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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

Plans for Roxette in Canada seem to be coming together

Written by tevensso on February 13, 2011 to , and .

FT. MCMURRAY - Radioman and long time Roxette supporter Ian Seggie of Ft. McMurray, Canada has spoken to EMI Canada. According to Ian's sources Roxette will be making an appearance in Canada later this year, so far unclear as of when, but places like Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver have been named. Combining this with Per's hints in German interviews that the tour will be prolonged after August, maybe even into 2012, this surely sounds like good news.


Exciting News! “Charm School” is slated for release March 29th, 2011 here in Canada!

It will be AWESOME to see Rox live in Canada again! Where ever they play, I’ll be there :-)

@canadiangesslefan: “Wherever you go, I’m going for you - I was truly born to follow!” (-; I don’t care if they play in Iqaluit - I’m there!! WOOHOO!!!!

Thanks for cornering the elusive EMI Canada for us, Ian!

O M G!! I hope I’m not dreaming!! :) Wherever They’ll be, I’ll be there.

Oh yeah, if they come anywhere around Vancouver, I will absolutely make the trip up from Portland! This woould be a most welcome addition and add-on to me seeing them in Europe over the summer... and much cheaper too!

Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver, Tuktayuktuk– I’m with the other Canucks– wherever they go, I’ll be there! :-)

PS Thanks for the info, Ian!

“Où sont mes pantalons?”

What a good news! Can’t wait to see them on stage!!

Let’s hope for the best!

AT LAST... Somebody is listening... Let me just say that a canadian visit is well overdue.
Fell a little left out for a while... by our Nordiq Cousins.

Good news for the north american fans.

I am a Canadian Roxette fan since 1990 but never got a chance to see them in concert. This time, I won’t miss the opportunity! Welcome back, Roxette !

“Radio” is now (finally) on iTunes in Canada (of course, everyone who wants it already has it already, but it’s cool all the same). The release date shows as Jan. 7th, but this is a flat out lie as I’ve checked EVERY day since Jan. 7 and it only appeared today, which makes sense given the single just hit the airwaves here. Maybe someone on Facebook (Ian?) could organize a download campaign? If we all purchase it on the same day, maybe it’ll break the Top 100. Would be phenomenal!

“Bring Roxette To Canada” Facebook Page here:

Join! Support! Show up to the shows!

Finally caught “Radio” on CKOI out of Montréal (after two weeks of listening online), and surprise, surprise! It was the Adam Rickfors Power Edit! I didn’t even recognize it at first. VERY cool to hear a current Rox single on radio in this country... hasn’t happened since “Wish I Could Fly.” CKOI plays it about once a day (according to their play log), which is great... hopefully other stations will start adding it, too. Fingers crossed!

KIX 106 in Alberta has played Radio a few times.... it’s coming.... I think you will see more soon!

@partycrasher: Awesome! Is it the regular version or the Power Edit?


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