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Roxette World Tour 2011 schedule

Russian TV next

Written by tevensso on December 12, 2010 to , and .

MOSCOW - Roxette has been in Moscow, Russia doing TV for new year's eve. Unfortunately there will be no "She's Got Nothing On (But the Radio)" as Roxette recorded "The Look" and "Sleeping in My Car", and probably not live. Per comments to TDR that it was "great fun with great people" and adds on Twitter that Roxette will see its Russian fans again in March.


Glad to see that th Russians are getting good news, but it would be nice to see a twit by Per that Him and Marie look forward to seeing their Australians Fans

no new single, but cool!

I think the reason for which they don’t have played the new single is due to the fact that the premiere is on January 4 and the russian show is for a few days before ...

And they could fear a leak from someone in the audience or TV team recording their performance...

Yes it’s excellent news for the Russian fans, but I’m beginning to think Per has forgotten about the likes of the UK, Australia and Spain on this tour so far...

I don’t think Per has forgotten about the UK, Australia and Spain. I am sure they’re all very
busy trying to work things out. Soon the news of more shows will reach us, definitely!

I hope so because I’m not going to Europe unless we get a UK date! Not as though this would make much difference to anything, it’s just the principal of the matter after visiting Europe god knows how many times since 2001 to see concerts!

In all honesty I wouldn’t blame Roxette for that though.

@tevensso True, I’m also debating if I can afford this tour... would really like to go to New York next year for a holiday!

My gripe is that the longer we hold off booking Europe, the more expensive flights get!

I doubt they forgot Spain, they used to be huge there.. and I am not saying it just because I come from there. I SAW how many people went to signing sessions and sold-out concerts and Rox on the top of the charts often enough.

I could have doubts about finding a promoter for Per Pary pleaser tour, but I have a hard time imagining a promoter would skip to fill Madrid and Barcelona arenas... Even if Spanish music market has changed a lot in the last years.. but time will tell :S

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I will talk to Per next week, after he’s back from his trip. Maybe he can shed some light on things.

Thomas good idea, like rossyrox I’m holding off booking flights / hotels till I know where else the tour may / may not be going to. Although I do have my ticket for Gothenburg!


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