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“Milk and Toast and Honey” gaining the favor of Brazilians

Written by administrator on April 10, 2001 to .

RIO DE JAINERO - While most of the countries in the world are playing “The Centre of The Heart” as Roxette’s new single, the song hasn’t been released here. As previously reported, EMI Brazil negotiated a deal with Rede Globo - the nation’s biggest TV company - to include one of the other “Room Service” songs on their novella “Um Anjo Caiu do Céu” (“An Angel From Heaven”), so it’s “Milk and Toast and Honey” that’s getting almost all the airplay.

  The song isn’t yet on the TV program (the actor who plays the angel is pictured above), but most of radio stations are already playing it, and the reaction from the public has been favorable. The biggest young adult radio station in Brazil, Jovem Pan, is back to playing Roxette after six years!

  The last Roxette “single” to be promoted here was “I’m Sorry” in 1995. Roxette is one of Brazil’s most loved international bands, as evidenced by the fact that the first pressing of their “Greatest Hits” album - some 500,000 copies - sold out in Brazil (representing almost 10% of the worldwide total).

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Milk and toast and honey is really doing very well here in Brazil, at least here in Sao Paulo it’s been played for some of the most popular radio stations (including Jovem Pam and Transamerica, the two biggest brazilians radio stations), and soon it will top the charts like Wish I could fly did in ’99. The only bad thing is that M&T&H doesn’t have a video clip yet, and the brazilians still can’t see the new Roxette’s video, The Centre of the Heart. But we’re waiting...

“i´m sorry” also had some airplay here in Argentina...
Good, success in S america=Roxette over here...... and that´s nice


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