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Tivoli warns - do not buy fake tickets!

Written by GT_85 on February 26, 2011 to and . Source:

COPENHAGEN - Tivoli in Copenhagen, Denmark is putting out a warning about fake Roxette tickets. Many sites, among them the infamous, are apparently selling tickets to the Roxette concert on Friday, July 22, but the concert is free! So again, do not purchase tickets for the Tivoli show, as the performance is included in the price of admission to the historic amusement park. This entrance fee is 95 Danish kroner (about $17.50 USD or €12.75 EUR) before 8 pm.


Really?? involved in shady ticket affairs?? No way!!

Well, they should list the Copenhagen concert date at Ticnet with a link to the tivoli homepage and write how it works withe the tickets.

Ticnet is not involved, it’s all Tivoli.

For how many people is space at Tivoli? It’s so cheap, I can image very many people coming, will they all get in?

Those people behind will never learn... “We don’t sale false tickets!” :)))))))))))

Perhaps people would not buy fake tickets if there was some official information about how tickets could be bought for Tivoli - to my knowledge there has never been, it’s been rumour or just fan information. I personally contacted Tivoli myself two months ago to find out how the whole concert thing worked.

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