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“Room Service” jumps to #1 in Belgium

Written by administrator on April 13, 2001 to .

“Room Service” rocketed to the top position on the official Belgian “Ultratop 50” album chart this week, up from #29 the first week, no doubt helped by Roxette’s involvement with the Radio Donna birthday party promotion.

  This marks the second country with “Room Service” as the #1 album, as Roxette is also at the top of the album chart in Sweden.

  Two years ago “Have A Nice Day” also went to #1 in its second week and remained for two weeks. Although Roxette hasn’t really done a lot of promotion, it’s clear that they have a strong fanbase in little Belgium.

  The Belgian chart is maintained by the AC Nielsen company, famous in the U.S. for monitoring the viewership of American television programs.

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that is very cool!!!!!party!!!
but how is it possible that there is nothing happening in Holland?????
rox-on d-san

I wanna make a small remark here, well first this chart is only counts for the flemish side of belgium. RS isn’t doing good on the other side, unfortunatly.
And i also wanted to point out that what happened with HAND is completly different, anyway let’s hope RS can stay at number 1 for at least half a year =)



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