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More covers surface of “It Must Have Been Love”

Written by Pascal on September 4, 2002 to .

With big international hits, come the inevitable cover versions… and we’ve learned about a couple of recent covers of Roxette songs.

  Belgian singer Belle Perez (who has Spanish roots) just released her second album entitled “Everything.” Included on the CD is a reggae-influenced cover she did of Roxette’s “It Must Have Been Love.”

  “This song has always been my big dream,” Belle commented, “and I knew this would be the perfect cover to do. Though, I had to convince many people before I could record this song. It’s one of my favourites on the album and the first time I heard it I just felt like WOW! It’s not really a slow song but it certainly is a fantastic song!”
  In addition, a thread in TDR’s SmallTalk section pointed out that a contestant on the Spanish version of Popstars also sang this song.

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is it just me or is it that the more cover versions are done of this song the more they take the emotional conent of the song and totally destroy it SHEESH

yeah! that song hurted my ears, aaghh!
Anyway, is not like it will increase the sales on Roxette’s albums

This cover is terrible. The girl’s voice is quite poor, and the only instrument they’ve used is probably a cheap casio synthesizer...

oh man..................

Hey you all Roxfreaks,

Goodie! Another remake of It Must Have been Love, I will add it to my list of remakes. I’m editing my message cos now I’ve listened to it. I don’t agree with you cowboy cos it’s great. It is very unique and unlike the original style of the song. Who wants 20 remakes of the same style of the song? I wouldn’t

NYWS there are over 85 remakes that I know of Roxette so you can go to my site, and go to the bottom and look at the other remakes. I think my favorite one is Rap Sody, “You Don’t Understand Me” :).

Peace on Earth,
Scotty J, always with a J man ;)

Somehow it reminds me of the cover version Atomic Kitten made of Eternal Flame...

Not bad, man - no Bon Jovi would say, I guess. Of course, Marie’s voice is much better, and somehow the real feeling of “melting away” has been destroyed with this cover, and yes - it can be compared with ATOMIC KITTEN and their cover of ETERNAL FLAME, though the last mentioned song (original by the BANGLES) is one of my favourites ever. But back to IMHBL-cover, the drums don’t fit in there; that’s the bad thing!


bad bad bad.. TOO BAD!

Why can’t those lazy popstars (I mean the ones who are all the time covering) not be original and come up with something they wrote themself instead of raping very good songs, like IMHBL.
Did this so-called artist ask permission of Roxette to make this cover?
But also the group Madhouse is terrible, with their Madonna-covers.
Don’t cover, be original....


How dares she spoil such a wonderful song!!!


Simply awful! Who knows this girl? .. please go back to Mickey Mouse Club! ....

I like Sleeping In My Car by Mobius Loop feat. Julie Zee - transmission mix (´95).

I for one has no problem with COVERS or anything like that. I have problems with covers which sound BAD. I think Covers are a great way to honor bands like Roxette. I call this coverism as fanasim. I think more and more covers should be made and distributed freely (via net or whatever). I think this girl sung it awefully but still it is a tribute to one of Roxette’s classic songs.

Comments please...

Love you all.


There should be a law against covers........!


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