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DO WHAT YOU WANT BUT HARM NO ONE; TDR fund-raising campaign will benefit orphaned children

Written by administrator on January 27, 2002 to .

It’s been over four months since terrorists attacked the World Trade Center, yet people around the world – not just in New York – continue to grieve… and continue to feel victimized.
  Amongst the greatest tragedies of that day, is the fact that hundreds of children became orphans. We here at The Daily Roxette – who along with many of our readers and Roxette themselves – were deeply affected by the events of September 11th, believe there are still lives to be saved: the lives of these children.

  Wanting to make a difference, we’ve decided to support the Twin Towers Orphans Fund with a three-part, TDR-sponsored fund raising campaign. We’ve selected this particular charity because 100 percent of the funds they receive go directly to help raise the kids who lost one or both parents that day – and because we know that both Per and Marie themselves consider raising children a high priority in their own lives.

  To begin this campaign amongst Roxette fans worldwide, we’re announcing the availability of a limited edition t-shirt, available only to our registered subscribers. 100 percent of the proceeds from the distribution of these shirts will go to help these children.

  In an obvious reference to the events of September 11, Per and Marie had Jonas Åkerlund add the tag line “DO WHAT YOU WANT BUT HARM NO ONE” to an otherwise dark screen at the end of each of the “Room Service” concerts. It’s that slogan that you’ll see in white across the chest area of your solid black, heavy cotton t-shirt.

  We’re asking our readers to contribute a minimum of USD $15 for each shirt (postage and handling included). If you can afford to contribute more… great! Our goal, of course, is to raise as much money as possible. You can get your t-shirt by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. Further ordering information will be sent by reply e-mail.

  “Our thoughts go out to you and the entire people of New York and the US,” wrote Per, Marie, and their manager Marie Dimberg, to our News Editor, Lars-Erik Olson, shortly after the tragedy.

  “It’s hard to grasp what’s happened, despite the continous awful pictures from New York, which will never be the same again. It’s a world gone mad,” they continued.

  With an office located on the 53rd floor of the South Tower, Lars-Erik escaped injury that day but was caught in the cloud of dust and debris that occured when the towers collapsed.

  “When I went down to the area that people have been calling ’Ground Zero” a few weeks ago,” he said, “and saw all the flowers and signs people have been putting up in makeshift shrines on the sidewalks, I was very moved. But you can imagine how big my eyes got when I saw that someone had written ’Do What You Want But Harm No One’ on a big piece of fabric! Visa (Kopu) and I had been talking about raising money for this charity, and putting this particular slogan on a t-shirt, and offering to fans, seemed like a great way to do it.”

  We hope you agree… and join us in supporting this worthy cause.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Reader’s comments on Front Page articles must stick to to subject of the article itself. More “free-wheeling” discussions are welcome in our SmallTalk section… but keep in mind that even that forum was created primarily for Roxette-related discussions. We have always reserved the right to choose what we wish to publish in TDR… and we do NOT wish to publish material that is primarily political in nature, nor do we wish to publish foul language, nor do we wish to publish “flame”-type comments where one of our readers criticizes another. Thus, many of the comments previously posted here (whether we happen to agree with them or not) have been deleted. Interesting as a discussion of world affairs may be… it doesn’t belong on the front page of The Daily Roxette. Thank you for your cooperation. [FURTHER COMMENTS ARE NOT SOLICITED - Please use SmallTalk instead.]


I think this is a very good initiative but...
doesn’t anyone think about the children in Palestine? Or children and women in Afganistan?

We have to remember and support ALL causes, and why not say it, people in those countries that I’ve mentioned live in quite worse conditions than children of the victims of the WTC Attacks.

EDITOR’S NOTE: There are THOUSANDS of worthy causes. We can’t possibly support them all. The last time TDR was involved in a fund-raising campaign, it was to help raise money for a children’s hospital. This time, we selected a charity related to the tragic events of September 11th for reasons that are clearly stated in the article above. We encourage all of our readers to find their own worthy cause... and do what you can to support it.

I will never forget this moment on 11th September. I had my first day of vacations in England. I saw the pictures on tv and thought about the next step - what would happen now?
On 6th October I visited a concert during the ROOM SERVICE tour; one day before the the first B52´s where flying to Afghanistan. It was such a nice and beautiful evening in peace. The next day we had a war. But in fact this war began with the terror attacks in New York.
I want to thank Marie and Per and all members of the band and crew - they have done this tour, in spite of this unsave situation. They all earn my RESPECT!
This fund raising campaign is really important and I am going to support it.

really a good idea and i think eva is right. and there are other ways to support other suffering people as well, so this campaign is just one small drop on a stone.
i support it.

I’d like to ask if this fund raiser is firstly registered with the NY association of charities?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Yes, the Twin Towers Orphan’s Fund is a registered charity.

I totally agree with eva (like the most of the people here seems to do) and I definitely will buy one of those t-shirts

Hej, people... Stop it! Why do you fight because this shit politics? This fund is helping children. This children lost parents, both parts or one part. These people died in a terror attack that we never can accept! Do you think it is interesting for this kids, to know what reason a crazy killer like Bin Laden had, to do such terrible things? Every one of us has to be happy that he isn´t one of this victims! And I don´t mean this dead people only. Do you think all the witnesses of this attack, all the firefghters, police men, worker and other people can live like before?
Please, think about it and don´t talk about such stupid politics!
These words say all - DO WHAT YOU WANT BUT HARM NO ONE

It´s always very nice to help people, but why not a cause to help the people of Afghanistan?

EDITOR’S NOTE: ... or AIDS research, or any number of other worthy causes. The reasons we picked this particular charity... this particular cause... are explained in the main article. We understand there are thousands of “causes” out there (some probably even more worthy than this one), but we’re just one little online newspaper, trying to do a good thing... for a cause that is particularly personal... and without the expectation that we’re going to be raising a LOT of money.
Tower Two had a lot of Roxette memorabilia in it when it crashed... most of it mine, but not all. Other Rox fans and I spent some very late nights in my office working on the RoxNorthAmeriFANS project to promote the Roxette/Edel U.S. promo tour... Visitors to the dining area of the “Top of the World” observation deck often heard Roxette music being played (as one of the managers there - with access to the speaker system - was another Rox fan). This “cause” strikes close to home, as I had my personal office there. Of all the WTC-related charities (and there are quite a few), this one is specifically about children. Are they the MOST needy children in the whole world? Probably not. But that’s NOT the point. We’re not out to save the world, or to right all the wrongs, or to examine all this from a political perspective. It’s simply ONE good cause.

I think it´s ok to support both afganistan children and american... and other children too!!! it´s better to help someone than no one...
I´ve never given any money to afghanistan or such, but I do give money to a little girl and her family in the Philippines, and they might not have war, but they sure need money too!!! And maybe someone else give the afghanistan children help instead of me...

If you think its not fair [this particular cause/charity], DONT buy the shirt and go search on the web:
” Donations for raped hungry children in the Afganistan”
[No one is] forcing you to buy a shirt [to support this] one cause. You [can] go and look for the cause you want!!
By the way it can be as traumatizing to be raped when you’re a kid as to see your parents on TV jumping from a window.
I was getting ready to go to school when I saw on TV the smokes and all of the sudden I said ” OH SHIT! ANOTHER ONE???!!! The 2nd plane hitting the tower!! THAT image, THAT moment, I’ll never forget... can you imagine those kids? Who KNOW their parents worked there?

I don’t disagree with charity, I disagree with some of the comments made in complete anger by certain ppls here.
The USA isn’t only country to have suffered in terrorsism.
Still good luck with the fund raising Lars, its a good idea just apitty some ppls have to start a war on here about it.

I was one of the guys participating in the discussion yesterday.
As I was going to sleep last night, I thought about everything that has been said. I was very upset about the opinion our american friends had, but then I realized, that whatever Lars-Erik and Visa are trying to do is for a good cause. Maybe it’s not the good cause we would like to support, but there is a good intention and we shouldn’t criticize. They were working on something to make a change, we should respect their efforts and stop arguing on the same topic.
Maybe there is a way to move that discussion into the smalltalk, where it’s not connected to the campaign. Since this topic affects each and everyone of us, Lars-Erik and Visa could tolerate at topic that isn’t Rox-related.
That said, I would like to say sorry to Lars-Erik and Visa who tried to do something good and wish them success with the project.

Of course StillFar, it’s for a good cause and I wish TDR the best of luck. I have contributed to some non-profit organizations before (environmental stuff) and I still do.

All of these comments have got out of hand - this was a horrific event. Those wishing to do something for the children must be applauded as there are many who would not raise their hands to do so.

The action of giving is a personal decision and the choice is yours. However, please do not criticise those who try to make things better for someone else - my respect goes out to them.

To Jack and others who have asked: We’ll have ordering information available soon. Send all inquiries to [email protected]

NOTE: No further comments (Letters to the Editor) are solicted on this topic. One of our readers correctly suggested above that such an interactive discussion is better suited to SmallTalk.

This sounds great, but I have not known that Roxette broke up? Did I miss something? ehemalige ROXETTE-Sänger - the former singer of Roxette. Hihhi... in Germany there is a phrase “Wenn Du keine Ahnung hast, Schnauze halten” Ok, maybe I should shut up now, you’ll never know.This sounds great, but I have not known that Roxette broke up? Did I miss something? ehemalige ROXETTE-Sänger - the former singer of Roxette. Hihhi... in Germany there is a phrase “Wenn Du keine Ahnung hast, Schnauze halten” Ok, maybe I should shut up now, you’ll never know.
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