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Roxette song title “borrowed” for new album

Written by chachi on February 16, 2002 to .

An upcoming album from Supersuckers, a Blues-grunge band from Tucson, Arizona is entitled “Must’ve Been Live” – an apparent paraphrasing of Roxette’s “It Must Have Been Love.” No other connection seems to exist between the album and Roxette.

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Whatta EXTREMELY STUPID news to post in the frontpage.
I can’t believe it yet, oh dear

New Shopping Centre In Haiti Steals Name From Roxette

A new shopping centre has recently opened its gates in Port-au-Prince, capital city of the Caribbean country. The mall, called Voodoo Centre has very likely stolen its name from Roxette’s hit single, The Centre Of The Heart, which peaked #597 in the official Haiti charts.

Per Gessle refused to comment.

I agree... Exactly WHAT is saying that they took it from Roxette?

@pietROxette: *LOL* Let´s sue them! :)

Well, i was at the hotel last night... when i called for room service they told me “no we can’t take your order cos we got sued by Per Gessle, we can’t give room service anymore.... they have the rights”

Shakira steals Roxette’s album name!

Today the management of Shakira confirmed that
her latest album will be named “Laundry Service”.
Is the title stealen from Roxette’s hitalbum “Room Service”? Per said in an interview: “I know nothing, but if this is true, I’ll take her [Shakira] to court!!”

What a cool news!
Evrything stolen from roxette. or all connected with roxette. but who cares...*g*

Visit!! Thankx!

Hold on a sec! I have Laundry Service from Shakira...and do you know what is the title of one of the songs on the CD?
Baaaaaaaaang! Jail her!

hey, everybody has stolen everything from roxette, as we all know but this is really secondly now because... @PIETROX
WOW! what a great honor to be on the same page as you, pietROxette! this way, i wanna tell you that you have one of the greatest ROX-sites there is to be found on the net. keep up the good work.
Da Kitten from Germany :))


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