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Win a grab bag of Swedish music!

Written by Lars-Erik_Olson on November 7, 2008 to .

NEW YORK - It's been awhile since we've given anything away to a lucky reader… and since we know there are those amongst you who are interested in discovering what else is happening on the Swedish music scene beyond what Per and Marie are up to… we thought we'd give away a sampling of music from Sweden this year.  Several CDs and a USB drive full of music from up-and-coming artists are included.

Most of the material was intended for music journalists and music industry insiders and was acquired by TDR at the annual Swedish Music Seminar held last month at Scandinavia House with Ulf Ekberg of Ace of Base as one of the participants. A poster of male Swedish recording artists hanging on one wall included a large image of Per Gessle.  Sweden is the third largest music exporter in the world with over 800 million dollars in revenue last year – superceded only by the U.S. and the UK. 

All you need do to enter is to send an email to [email protected] stating your TDR UserName, your real name, and the address we should use to send the items to should you be the winner!   One winner will be selected at random from all entries received by November 23, 2008.  We'll let everyone know who won during the last week of November.

Editor's Note:
Congratulations to Mihnea Nicolescu (mihnea27) in Romania, who was randomly selected ( as the winner !!  Thanks to all of you who entered.  I'm always surprised by how many responses we get to these contests.  We'll try to do another one soon!  — LEO


Consider it done! :-)

Cool, music for free! How can you not enter :-)

Um, isn’t it Ekberg rather than Ekborg?

Anyway, sounds like a great comp. Good luck people!

Thanks for the opportunity!!

Typo corrected. Thanks.

I didn’t this show was an annual thing. I remember when Lars and I attended this show when I visited him in NY. It must be interesting to see how the Swedish music industry must be changing, with digital, mp3s etc..


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