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Retraction: TDR report on Brazil was inaccurate

Written by administrator on June 14, 2001 to .

It doesn’t happen very often, but with limited resources to check facts, we sometimes get a story wrong. The editors of The Daily Roxette regret that despite the fact that three of our reporters submitted similar stories about the “Room Service” album going Platinum in Brazil, it appears that the article was erroneous.

  Our reporters all based their stories on the same source… and that source, apparently, had based his declaration of “Platinum” status on units shipped instead of units sold. We have deleted our earlier story until such time as we can be more certain of the situation there.

  As we go to press with this retraction, TDR has been unable to independently confirm how many copies of “Room Service” have actually been sold.


With only 2 months on the chart and peaking at no. 6 (right?) it couldn’t have sold platinum...Should’ve known.

That‘s absolutely right! You never get a gold or platinium record for units that were sold - it‘s always the shipped units - so you could also become a platinum record and sell only 1 unit...- so someone must be very wrong...

There’s nothing “going on” with this site... other than the fact that we try our best to print reliable information. While we know that “Room Service” is selling well in Brazil, we don’t know for certain HOW well. Since we consider all of our readers potential reporters as well... if you’re in Brazil... and think you can provide us with the correct information... please do so. At the present time, we’re waiting for the keeper of the chart in question to write to us again with “certified” information.


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