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Winners of the “Mazarin” contest

Written by roxeteer on September 16, 2003 to .

HELSINKI - The winners of The Daily Roxette Per Gessle Mazarin summer tour contest have been chosen. The lucky winners are:

Tickets to the Oslo concert

  • Marius Ellingsen, Norway
  • Håkon Gundersen, Norway

Tickets to the Helsinki concert

  • bandquitter, Lithuania
  • Riina Perttala, Finland

We also had a surprise for the four runner-ups: they will receive a copy of Per’s “Mazarin” CD! Here are the winners:

  • C. Greatbatch, Australia
  • irvye, Canada
  • Michaela Hertle, USA
  • Majsan75, Austria

The Daily Roxette would like to thank Capitol Records Norway, EMI Finland and Welldone for making it possible to have this contest.


there was a banner on the frontpage for about a week or so. Right on top. Congrats to the lucky winners :)

Did any of runners up from Australia, Canada, Usa, Austria actually win first? Then knowing they wont go, you gave them the runners up prize? The winners seem to live alot closer.

@SF2MJ: It may look like that’s what happened, but this is how we got the list of winners: we chose randomly six people who had selected Helsinki and six who had selected Oslo. From both lists we chose (randomly again) two to win tickets, two to be runner-ups (substitutes if the winners are not able to go) and two to win CDs. It just happened to be so that the CD winners were from far away countries. And hey, Austria isn’t actually that far away, is it?

However, we’re having troubles with the ticket winners. It seems that none of the eight people who had been selected to win a ticket were actually able to go to the concert. We have had to choose more “winners” to find a person who is willing and able to go to the concert. Luckily we still have a couple of hundred competition entries to choose from :-)

Next time when we have such a competition, please, don’t take part if you don’t want to win!

If it was up to me, I would put all those selfish people in a black list *evilgrin*

that’s absolutelly senseless, I agree, why participate if you can’t go? To waste organisers’ time, I guess...

Congratulations winners!
I’m going to the Oslo one! With Mutley on here. WOOHOO!

I didn’t know you were giving CDs too. I didn’t participate because I could never go, but if I knew you were giving “Mazarin” CD’s I would, because I desesperately want it!!!! :-(

it’s nice to see a usa finally won something!

Well done guys... I am pleased for you!! Have a good time!!


My dear “Anonymous”, thanks for you comments. And the answer is “no”, right now I don’t have a way to have it. I know I can buy it on line, but I can’t right now, and I don’t want a burned copy, I want an original CD.

That was me^, both. I forgot to sign in.
Roxlander. I didn’t mean anything by it. I was only listing ways you could get it. I wasn’t to know you weren’t in a position to purchase it. I wouldn’t want a copy of the album either. I understand that. But at the end of the day, the competition was simply for tickets. Maybe that’s why it wasn’t listed that albums would be given to some runner ups. Because people would enter, just for the album, holding the tickets up for everyone else.

Maybe next time a competition is run, the end date is a little earlier. Come on TDR, is there any wonder the “winners” can’t go to the concerts with only a couple of days notice!

Our competition ended on Monday evening and the winners were notified early on Tuesday. That left a week to the Oslo concert and over a week to the Helsinki concert.

Yeah but it means people who don’t go or had no intention of going, delay for the next in line.... which then only give them a couple of days to arrange flights etc... FOR ME TO BOOK A FLIGHT NOW TO OSLO ON MONDAY WILL COST £400 RETURN AND THAT IS WITH RYANAIR A CHEAP AIRLINE!!

no look! I have a better solution: next time Visa & co, do NOT worry about any contest. Why?

Some people can just complain about EVERYTHING instead of being actually glad about the fact that Daily Roxette does care to get its members something else that news; which for me would be enough because it is more than proved that it IS the best news source available.

Sometimes I feel some people do not have anything else to do than complain, if this is your modus vivendi, then I really pitty you!

If I had won a concert ticket, I would have found a way to get to Scandinavia. It’s no different than when Roxette when on tour– I managed to find a way to get to Germany to see the show. Where there is a will, there is a way!

Just wanted to say thanks to Visa and the crew for all of your continual efforts.

Thanks for the cd too. A nice surprise!

San Francisco, California


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