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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

North America and Australia on the Roxette radar for later this year

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on March 2, 2011 to and . Source: Expressen | Aftonbladet.

KAZAN, RUSSIA - Reporters from the Swedish newspapers covering the premiere concert of the Charm School tour have both published stories quoting Per as saying that if all goes well, Roxette will include North America and Australia when the tour is extended this fall.

Jens Peterson of Aftonbladet wrote that Per said "We would really like to go to Australia, we would really like to do Canada and the United States and as much as possible. There are plans and sketches. We have said that this is a tour without end right now. Everything is subject to how it works for Marie. We are not like a normal band. She must think it's fun and stay motivated." 

And Expressen's Anders Dahlbom has Per saying "It's no secret that we want to play in North America and Australia. We say that this tour doesn't have an end." 

Aftonbladet article (in Swedish)| Expressen article (in Swedish)


:-O plans and sketches......getting more promising! You’re all more than welcome to come and spend some time with us. :-)

North America: Canada and United States...... Please : don´t forget Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!!,

i’m reserving my excitement till something is set in stone

so say we all

What about Mexico!!!! Is it included in the North American tour?!?!?! We really want to see Roxette in Mexico.

I really hope they get downunder... It will save me spending $6,000 on another trip to Europe instead of a car!

That’s dedication - 6k for a concert! But the idea of a holiday and Roxcert rolled into one sounds like heaven!

Yes.. i also won’t be holding my breath until the promoters advertise for the concerts in Australia officially..
at least we have a clearer idea when to expect them :)

Great news for the Australian and American Fans!!!


Yeah, concert and holiday rolled into one.... $6k would get me about 3 weeks and maybe 3 concerts.

If you can afford it, I highly recommend it. I went to the Halmstad concert last year and took the opportunity to visit approx 15 countries while I was at it. Stopped in Singapore for the Grand Prix there on the way home. All up that cost me about $15k, but it was worth every cent and was the best 2 months of my life.

You Bloody Beauty, this is the best news I have heard, since my ex-wife signed the divorce papers.

@rezmad whoe 15k is def out of the question, but oh how awesome that little trip sounds!

@BWAD lol

Roxette needs to add more concerts in Poland and Europe as it sell out as crazy
robert owczarek-latte

Positive news for us AUSSIES... but I won’t be holding my breath just yet.

I’m still not regretting going to see them in Europe. It looks to be the trip of a lifetime. I’m visiting friends in Bulgaria and taking in the Sofia concert, then the Berlin one at the Zitadelle (that venue looks so cool), and a stop in Halmstad to visit Hotel Tylosand in between.

But if they can make it here to the US, all the better!

Sunshine is a lady who rox u like a baby!

I was planning on traveling back to South Africa to see them but if they come to Aus then that would save me so much trouble! I’ve never seen them live and was foiled in 2001 when they cancelled their trip to SA.

Hang tight Canada! I’m still in touch with sources here at EMI Canada and tour dates are being “hinted” still for likely September/October 2011..... fingers crossed for USA and the rest of N. America also!

That’s great, but still no mention of the UK :(

UK, get your Facebook Group together.... Canada likes you!

If Roxette comes to the USA and I could see them I’d be the happiest man in the world!

Oh! Please come to Mexico! We really want to Rox with you!

It’s no secret I’ve been starving,
I never felt anything for years
I sat up all night
just to watch your smile
when you’re sleepíng

Hoping for a Montreal Canada date. Live in northern NY and Montreal is only 1.5 hours away.

FYI, FINALLY got my Charmed School album in the mail today! I avoided listening to clips online. I find it much more exciting to listen to an ablum for the first time from start to finish while looking at the art in the sleeve.

Great work Per and Marie. Cheers!

That is GREAT for their fans in USA and Australia! I do really hope they will go there :)
I guess we will have to forget about the idea of having a concert in Spain, right? They are talking about Germany, USA, Australia...and though Per has said many times that they would love to come here, I see it more and more difficult each day..

I love Roxette.Welcome to China!

Just got an email from Frontier Touring and this is what they said.

Hi Brett,

There are discussions amidst but it’s still early days, stay tuned


Frontier Info

So it’s looking more promising.

Sure does sound promising. Hope it turns out that way - fingers still crossed!

But seriously I read that there were 7000ppl at Kazan and 3800 at Samara. I’m quite confident that you could get that many ppl to attend each of the Australian shows. One show per capital city or at least Syd, Melb and Bris - easy.


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