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“Have A Nice Day!” track listing - update

Written by roxeteer on December 18, 1998 to .

Roxette Fan Club has also the track listing on their web site. However, there are slight differences in the two listings. First of all they have all the words written together! Here’s their version of the track listing:

  1. CrushOnYou

    fast, danceable up-tempo song, sung by Per and chorus by Marie

  2. WishICouldFly

    mid-tempo, sung by Marie

  3. Youcantputyourarmsaroundwhatsalreadygone

    mid-tempo, sung by Per

  4. WaitingForTheRain

    sixties style, mid-tempo, sung by Marie

  5. IWasSoLucky

    up-tempo, sung by Marie

  6. ItWillTakeALongTime

    mid-tempo, sung by Marie

  7. 7twenty7

  8. Anyone

  9. Star

  10. Salvation

    ballad, sung by Marie

  11. PayThePrice

  12. Cooper

  13. StaringAtTheGround

    ballad, sung by both

  14. BeautifulThing

    ballad, sung and written by Marie

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