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Roxette’s performance on “Wetten, dass..?” is well received

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on February 14, 2011 to and .

Roxette's perfomance this weekend on the German television program "Wetten, dass…?" was a high-energy medley of "The Look," "It Must Have Been Love," and the new single "She's Got Nothing On (But the Radio)."

The set designer had Roxette performing in an open tunnel lit mostly with blue spotlights. In the audience shots, several fans could be seen wearing "Charm School Girl" t-shirts, complete with graduation caps at the end. The host said "Welcome back!" to Roxette and presented Marie with a bouquet of sunflowers and yellow roses. Per said the show went "very, very well." 

Various fans recorded the show and have uploaded the segment to YouTube.  Here's one example.


This looked really good! Couldn’t follow the German at the end but it looked complimentary! I’m pumped for them!

OFF TOPIC: There was Charm School special on Nordic Rox today. Per said that Speak To Me could release as a single, cos he aware it was fan favorites. Very interesting interview, and they played Dream On, I’m Glad You Called, She’s Got Nothing On, Speak To Me, and No One Makes It On Her Own.

Of course it went well... it was pretty much mimed!

@AusRox: You’re right, of course, but on the other hand with the problems Marie now has with learning and remembering lyrics, it could have gone off the rails pretty easily... especially with all the edits in “Radio” - I would think that would be the worst thing for Marie!

As much as I hate playback/singback performances, this one really brought out the energy of “Radio”... this is really evident with the huge boost “Radio” got on the iTunes chart this weekend, all the way up to #7 in Austria!

Roxette should really release an official medley release of their songs!

Charm school (Bonus edition) is #1 on iTunes germany, deluxe edition at #6, a collection of roxette hits! on #10 and #36 (don’t know why it is doubled).

SGNO(BTR) at #25 on iTunes, before “wetten dass??...” it was between #40 and #45.

that are great numbers :-)

14.2. - top positions in Austria #7, Switzerland #27 and Luxembourg #26. Germany #24 (top position is #23).

what´s the difference between bonus edition and delux edition? ive never seen the bonus edition

iTunes bonus edition have one bonus song. It Must Have Been Love (Live).

Itunes ,piss me off, you buy an LP and 2 copies of the CD and still don’t get all the songs. I really hope ipads start exploding and the company follows shortly afterwards.

That’s the free market for you. :(

Very nice interview of Per before the Wetten Dass show:

ON TOPIC: I found the strange mixture of semi and full playback as well as Marie being out of sync when in direct camera focus rather dissatisfying. Why not stick to one song and perform it live?

But, on the other hand - this performance was the best 5 minutes German TV I have seen for the past decade. Cannot wait to see them on stage in Leipzig. (Is Berlin really sold out or why is it I cannot get tickets via

I am happy to say that, finally, SGNO(BTR) started playing in Israeli radios... well, at least one radio at least. which is 100FM. i intend to make every living person in the country vote for it in the chart. we’ll see how it goes.

PLEASE make ” SPEAK TO ME ” the 2nd single. this is simply the best ballad on the album!!! I would be very frustrated if they did not put this sperbe song out as single incl an fullminant video.
Roxette needs to be seen the high end band again !!! With this high quality single the woulg get much attantion also from non Roxette fans because of the power the elegance and emotion of that song. It is an pearl !!!!
And not to forget it is an must to play that song in an super long version LIVE on each concert - Pleas Per do only listen 1 time to me- I speak to YOU !!!!!

off-topic: there´s a rather fair “charm school”-review on german site

@Krischan: Apparently it was Wetten dass...? that wanted both lip-sync and a medley.


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