English didn’t allow him to understand how to word it. The second guy just responds that they are closed for an indefinite period because of the recent attacks on the moderators of the board!

My psychologist is Hungarian... I’ve been practicing! :)

Thanks Alison!! :-)

so wen are we bck up and running then?

It won’t be David :-( Check out the front page....

OFF: The Hungarian guys have been organizing a trip to Prague together, to Per’s concert, and they lost contact because of the shutdown. :(
Cslaci’s English is good enough I think, it’s only because of this above.

Like we say, it’s the good guys that suffer from this...

About March or April that year the song started to be played here in Costa Rica, and that was the time when Rox changed my life forever ;-) Roxette has been a very important part of my life since then.

Yep, so sad!
I’m sure they will find a way to organize their trip :)

I still can’t get over The Look is 20 years old... it’s still a fresh up to beat tune!

Wow, Time just flies by! Everytime my best Friend and I go to the Disco and the DJ puts on the Look , the Dance floor is filled with young People!

For anyone who might still read TDR’s pages and lives in the UK and is going to the show in London, the rail networks put the tickets for May 4th on sale today, I got return to London for £31.

Can someone post this on whatever discussion boards people use now?


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