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TDR relaunches Features page with story about Argentinian tribute band

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on September 25, 2006 to .

NEW YORK - Pick up just about any newspaper, and you’ll find more than just “hard news” stories. You’ll find a lot of other content once you start turning the pages.

  The Daily Roxette has had a Features section for some time now but, for the most part, it’s been utilized only to reprint interviews that have also appeared on the News page. Beginning with today’s edition, TDR plans to revitalize the Features page with interviews, stories about fans, various contests, opinions from columnists, and yes… even the occasional comic strip.

  Click on the Features tab today, and you’ll find an interesting story by TDR reporter Jorge Diaz about a remarkably talented tribute band that’s recently formed in Buenos Aires, Argentina. While you’re reading the story, be sure to click on the link to hear what they sound like. We think you’ll be impressed.

  Since TDR first started publishing almost 10 years ago, we’ve asked for you, our readers, to also serve as reporters. For those of you that like to write, but haven’t really had any “news” to share… well, here’s a chance for you to make a contribution as well! If you think you have something that might fit on this page, please let us know about it (just look for the “Submit Article” link at the top of the page). If enjoy writing, but don’t really have your own idea for a feature story, let us know that too, and we’ll try to assign a story to you. We really do need your help!

  A gentle reminder: Please click on the “Change Your Settings” link (top left) and make sure that your subscription information, including your real name and current email address, is accurate. You may elect to not share this info with other readers, but it must be accurate in order to have a valid subscription to TDR, and thus be able to enter our contests. Please take a moment to renew your subscription now.


finaly!!! this is a way to give a new like this not at feature section!!!.
congrats for the desition!

I like the idea of this features section.

It will make TDR much more active and interactive!

Take care!
Carlos E., New York.

Im impress!!! :O
Congrats to “Hot Joy” :)

Alejandro, Bs.As. Aregntina.

Good decision I think. And the band are actually pretty good!!

Hej, fresh wind in the TDR! I like the idea and I really hope that this will bring back life and public interest to the Features section.

That is a really great idea!

Yes, it’s truly a good idea :)


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