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Record “The Look” and win $5,000 shopping spree

Written by roxtexanet on August 11, 2010 to , and .

DETROIT - WXYZ, a television station in Detroit, USA has teamed up with a local furniture store to offer up a $5,000 shopping spree (and bragging rights) in its annual "Art Van Cruisin' Idol" competition to the contestant who performs the best rendition of Roxette's "The Look."  Ten lucky finalists were selected to record their version of Per and Marie's first US number one, and the four singers who receive the most votes will compete for viewers' votes during a televised broadcast that will air across North America on Aug. 21st.  Check out some, uh, interesting interpretations of the Rox classic.

Thanks to Jen Verwey for tracking this fantastic story down!


Dear oh dear :-) Really reminds us just how amazing we sound in the shower when we sing... and ONLY in the shower :-p

What a bizarre competition but heck, good to see Roxette mentioned in that lil’ market up north :-)

That cheered me right up this morning !

What a big sham it is so far away. Otherwise I could have won that one! ;) *LOL*

I kinda like it like that!

How embarrassing/fun at the same time! :D Did you notice that the karaoke playback has wrong lyrics? “We’ve got the look!” Or is it their jingle version?

LOL at #7 - Girlfriend’s got it going ON!!!

C’mon - #3 is actually pretty good.. at least compared to #2!!!

Congrats to all of these folks - they’re MUCH braver (or desperate for furniture) than I could ever be!

@Sascha - “We’ve got the look!” - it’s the jingle version.

Here is a link to one of Art Van’s commercials – you can hear the music of “The Look” (couldn’t find one with the singing – but seriously, you aren’t missing out on anything - LOL):


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