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Samara was a smash

Written by tevensso on March 4, 2011 to and .

SAMARA - Yesterday's concert in Samara, Russia was a smash, according to Per Gessle. "The gig was super tonite! We cut 'Silver Blue' and 'Watercolours in the Rain' because the concert needed some momentum," says Per when talking to The Daily Roxette. Next stop is the Palace of Sports (capacity 5,000) in Yekaterinburg, Russia tomorrow Saturday. Get tickets here, there are merely 150 standing left.

1. Dressed For Success
2. Sleeping In My Car
3. Opportunity Nox
4. The Big L.
5. Wish I Could Fly
6. Only When I Dream
7. She's Got Nothing On (But the Radio)
8. Perfect Day
9. Things Will Never Be the Same
10. It Must Have Been Love
11. 7Twenty7
12. Fading Like A Flower
13. How Do You Do!
14. Dangerous
Band presentation (performing Samara gorodok "Samara small town")
15. Joyride

First Encore (Extras)

16. Spending My Time
17. The Look

Second Encore (Extra extras)

18. Way Out
19. Listen To Your Heart
20. Church Of Your Heart

More great photos from Andyash here.


wow, only when i dream made it :-)

But i lovely would have Joyride or the look in the first half of the show. strange to have them so close together.

Can’t believe they cut Watercolours! I was so happy it made the set list, and it was one of the few unpredictable songs on there :(

The set list was supposed to get longer, not shorter ;)
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