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Per Gessle led the making of Greek #1 hit

Written by teogeb on June 25, 2003 to .

  According to Finnish tabloid Ilta-Sanomat, the current #1 song in Greece has a special relation with Per Gessle. The song, “All The Woman You Need”, was written by Finnish songwriters Macke Granberg and Patrick Sarin. They both work for Tom Bone Music - a publishing company owned by Per - and the song was written during a 3-day songwriting session in Per’s hotel last year. Per had invited musicians from different countries to Hotel Tylösand to create music together. “The song was written in the sunshine on the beach,” Macke Granberg says.

  “All The Woman You Need” is performed by Hi-5, the first band in Greece that was formed in the Popstars reality TV show. Their album has sold platinum (50,000 copies) during its first two weeks.

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Per only owns the company that wrote the songs, nothing else.

Anyone else seeing a pattern there? There were quite a bunch of “Popstars”-songs released on Tom Bone Music lately, weren’t there?

It s great what is happening with Per s career but I want to know something about Marie Fredriksson PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! what she is doing, how her health is................ come on Marie

wow! per has every connections, even in my homecountry... :-P

Per is Midas - everything he touches turns to gold!

Per invites musicians into his hotel? He should invite my band too, please :-))))


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