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Written by tevensso on February 21, 2009 to , and .

STOCKHOLM (Updated) - Per's latest album "Party Crasher," or "Party Crash" as he himself calls it, has gotten quite a few release dates confirmed from EMI offices around the world:

Indonesia - February
Japan - February 9
Ukraine - February 9
Czech Republic - March 2
Russia - March 2
Hungary – March 4
Spain - March 3
Poland - March 9
Canada - March 24
South Africa - March
Portugal - End of March
Germany - First week of April
Austria - First week of April
Switzerland - First week of April
Brazil - April
Belgium - April

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Hmmm... What’s about Russia, no? Strangely really.
Anyway, great news! Thanks tevensso!

Go Go, Ukraine!

Are there more to come? Or this is all ?


EMI Music Poland has change its main page and there’s possibility to listen to “Silly really”:,plyty,,party_crasher

Polish version of press release was published in handful of websites, with the most important - (they’re promoting Warsaw gig and I suppose they will do the same with PC),19,solowy_album_tworcy_sukcesow_roxett...,1910055,newsy.html,88692,149303,plyty.html (Plus GMS is a mobile network with over 14 mln users in Poland)

+ additional sites:,crasher,solowy,album,pera,gessle,12328

But still - almost nothing is happening in the airplay. Some local radiostations play SR (there’s even one which plays “Kissing is the key”! ;), but they won’t make any bigger impact on market.

Oh my Gooooood. I think I’ll gonna die!!!!
Thankyou so much Per to release it in Brazil.
I’m soooooo happyyyyyy!!!!

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu a million :D !


Oj oj oj ! This is what I call international :) Same edition everywhere ? I mean, usually Japan editions have extra track(s) (which I would guess would be “I’m glad you called” or “Roberta Right” in this case)


According to EMI Music Poland - the correct date is March 2nd. Don’t know, maybe Per has better info

edit: oops, I see they’ve also changed the date.

Canada! I’ll be damned. Great news!

Go Gessle!

OMG Indonesia?

Some newspaper reports from Czech Republic...

...and also from Slovak

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Even airplay is hard to get for such album without any effort from music company .
Per must make at least decent video clip.
Video killed the radio stars long ago.
I ask some radiostation in my country but noone show interest.

Although they play Roxette quite often.

Did the little island get forgotten? Ahhh well so long as Per is still coming here I’m happy! :)

Surprise, surprise, no Australia on that list :-(

But is this the final list, or can we expect some more surprises? :D

What’s the point of closing the forums when people can still post off topic and obscenities like on here?

I’m not a member of any other site and don’t want to be

Great news!
I hope EMI Argentina release the album too!!!
And the tour arrives to Latinamerica!!
We love u Per!!

Makes me wonder why Per’s coming to the UK if the album’s not going to be released here. Another feck-up from EMI UK, I don’t doubt; is Martin Nutley still there after all this time?!

All I’ve been able to find is the Silly Really single on iTunes UK. Way to get fans to stop downloading and torrenting stuff...

i hope we do get a UK release but maybe it will be in May at the time of the London show

anyone know how many tickets have been sold?

Party Crasher won´t released from EMI UK as other countries. It´ll released from different labels.


LOL! Martin Nutley. Geeeez that takes me back! My god, what a blast from the past lol!

I WAS shock when I read Indonesia because I thought at first Per is gonna tour there. I thought after missed Roxette the first time on 1995 now I’m gonna miss Per again since I already moved to different country. I was quite relieved that it’s only the album release dates ;)

@Alexandru : May I know what do you mean by that? Just curious...

Yeah it seems a bit odd for Per to be doing a concert in the UK and not having the album released. I mean, I have a few friends coming to the concert - who are coming mainly to be with me, and it just happens to be a Per concert...but they want to buy the PC album...but they have to hunt it down on foreign sites to buy it - rather than being able to pop in to a HMV etc and pick one up on a Saturday afternoon.

It doesn’t make sense to me...

It’s the same for me. Per is coming to the Netherlands but the album wont be released here!!! How dissapointing...I wonder how many tickets have been sold? I hope that wont be a dissapointment!!!
Fortunately we can buy the album quite simple, but a release would be SO NICE!!
The dj’s here aren’t enthousiastic, too!! How come they don’t have a nose for great music?? i don’t understand!! PER ROXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

@David - No idea, but when I asked the tour promoter last week, she said ’slow - but they’re not worried because there is still ages to go’

Per has not said this list is final. These are the dates that are confirmed already.

In Hungary too?
Great news! :)))

nice to see that their deal with emi still hasn’t yeilded any releases here in the states even at our digital stores bleh

so say we all

im still waiting for the Argentinian release...

Per is working on a US and UK release. New meetings in LA soon.

Great to hear. Any new pics of Per from Hollywood? :-D

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thanx Tev for this kind of news, i hope this time really works in USA, even if its on a small company. I really love this record and it deserves success.

and here in Italy????

Hmm... No dates for Netherlands yet, although he is going tot perform here...

I can‘t wait until April

Interesting. This is already the third release date for Germany I have read in the web...might get very private at the German concerts :-D

Hopefully they won’t cancel a show here in Germany due to low ticket sales.
I booked a trip (flight & hostel) to Hamburg with no chance of refund (at least for the flight).
Also I do hope Per will come to my hometown Munich!!!

Indonesia??? Are u sure??? Just aired in some radio chart today... It’s gonna be release on CD or MC????


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