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Dolph Lundgren mentions Per in UK interview

Written by ditroia on August 21, 2010 to and . Source: The Guardian.

LONDON - Actor Dolph Lundgren was interviewed in The Guardian for his upcoming movie, The Expendables. In it, the reporter asked if he were friends with any Swedish celebrities:
Guardian: "You're Swedish. Are you mates with that bloke from True Blood, ABBA, Roxette, and the Swedish Chef from The Muppets?"
Lundgren: "I've met Skarsgård; we're doing something together. ABBA, I don't know. I know Per Gessle, he's a Ferrari fan. And I parted ways with the chef in a back room in New York with a baseball bat."

Photo: Antti Puskala courtesy of Per Gessle.


Never been a fan of ANY of his movies, but I think he looks really good ;)

We’re seeing a lot of stupid advertisements here in SA with Dolf - Monte Casino adverts. As if his movies aren’t bad enough......

I’m sure I’ll look just like that when I’m over 50 too

i am so happy! i didn´t know he was swedish and i felt in love with him when he did he-man. cool!


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