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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

“Missing” tour dates back

Written by tevensso on February 23, 2011 to and . Source: d&d management.

Regarding the Roxette World Tour that starts February 28 in Kazan, Russia; two dates have returned and one date is gone:

Mexico City, Mexico has vanished from the tour schedule, it may be back though, stranger things have happened.

June 24 Neckarsulm, Germany
June 25 Ingolstadt, Germany

Both dates are included in the Audi RockPop Festival 2011. Tickets go on pre-sale February 25 and can be bought at Eventim.


What happened with the mexican concert!!! :(

Don’t know what happened in Mexico. The concert was announced in early November, but tickets were never available. There’s only one month (and a few more days) left, not enough to start selling tickets right now. I guess the concert has been cancelled.

“Mexico City, Mexico has vanished from the tour schedule, it may be back though, stranger things have happened.”

Yeah, like the UK getting a tour date? [/tentonbitchofahint]

I can´t believe this!!!!, is so tragic!!!, somebody knows why???,.. I was so excited,and now so sad... will have a new date??? or this is definitely .. please tell me..

Ingolstadt and Neckersulm will full concerts too? ROX ON!!!

Regarding the concert in Mexico, there is a lot of people running like headless chickens about it (some commenting in English only forums like the official, some in Spanish yahoo forums).
There is people trying to organize a twitter and facebook revolt (I know in twitter the keys are #RoxetteEnMexico @TheRealRoxette and @ocesa_pop )
And yes, I am one of those headless chickens

i really think their management jumped the gun...i think they are going to realize marie in terms of tour travel and promo still needs to make smaller strides than a world tour demands.. they should have broken it up into 4 promo tours 1 easter europe, one asia, one south america, and one north america with like 3-4 months between . it would have allowed for better shcduling and promo...

so say we all

After selling out two shows in Buenos Aires, maybe the date in Mexico was cancelled to add another concert in Argentina or Uruguay........

Like Montevideo-Uruguay getting a tour date............

It is terrible that the Mexico concert was cancelled without even telling us what the problem was. A lot of us really want to see Roxette live and this was the perfect chance to do so!!.

As rimugu said, we are creating an internet campaign to try to get the concert back. Wish us luck and please, if you are interested, please contribute/participate!! The discussion is held here:

As kriszta asked: will they be full concerts, or part of a larger program? 1 hour, 1,5 hour, 2 hours?
_ _ _ _ _
En pojke reser till månen - en annan siktar mot solen - en tredje kommer aldrig iväg

For the record: The Mexico gig is not officially cancelled. It just disappeared, whatever that means. The same happened to Ingolstadt...


I don’t have twitter, but I’ll will join just to support the request of having Roxette in Mexico.
I’ve been a fan during 20 years, so I want to see them again!!

Please come to Mexico!!

”...stranger things have happened.” We mexicans fans are just out of our minds, doing anything possible to bring them back. Do Mexico fans deserve an explanation?

Stand-by Mexico. This likely means Roxette will include Canada, US AND Mexico in one tour - Welcome to North America Roxette! As Per as alluded to more dates!!! It makes financial sense and it’s good news for everyone... hang tight Mexico and the rest of North America.

This would be great!!! But they need to keep us informed. Right now everyone here is freak out because it seems like the concert was just cancelled without notice.

We invited you to “Join The Movement”

We’re on board with US and Mexico! :)

I have joined your fan page. Everybody at North America should help each other to accomplish having Roxette Concerts in all three countries. I will certainly help you and Roxette Fans USA in any way I can to reach this goal.

I have also created a fan page named “Bring Roxette to Mexico” to support our efforts to bring Roxette to Mexico.

From me and my twin brothers who enjoyed your concert many years ago, and in the name of all the fans in Mexico.

Maybe you’d get more force by merging into “Bring Roxette to North America”?


Since there is now a date for April 2nd in Montevideo, the concert in Mexico is pretty much cancelled. Too bad the people there is not considered worthy of an explanation.

Any news on any UK dates???

I have to ask and maybe kick up a fuss here why is the United Kingdom getting skipped off on the up and coming tour schedule for the ROXETTE WORLD TOUR. It is beginning to feel like we do not exist!

So we have an album release at the end of March, an album which is already doing well in Europe which no doubt most UK fans like me have bought already! Who on earth is going to want to procure the same copy of the album here unless you are a collector or it is slightly different in some silly way?

I can understand the powers that be wanting to wait and see how the album does here, but literarily you are asking for a FLOP because it will get no promotion from the likes of EMI. A flop = no tour, a prospect that is very unfair to the likes of your fans. Talk about being kept in the dark. Two major online UK stores Amazon & HMV still have the album listed as released on the 4th April, should EMI not have informed them by now of the correct date? We have no information about a single, we were under the impression that She’s Got Nothing On was being released here but what a farce that turned out to be. This tour starts on Monday! It is relatively UNJUST that some countries are getting the enjoyment of Roxette two, three or even four times over whilst others countries get sod all, remember it is not just the UK you are missing out, it is also Spain, Australia, USA and other countries. The annoying part is that no one is bothering to keep us informed either way!

@ukroxer81: I can understand that your annoyed, but maybe there is some hope: On January 30th Per posted the following on his official Facebook wall: “Back from London. Great vibes all around the globe re the new album. Thanx for your support everyone! It’s gonna be a fun year!” and “Trying to sneak in some Spanish & UK dates on the tour as well. Working on it with Live Nation. No promises, though! Would love to come.” Seems all the irritation is not due to P&M not wanting to tour the UK, but all thanks to the promoters (and maybe EMI as well). Keeping my fingers crossed for you!


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