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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

Per makes another mixed tape

Written by tevensso on February 25, 2011 to and . Source: DJ Mr. Gee.

STOCKHOLM - As per usual Per Gessle stays up all night with a bottle of wine selecting nothing but the best songs for his audience to hear before the night's concert. The Roxette World Tour 2011, which starts on Monday, is no different. The Daily Roxette is proud to present the Official pre-show mixed tape 2011 by DJ Mr. Gee: (and for those of you who are fortunate enough to have Spotify, here's the list!)

Do anything you wanna do - Eddie & the Hot Rods
Birds And The Bees - Unkle Bob           
My girl - Madness
Rose garden - Lynn Anderson       
The model - Kraftwerk           

A sad boy - The Mascots           
Days - Kirsty MacColl       
Please Mr. Postman - The Marvelettes       
The most beautiful girl - Charlie Rich           
Longing for lullabies - Kleerup w/Titiyo       
Sex and candy - Marcy Playground       
Sugar me - Lynsey de Paul       
A girl like you - Edwyn Collins       
* Holiday for girls - Lisa Lindebergh       
Bette Davis eyes - Kim Carnes           
Just dropped in… - Kenny Rogers & The First Edition   
Do you wanna touch me? (oh yeah!) - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts   
Listen to the music - The Doobie Brothers       
Right here, right now - Jesus Jones       
War - Edwin Starr           
Mercy - Duffy           
Hey Hey Helen - ABBA       
Big in Japan - Alphaville           
Yellow river - Christie           
Shadow dancing - Andy Gibb           
Baby, I love your way -  Big Mountain       
Willie and the hand jive - Johnny Otis Show       
Satisfaction - Devo           
September gurls - Big Star           
Jerk it out - Caesars           
Sweet meant to be - Carlene Carter       
Little bit o'soul - The Music Explosion       
Human - The Killers           
Dancing in the street - Jimmy Barnes       
Dress you up - Madonna           
Motorbikin' - Chris Spedding       
* Tiny Penelope - Christoffer Lundquist       
London calling - The Clash           
* Eat at home - Paul McCartney       
I'll be doggone - Marvin Gaye           
Dance, dance, dance - Crazy Horse   
Come and stay with me - Ola & The Janglers       
Rehab - Amy Winehouse       
Midnight Rider - The Allman Brothers Band   
The Crying Game - Dave Berry           
Monday, Monday - The Mamas & The Papas       
I touch myself - Divinyls       
Friday I'm in love - The Cure   
Dreaming - Blondie           
Girls on film - Duran Duran       
Casa Dega - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers   
Visions of China - Japan           
Que sera sera - Doris Day           
Airport - The Motors           
Man on the moon - R.E.M.           
Without love - Nick Lowe       
Because the night - Patti Smith           
Dizzy - Tommy Roe   
* Every little thing - Jeff Lynne           
Witch queen of New Orleans - Redbone           
About you - Teenage Fanclub       
Being boring - Pet Shop Boys       
I wanna be your boyfriend - Ramones       
Tired of toein' the line - Rocky Burnette       
Take it off! - The Donnas       
Lover of the bayou - Mudcrutch           
* Love - Robert Wyatt       
Polk salad Annie - Tony Joe White       
Urgent - Foreigner           
Telstar - The Tornados       
The warrior - Scandal           
Kiss - Prince           
Sing - Travis           
Unbelievable - EMF           
Jessie's girl - Rick Springfield       
Go your own way - Fleetwood Mac       
Dance hall days - Wang Chung           
She drives me crazy - Fine Young Cannibals       
Jolene - The White Stripes       
Johnny and Mary - Robert Palmer       
The word girl - Scritti Politti           
Play that funky music - Wild Cherry           
Senses working overtime - XTC           
Out of touch - Hall & Oates           
Our lips are sealed - The Go-Go's           
Baker Street - Gerry Rafferty       
My sweet Lord - George Harrison       
Rescue me - Fontella Bass       
My baby loves lovin' - White Plains           

*) not available on Spotify. 


nice mix! :)
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Ui, that’s a loooong list... seems like we have to wait several minutes for our pearls... though it’s a good entertainment choice for the interim :-)

Sorry for my ignorance ! :) What is this list all about?

It’s the music played on the PA system before the show starts.

Some great songs there!!! Can you believe that the tour starts on Monday!!!


Oh right! Thanks. Assuming this is some of Per’s favourite music for the moment?...
Does anyone know who the support acts are before the shows and if there will be support act before each & every concert in all the different countries?

As far as I understand it there are different acts for different parts of the tour, all approved by Roxette.

Yes. I can believe they start the tour next Monday, as long as they have not prepared a modern stage, just a boring one with a ancient picture of them in the back...come on...we are in XXI Century. I wouldn´t pay 60 euros for that kind of spectacle...sorry.

@ PolicarpoAroca > Have the tour already started? How can you know what the stage will look like otherwise?

@daniel_alv They were referring to the stage set design for the 2010 dates Roxette did. I don’t think any stage pics have been released for the 2011 Tour yet....


Nice list but the most incredible thing is that there is a new Christoffer song in it!!!!!!!!!! im craving for his new album since long long time ago

@pwbbounce > Yes, I know. I just thought that he shouldn’t complain about that since we have not seen the stage for the new tour yet.

@PolicarpoAroca > following yer hypothesis I may expect that the the U2 360 that’s gonna start its southamerican leg in Argentina the “wednesday” 30th of march will be build surrounded by and old print pastiche? Hey c’mon! Don’t be so negative, probably you’ll be right about the scenery design but you can’t judge before seeing it. Try to enjoy the tour if you want.

I cansider myself a fan and they touring the world and made a brand new record, would not be like happy, just a little bit, don’t we?

I´m quite sure they have not prepared anything special for the show, not even a simple and effective stage like Gyllene Tider used back in 2004 (it was white mixed with colours). So I prefer thinking the stage won´t be anything special...since Roxette hasn´t announced they are working on it (during Room Service tour, Jonas Akerlund designed the stage set). So that´s all.

I would more than gladly play 60 euro for a REAL concert, with real live music, rather than double as much for a show where 1/3 is recorded on tape, 1/3 sounds out of tune and the rest is just some naked something hopping around.
THIS is a real band, they only need their instruments and voices and presence, who cares about the background?! The concerts last summer were the best I’ve seen.
Marie Fredriksson Online
Be strong, speak true

Who give two hoots about stages really? I’d be happy with a community centre stage in the UK right now!

I recognize some of the songs from previous tours with Mr. Gee and Rox. :)

Hah! Hey Helen DID SURPRISE me, but that would be cool to hear, cool indeed :-)

Interesting mix tape, it is good to actually get it before the concerts this time ;)

As for the whole background of the stage... who gives a crap what they shove up there, I am not going to a concert to queue up 12 hours+ for the front row to stare at the picture behind Per, Marie and the band... anyone who does can I redirect you to the mental ward... [I can recommend a good one!]

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A Joyrider for 20 years... 1991 – 2011
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Does anybody know more about that:
The article states that Marie is currently in medical treatment, as she lost parts of her ability to speak again. However, Per thinks that the tour can start as planned most probably.
Is this just a realy bad way of getting more readers, or is it true?

I suspect the article is speculation (or rather bullshit), perhaps Marie is having a post pre check up or even much needed vaccinations for this world tour...

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A Joyrider for 20 years... 1991 – 2011
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how do these work then as that list has to be 5hrs long!

Personally, I don’t care much about stage and background props. If you’re looking for a mega production full of technology, better go to a U2 or Madonna’s concert. By the way, these are the support acts for the Argentinian leg of the tour:

Buenos Aires: Lúdico -
Córdoba: Coco -

Both quite awful, unknown acts. Coco is slightly better, though.

@Roxor: REALLY not true.

@rossyrox The mix tape usually is played before / after the support act when the tour crew / management are setting up the stage for Roxette. During the PC tour it was also played at the end when Per & Co left the stage and the crew were dismantling the stage... usually there is more than one night played over alternative nights!

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I have to ask and maybe kick up a fuss here why is the United Kingdom getting skipped off on the up and coming tour schedule for the ROXETTE WORLD TOUR. It is beginning to feel like we do not exist!

So we have an album release at the end of March, an album which is already doing well in Europe which no doubt most UK fans like me have bought already! Who on earth is going to want to procure the same copy of the album here unless you are a collector or it is slightly different in some silly way?

I can understand the powers that be wanting to wait and see how the album does here, but literarily you are asking for a FLOP because it will get no promotion from the likes of EMI. A flop = no tour, a prospect that is very unfair to the likes of your fans. Talk about being kept in the dark. Two major online UK stores Amazon & HMV still have the album listed as released on the 4th April, should EMI not have informed them by now of the correct date? We have no information about a single, we were under the impression that She’s Got Nothing On was being released here but what a farce that turned out to be. This tour starts on Monday! It is relatively UNJUST that some countries are getting the enjoyment of Roxette two, three or even four times over whilst others countries get sod all, remember it is not just the UK you are missing out, it is also Spain, Australia, USA and other countries. The annoying part is that no one is bothering to keep us informed either way!

Hey Thomas, thanks for the info!
Good to know!

I really like some of these songs :)

Gosh!! I almost fainted when RoxoR said about Marie being in hospital and that she lost the ability to speak. Gosh!! I almost died!!

Who would publish something like that??? The tour starts tomorrow, and I’m sure if that was true, they would cancel the tour. Per would have said something by now, or at least EMI.

Don’t scare me like that!!

So, tomorrow is D-Day!! The Charm School tour kix off.....

I hope all fans around the globe will share their photos with us all - I’m buying a new camera soon - gonna snap the look on their faces when I’m screaming ROXETTE out loud.

By the way...I think people go watch U2 and Madonna mostly for the graphical effects and not because of their singing. Bono sounds terrible on the albums and live and Madonna has a good voice, but it’s one-dimensional. Mind you - Madonna’s face is a graphical design all by itself. She looks so superficial and plastic. And I think its time she act her age - this half-naked videos of hers is really over-the-hill and desperate, and I’m sure they filter sellulite away with cameras.

These 4 new photos released of Roxette shows that Marie is still sexy, even though she doesn’t show as much of her body as she used to. And I think its classy and admireable.

I don’t really worry about what the stage will look at. I would like it if they had huge screens on the stage that everybody in the back can see as well.


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