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Macca at the Apollo

Written by tevensso on December 14, 2010 to and .

NYC - Per Gessle was spotted at the Apollo in Harlem, New York City last night at a concert by Sir Paul Macca McCartney. The concert celebrated 20 million Sirius XM subscribers. Per was in good company; Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick, Jerry Seinfeld, Keith Richards, Steve Buscemi etc. The list is endless. Per says Macca opened with "Magical Mystery Tour" and comments "hard to beat!"

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Cool, even a little more back in public! And a good music taste, Mr Gessle! :)
Does anybody no, if the video for the new single has already been shot? And was there also a new photo session for the new release? I mean like a official press photo, since the album cover is more a collage, a good one though, imo!

Wow, Lucky per..! i was there last Year watching Dream Girls and it was amazing but make sure you leave before the end of the show in order to grab a taxi quickly or you might get mugged ! Bad Area.. LOL

Per looks very old in this picture

You sure know how to flatter someone :) lol!

Per, i just love you, i don’t know how to stop, i just do love you very much.


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