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“Spun” to open in Sweden in late November

Written by daniel_alv on October 13, 2002 to .

STOCKHOLM - Jonas Åkerlund’s film “Spun,” which includes a Roxette version of Per Gessle’s song “Stupid” in the soundtrack is scheduled to open in Sweden on November 22nd.

  The Daily Roxette was present when the movie premiered at the Las Vegas Film Festival. TDR’s report stated that the Roxette song is not prominently featured in the film. “Spun” was also sreened at the recent Toronto Film Festival.

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Hey! I can’t wait to watch the film.... But there is this one thing I don’t get. Ain’t the song playing on the movie? Jonas is a very talented professional, I am sure the film is great. I almost found myself thinking that Marie could act a little in it, since she has this fame of being a genuine performer, so she could act in this film a little bit, couldn’t she? Just for a lil bit... Hehehe... Well, enough of my crap, take care you guys,

Does anyone think this version of Stupid will be on the The Pop hits cd?

Come Spun everytime in Germany out, too?
Why I can´t see this, but I would like to see Spun.

Are they planing to release a soundtrack album? Does anyone know?

now someone needs to sneak a mini recorder into the theater cause from what i hear stuipd wont eb showing up on any offcial record anytime soon

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They said it was not included in the soundtrack album. :(


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