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Roxette live in Kazan: the set list

Written by tevensso on February 28, 2011 to , and .

KAZAN, RUSSIA - With the first concert of the tour now completed in Kazan, here is the full set list:

1. Dressed For Success
2. Sleeping In My Car
3. Opportunity Nox
4. The Big L.
5. Wish I Could Fly
6. Only When I Dream
7. She's Got Nothing On (But the Radio)
8. Perfect Day
9. Things Will Never Be the Same
10. It Must Have Been Love
11. 7Twenty7
12. Fading Like A Flower
13. Silver Blue
14. How Do You Do!
15. Dangerous
Band presentation (with Kalinka Malinka)
16. Joyride

First Encore (Extras)

17. Watercolours In the Rain
18. Spending My Time
19. The Look

Second Encore (Extra extras), and Marie is now wearing the official sweater of Kazan hockey club Ak Bars.

20. Way Out
21. Listen To Your Heart
22. Church Of Your Heart

Additional reporting by Joyrider2000


Only When I Dream..... YES!! This has to stay in the show!


Come on Roxette bring your show to the UK.......

Thanks for sharing!!
I hope they can add more songs. Strange they didnt play Listen to your heart.

The concert isn’t over yet. :)

so i guess the rumours noone makes it on her own isn’t the next single or they’d play it on tour...descent set list to youtube i go
drat nothing yet this is anice bday bonus

so say we all

Just 3 new songs, less than expected. Still nice that WITR, SB and TWBTS made it. Unknown to the masses, so a nice gesture to the fans...
_ _ _ _ _
En pojke reser till månen - en annan siktar mot solen - en tredje kommer aldrig iväg

@coyboyusa: For Rox at least that doesn’t seem to matter much - they didn’t play “Run To You” or “Vulnerable” on the “C!B!B!” tour (the two singles that were current during that tour), they dropped “Real Sugar” after a few dates in 2001, and of course Per famously didn’t play “Silly Really” (or, for that matter, “Sing Along”) on the “Party Crasher” tour. Still - I really thought they would play “No one” because it would be SUCH a show stopper with that big chorus.

Anyway, great set list - can’t wait to hear the new songs performed live!

Hmmmm, disappointed that Noone makes it on her own and Speak to me didn’t make the setlist......otherwise pretty happy with the choices, though I think they shouldve dropped Opportunity Nox, 7twenty7 and The Big L. There are also some classic rox singles that I wouldve loved to see on there instead such as Run to You, Crash Boom Bang, Fireworks, TCOTH, SDLHA, YDUM.
Happy to see Watercolours in the rain on there though!

yeah noone with the whole crowd singing woah woah and lighters lit would be amazing

so say we all

Thanks for Way Out!
Upset with SDLHA and Steppin’ Stone replaced ^(
Gyllene Tider forever!

Roxtexanet......they did play Run to you on the CBB the UK dates at least!

Just for fun... I sent my friend a ’predicted’ set list yesterday, and this is what I came up with (knowing they would choose songs Marie was already familiar with mostly and their best known songs):

1. Dressed For Success
2. Sleeping in My Car
3. Fading Like a Flower
4. She’s Got Nothing On
5. Dangerous/How Do You Do!
6. It Must Have Been Love
7. Wish I Could Fly
8. The Big L.
9. Dream On
10. Spending My Time
11. The Look
12. Listen To Your Heart
13. Crash! Boom! Bang!
14. Way Out
15. Joyride
16. A Thing About You
17. Things Will Never Be The Same
18. Perfect Day
19. Church of Your Heart
20. No One Makes It On Her Own


21. Opportunity Nox
22. Silver Blue

Better not go into fortune telling, I wasn’t really close at all!

I miss songs from Room Service... but it’s pretty awsome anyway!! Can’t wait for the concert here in Brazil!
Good look Roxette!! My best wishes & vibes on the tour! Márcia Meira RJ ;o)

Oh and 1 more small thing......they really need to change the opening and closing songs......Church of your heart is a rubbish closing song....they should swap it with Listen to your heart. DFS is a great opener to the show, but for the fans at least I think we’re a little tired of it opening the show now?!

i like the list, one day i hope to listen a thing about you live!!!
roxette rulez

@roxtexanet - They did play Run To You during the C!B!B! tour! It’s on the video! And Real Sugar was added to the Room Service setlist after a couple of gigs and was played until the end of the tour :-)


Does anybody have an idea what the festivals will be like? Will it be a full concert or just a short edition of the above track list?

@ncurran - Yep I agree!! That’s the one song I didn’t want to open the show, but you can’t have it all I guess....!


What are the “Extras”? Does it mean, that Listen to your heart wasn’t on their setlist then and was only on the “Extras”?? :(

So we could call it Join the Joyride Tour part 2, given all the songs played!!! I would have liked more Charm School songs too (although I like the ones chosen), but I am happy for Opp Nox and 7Twenty7 staying. Anyway, this in only a personal opinion (I will always want more and more) and I am really really happy about the world tour starting and I’m sure they’ll add more songs to reach 25!

ROX on and let’s hope for Youtube clips tomorrow!

it is interesting to see where marie seemes to not remmeber or not be familiar with any rs songs..personally it would be nice as the tour goes on for them to phase out stuff like coyh and incorporate new stuff like maybe marie and per duetting on an acoustic version of i was so lucky

so say we all

Of course I understand why more old songs are played, since they’re known both to the general public and to Marie and I do not mind at all, just to be clear.

And yes, A thing about you would be great to hear live. Maybe Way out could open the show, as it was suggested somewhere, since I am personally tired of DFS, but all the rest is just great.

Ok, I once again wanted to say something positive, but again it sounds as a criticism, which is not, weird:)

@RoxAnna1978 Extras are part of the encore. They would’ve been planned.


@Roxrikkie: That’s what I wonder too. I have contacted the organisers of Bospop to find out which times and how long they will play. I wait for their answer.

It seems from the listing published now (with just the band names, no times) that they are not even the headliner, so I wonder if it will be a 1,5+ hour show... :S

_ _ _ _ _
En pojke reser till månen - en annan siktar mot solen - en tredje kommer aldrig iväg

YES, Only When I Dream on the set-list!!!!!!! Love it:-)

@bwwbounce Thank you!

@ncurran: As soon as I clicked ’submit’ I remembered that I saw a live clip of “Run To You” on YouTube - and recently! D’oh!

Thanks Remco. I hope the Bospop organization will give you an answer. I am curious to know.

Spending my time! Yee haa! Just wondering which version it is...

why did they not play SPEAK TO ME ??? this is the best sond on charm school at all- I really can‘t belive this! Per told on german TV that this is his favorit track too like from thousands of fans. I really hope they will play it on later concerts.
they “only” played 23 songs. but all the hits?? where is ALMOST UNREAL, FIREWORKS -who needs Oppurtunity Nox now instead those classic pearls?- Please they them again. 8 songs from Joyride seems to be a little be unbalanced compared with other potetial hist. anyway I like that they are back again- thank you Per and Marie.

Love it but where is Speak to Me and No One Makes It On Her Own? Unless Way Out is the next single planned?

i’m kinda nervous they will put out only 1 more single because they are touring which would be a big shame

so say we all

Great to have Per & Marie back on tour, even if I can’t see them because they don’t seem to be including the U.K in their tour plans! I’m liking the setlist - maybe just one change for me would be to drop The Big L. for Milk&Toast / Center and then there is something from every studio album!

Love the new album - and glad Only When I Dream made the setlist!!
Guilty pleasure would be to have Big Black Cadillac in there, haha

The Big L sucks, it should’ve been replaced by Speak To Me, their greatest duet ever, or by TCOTH!... glad to see Spending MY Time and Watercolours, yeah :-) Looking forward to changing the setlist every now and then, my dear Roxette

I don’t think this will be the last setlist. Who knows, maybe slightly different setlists in different countries and at different times. If “No one makes it on her own” or “Speak to me” will be next singles, I am sure they will be added on the setlists in spring or summer.

The number of further singles hasn’t to do anything with the tour. There won’t be only 2 singles because of touring. JOYRIDE and C!B!B! had both 5 singles, although they were on huge world tour at these times.

I am sure the setlist will get played with over the next few months, 5 new additions to the list from last year is pretty good and they will probably try out the other new ones once they feel that they are performance ready. Let’s not forget the miracle that this is even happening at all! Hoping to see some video soon (particularly the new trax!!)

also...great to hear that Marie has rediscovered her fondness for sports jerseys! another reminder of the good ’ol days - I hope this tradition will continue worldwide :-)

jag vill känna tro

Please add SPEAK TO ME live, also Ulmost Unreal please!!!

I’m very satisfied with the set list! The worst case for me would have been, if they’d play cover songs. There are so many great Rox-songs, so there is no need to play covers.

It was known that Marie & Per are going to play their greatest hits. So it’s nice to have songs like “O’nox”, “Only when I dream”, “7Twenty7”, “Silver blue” and “Way out”.

I’m glad they kept “Silver blue” & “How do you do!” and hope they will not skip it until summer when I’ll attend 3 shows, because I never heard these songs live. They could have replaced “O’nox” with another rock song like “Crush on you” or even “I remember you”.

I think it’s not the final list! Regarding the Party Crasher Tour and the Room Service Tour, two or three more songs popped up after the first third of shows. So I’m very sure some of the new tunes will come up after a row of gigs. They rehearsed six songs. Maybe one of them didn’t sound good playing it live, so there is the chance of two more to come.

Well, I never really liked “Watercolours in the rain”. So I would have been much happier with a song like “The sweet hello, the sad goodbye” or even an unplugged version of “Neverending love” or “Surrender”. But I guess they play this song, because it’s one of those Marie has written.

Also the opening and closing tracks should have changed. I liked “Sleeping in my car” and “Crush on you” a lot as opening tracks. “Sleeping…” really rocked after this Mission Impossible-intro and “Crush…” was linked to the intro sound wise. And the closing track should be a big ballad like “Listen to your heart” or “Queen of rain”.

But with the chance of getting two or three new songs added until summer, I’m very happy with this set list.

And maybe the set list will get a major change for the second leg of the tour which - rumours say - will continue in fall?!

Can someone confirm which version of THE LOOK and JOYRIDE they played?

Did they play the proper, original version as Jonas wanted it to be played with the original licks and riffs that captured the imagination of millions of people?

Or did they played the awful rockabilly, George Harrison, Lundqvist version that sounds like I’m at my local Bowling club listening to some terrible cover band butchering the classic riffs and hooks that made those two songs into the classics that they are?

So my question is, which version? Normal or nightmare version?



Hey guys! I was lucky to get to the Kazan concert.JUST OFF !!! First 3 songs sounded not really good because of some mic problems, but later on they played a real rock’n’roll! They stuck to the songs list pretty accurate. “Listen to your heart ” was gorgeous. It collected half of the stadium at the front of the scene and the other half was waving cell phones - full magic moment. Marie was singing almost 2 hours in a row - FANTASTIC!!!!

I’m amused that the Dubai show is pretty much never ever mentioned yet almost every thread continually begs for a UK show....yet we don’t get one :(

why not sing speak to me?? :-(((((((((((((

Too many songs from “Joyride”, 8 is a lot in my opinion. I’d like 1 or 2 more songs from the “Crash! Boom! Bang!” album, Almost Unreal and at least one song from “Room Service” (it’s the Roxette album I like the least, but it should be also represented). If I could choose one, it would be Real Sugar.

@Jagdpanther: I DO need Oppotunity Nox there! It’s one of the latest Roxette songs I like the most! I am glad they didn’t drop it off the setlist.

What an awesome setlist! I can’t wait to see this show!!!

Might be sacrilege, but a lil part of me was hoping for “Hey Mr. DJ” since Helena is on the tour...but I’m sure not complaining! Was this one of the shows Malin was filling in or was Helena there? And if so, how was she?

Sunshine is a lady who rox u like a baby!


Don’t say that too loudly ;-) [re your Hey Mr DJ wish]

Per said this was a “Greatest Hits” set, so where is ALMOST UNREAL? Where is CRASH BOOM BANG?

I’m upset there’s no JUNE AFTERNOON :-(

I quite like the setlist. I’d probably change one of the Joyride songs to something from RS.

But overall I think they chose the songs quite well. And who knows, they are known to adjust and play around with songs during the tour.

@Roxwriter: It looks like “The Look” was played the same way as on the mini-tour last year (great audience sing along, though!). [EDITOR’S NOTE: See the other concert story for the link]

So the nightmare version... figures!

Listen To Your Heart

jag vill känna tro

The only thing I wish they’d change is ’The Big L’! Am I the only one who is completely bored with this song especially live?? It does nothing for me! There are so many other better songs!

Would have been nice to see the original versions of TL & ’Joyride’! After all its those intros that people recognize. If your only a casual fan it takes until the verse to realise what the song is!! It loses all it’s excitement that way! Not a brilliant idea in my book.

It’s great to see SMT in there! Love that! I wonder how she went with the lyrics?

Having watched the video of LTYH Marie really struggled with the lyrics & lost her way in the instrumental... it always makes my heart sink because I feel for her... but I think the start of a tour is always a bit rough once she gets into her stride (eg. St Petersburg 2010) then she really rocks it!

Please note that there are two articles (well three I suppose) about this concert. Please try to limit your discussions here to the set list itself. Thanks. – LEO

I was so sure they would play Speak To Me!!!! I was so hoping to hear it live, I’m not complaining but it’s the best song on the album and didn’t Per say that he knows that this is fan’s favorite? Whatever I’m so looking forward to the concert!!!! Watercolours In the Rain and Silver Blue YES!!!

Personally I like the choice of setlist, there always has to be some ‘moaning’ people on the forum... ‘they missed this off or that off’ or ‘I wanted this’ or even worse ‘it’s a greatest hits tour’ For god’s sake record yourself and hear the whining from your voice... this is Roxette who are back touring with (when I last counted) 52 dates up until the end of July... if that not a miracle in itself then I don’t know what is!

I am very much happy to see ‘The Big L’ on there and ‘Watercolours in the Rain’ two of my all time favourites!

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Looking forward Kiev‘s live.I Just got a ticket!

I think we shouldn‘t ask too many changes in the setlist comparing to last summer‘s tour. Mr. G. already said a couple of times in recent interviews that is hard for Marie to learn again and fast songs (the older and the new ones) which is perfectly understandable. The setlist is anyhow great and let‘s give them some time to “warm up” the tour; probably they will add in time 2-3 songs to this playlist. “Watercolours in the rain” is already a “new” song comparing to 2010‘s concerts.

Delighted to see COYH on this list, it’s my all-time favorite.

Wouldn’t change a thing except to add “Almost Unreal.”

And please forgive my “Hey Mr DJ” comment, it’s just sour grapes from having missed that tour. :-) and thinking that it would give Marie a little break.

why not Speak To Me? maybe TWNBTS could be replaced with it... And maybe Dream On could be added :) And DfS is opener again... Why not Nox or TCOTH or Way Out?

I like the setlist. There are so many good songs, so some of them must be left away. I’m happy they’ve rehearsed more and change the songs time to time. I was so happy to see that my favourite Perfect day was in the list and I loved to hear it since Marie sang it better than in last tour which was quite an achievement since I totally fell for the version in St. Petersburg. It was also nice to see Per’s video of the soundcheck of PD.

I would change the first song, but I understand it’s something like a tradition to start a Rox show with Dressed.


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